Digital Transformation for Life & Pensions Insurance

Retaining intelligent operations while driving customer excellence

Insurance Business Digitization

Transforming insurance operating models

Cost optimization:

Reduce operating costs by 30%

Smarter operations:

15% release of back office capacity leading to better service and increase in NPS

Linking of objectives:

Alignment of outsourcing services to business KPI objectives

Retaining intelligent operations whilst driving customer excellence

Our Business Transformation Services provide insurers with a quicker route to reducing operating costs and delivering better customer outcomes. Our approach combines intelligent operations and digital technologies with insight and deep customer understanding. The results are a lower cost to serve and help to provide the consistently excellent services your customers expect.


  • A supported and fast-paced transformation of your processes and reduction of your costs by moving to a lower variable cost per policy
  • Technology optimization and expert interventions focused on the end goal of increasing customer loyalty and delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Transformational Business Process Outsourcing

As the insurance market has changed, labor arbitrage has given way to transformational BPO. We combine intelligent operations and digital technologies with insight and deep customer understanding. That way you can deliver consistently excellent services for your customers.

Intelligent automation

Labor-intensive processes slow things down. So we combine Robotic Process Automation and cognitive technologies, like AI, to speed up business and IT transformation. Using our own automation platform – SyntBots – we offer you the best ROI for automating business processes, IT operations and product engineering projects.

Customer excellence

Our CX practice helps you build a customer-centric culture. With our CX Lab you can experience customer journeys and use insights to implement change. Plus, our omnichannel contact platform gives you a 360° view of all customer interactions.

Data Analytics and AI

Data is critical for growth and competitiveness. The challenge is to turn that data into insights for business value. We will give you an end-to-end approach for data-driven business transformation. Covering everything from ideation to data enablement and deployment at scale and IoT.

Product platform integration

As experts in systems integration, we have a dedicated Center of Excellence with over 700 experts. With more than 50 accelerators, we’ll speed up implementation and reduce costs for your multi-country P&C and Life & Protection product platforms’ integration.

Contact Center transformation

Customer service is the one major competitive advantage. We’ll give you the tools to improve your service with our customizable, omnichannel cloud platform. Supervisors can easily monitor performance. Agents gain an intuitive and user-friendly interface. And your business can enjoy high scalability, flexibility on usage, and ‘pay as you grow’ pricing.

Client Story

A joint approach to insurance transformation

The partnership between Atos and Aegon is a true story of collaborative transformation. As a leading insurer, Aegon needed a partner to support rapid transformation in back office systems and front-end customer experience. We seamlessly migrated Aegon’s operations and IT to start delivering continuous service improvements. At the same time, we quickly established a transformation culture. We created a cutting-edge CX Lab to test service enhancements and introduced robotic process automation (RPA) to drive operational savings. Together with Aegon, we have also set up a mutual benefit fund to invest in joint transformation activities as the partnership continues.


  • 15% increase in capacity from operational excellence initiatives
  • Refreshed customer satisfaction with greater CX and NPS scores
  • Highly engaged, motivated and up-skilled employees

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Vice President – Business Transformation Services

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