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Protect critical services and infrastructure with end-to-end digital security


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Improved security for public agents, citizens, data and assets


Prevent, detect, respond to and recover from cyberattacks

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Streamlined regulatory compliance

Securing digital transformation and building resilience

For states and local governments, reinforcing cybersecurity posture is a must. Only then can they guarantee the lasting protection of their data, people and assets.

Atos tailors its comprehensive cybersecurity offer to fit your specific needs. We can assess your current status, define your strategic plan, deliver your new security projects and run your operations. Our 6,000 experts work closely with our partners to provide a unique combination of expertise, experience and field-proven solutions.

Securing public administration digital transformation

Embed Atos security expertise to secure your public administration digital transformation:

  • Secure public servants’ digital workplace environment,
  • Unlock cloud adoption by enforcing data security,
  • Improve Cyber resilience with cyber attack detection and response,
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.

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Securing citizen services

Embed trusted cybersecurity services from Atos into your citizen services to:

  • Secure citizens’ digital identities,
  • Protect citizens’ personal information,
  • Embed security in public services,
  • Ease digitalization of processes in public services.

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Securing smart infrastructure and critical services

Embed our comprehensive cybersecurity services into your smart infrastructure and critical services:

  • Secure smart city deployments and operations,
  • Guarantee security and trust for cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems,
  • Secure critical public infrastructure,
  • Ensure regulatory compliance.

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Client Story

Protecting the International Olympic Committee

As an iconic security target, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) needs world-leading cyber security. With Atos, the IOC is protecting its people, systems and data from attack, even as the cyber threat landscape changes.

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End-to-end cybersecurity

Atos provides a unique cybersecurity end-to-end solution based on a data-centric and pre-emptive security approach.

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Forging a new Digital security paradigm

Atos’ thoughts, vision and approach to addressing the main challenges that will define the digital world of tomorrow.

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Digital transformation security articles from Atos experts

Articles in the Atos Digital Security Magazine showcasing the importance of digital transformation, its security challenges and the elements needed for an effective transformation.

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Joint Cyber Unit: Enhancing cooperation in Europe

Faced with the growing scale of threats, including cross-border threats, the European Commission set up the Joint Cyber Unit to strengthen cooperation between States and improve attack detection.

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