Smart Society

Optimize mobility and parking in your city

Smart Mobility Services

Implement attractive and easily accessible multimodal mobility services

Reliable Mobility Services for all:

Enable personalized access to transportation services


Enabled a remotely controlled software-defined solution


Environmental impact:

Reduced carbon emissions across your city

smart mobility

Safe mobility

Privacy-by-design approach for safe mobility

Data driven Smart Mobility services

Implementing Smart Mobility services requires collaboration with many different stakeholders. Atos can help.

From parking and traffic management to shared and public transportation services, including mobility as a service (MaaS), the Atos Urban Data Platform makes integrating multiple data platforms easy. Its open architecture supports a system-to-systems design for smart cities based on high-level standards for mobility, such as ETSI/ITS.

What’s more, the platform enables dynamic traffic management that responds to demand and environmental impact.


Atos EGSE end-to-end services ensure your space investment is safe during its entire lifespan in orbit:

  • Fully digital testing and simulation solutions,
  • Tests radio frequency subsystems, navigation instruments and electrical power supply,
  • Cyber secured by design,
  • For a complete satellite or an individual satellite subsystem,
  • For earth observation, navigation, telecom and science missions.

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Urban Data Platform

Our Urban Data Platform provides a sovereign platform for storing historical data and raising indicators, correlated and analyzed using AI based on:

  • Hybrid cloud containerization,
  • open standards such as NGSI,
  • Minimal operability mechanisms defined by OASC,
  • Supports digital twin use for city planning,
  • Agile and highly scalable,
  • Privacy by design for increased security.

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Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

The Atos Intelligent Transport System provides a platform for enabling real-time V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communications:

  • Based on European ETSI Cooperative ITS standards,
  • Secure and private communication based on our PKI solution,
  • Traffic guidance focused on reducing carbon emissions,
  • Directly linked to incident management platforms.

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Green Mobility

Green Mobility services from Atos employ AI to analyze environment and sound data to ease traffic and parking congestion and reduce pollution:

  • Change traffic light settings,
  • Manage e-vehicle charging station availability,
  • Optimize infrastructure management.

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Client Stories

CityGo Malaga, Spain

Atos developed CityGO to improve mobility across Malaga. The Android mobile app recommends an optimal itinerary, suggesting the best means of transport for a particular route at a particular time based on real-time information.

A web dashboard (CityDash) allows the municipality to visualize the status of the various means of transport and their usage.

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Client Stories

Trento, Italy

qrowd integrates diverse sources of transportation data. A dashboard provides a visualization that reveals how citizens move along the city based on temporal, spatial or demographic filters. The real-time data helps the municipality and citizens make better and faster transportation decisions to improve mobility and reduce traffic congestion.

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Atos Traffic Management Solution

Atos can help your city ease traffic congestion. Our smart technology solutions manage and improve traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve public safety.

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