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Making cities safer with coordinated emergency response services

In every situation, emergency response teams and multiple agencies must work together, making split-second high-pressure decisions for critical outcomes.

Operational complexities and emerging threats bring extra challenges. The pandemic, natural disasters, terrorist attacks all place huge strain on Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs). At the same time, information must be collected from a multitude of sources, from sensors and systems to social media and smartphones.

To support governments and local authorities, Atos’s safety and rescue solutions improve emergency response management and the safety of citizens and teams.

ESInet / Next Generation Core Services (NGCS)

Atos Next Generation 911/112 enables your call routing network to receive multi-channel calls, to quickly allocate contacts to the right PSAP. Atos offers the only carrier-grade VoIP session controller for call handling and emergency services routing. Our Emergency Services Routing Proxy (ESRP) is highly available and scalable and ensures all calls are processed via policy routing rules.

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Emergency Management System

GEMMA is an EMS for single or multi-agency PSAP. It covers the full event lifecycle, from response and resource dispatching to first-responder follow-up and event escalation. With GEMMA, public safety organizations can share information fast and securely. Multi-agency incident transfer provides robust, fast and secure inter-agency messaging, reducing deployment time while minimizing errors and delays.

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Field Communications

The Lifelink range delivers highly resilient and secure communication to first responders using standard phones. Teams efficiently share data and communicate across multi-networks with no voice break. Lifelink includes infrastructure, devices, services and maintenance. We deliver standardized mission-critical services for voice, data, real-time geolocation of people, live sharing of photo and video.

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Secure Data Platforms

When applied to safety and rescue information, AI, big data and edge computing deliver insights and faster incident response. Atos can help reduce crime with intelligence-led policing, optimize resource management and enhance interagency collaboration with secure data exchange. Atos secures emergency data via end-to-end cybersecurity that is data-centric and pre-emptive.

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Client Stories

112 Extremadura

Extremadura’s integrated 112 model is pioneering in Spain with a highly skilled, coordinated team organized to respond to emergency situations as efficiently as possible.


  • Higher agility, efficiency and service quality
  • Fast and secure information transfer and resource optimization
  • Integration across emergency responses
  • Savings on infrastructure and platform maintenance

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Client Stories

Emergency management for Madrid SUMMA 112

Atos helps the Madrid region’s medical emergency services optimize resources, reduce response times and, most importantly, save lives.
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Client Stories

St. Francois County answers the call for Next-Generation 9-1-1

Missouri counties modernized their emergency services technology to support mobile devices and future applications
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Emergency services blog from the Atos expert community

Next Generation Emergency Services must now be resilient across many medias
by Phillip Rotheram

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Public safety brochure

Citizens are faced with constantly evolving risks of varied type and impact. They need to use the channels that are the most natural to them to easily report alerts, but also receive advice and warnings. For central and local government, improving the emergency process is a priority. Read how they can achieve this.

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Frost & Sullivan: 2020 North American next generation 9-1-1 growth excellence leadership award

Atos is driving NG9-1-1 progress across the United States (US). Frost & Sullivan believes the next 12 to 24 months to be the most critical time for state and local 9-1-1 administrators to identify and secure the appropriate partners for their NG9-1-1 implementations.

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Atos Next-Generation Public Safety – NG911 / NG112

Cities and countries are becoming increasingly smart and connected, and a lot of data is exchanged. How can we ensure that the right information reaches the right people at the right time to keep citizens safe? Discover how Atos, a leader in public safety with more than 50 active major references worldwide, meet these challenges.

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Next Generation 9-1-1

Each year 240 million 911 calls are made in United States using analog voice delivery. This public safety technology, however, has yet to meet the demands of the communities it is meant to serve. It’s time to overcome infrastructure and system limitations.

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