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Improve operational efficiency and transform healthcare delivery

Digital Infrastructure Services

Improve the efficiency of your digital infrastructure


Deliver faster clinical outcomes and improve collaboration

Ease of use:

90% staff adoption of technologies guaranteed

Better outcomes:

Improved clinical decisions with consolidated real-time data


100% security compliance

Integrating care and managed services

Whether you are looking to connect health teams to improve staff and patient communication or improve operational and clinical data insight, Atos is here to help. With over 7,000 cloud experts and 30,000 applications experts in-house we are in a unique position to support your digital transformation.

Our world-leading integrated services ensure high staff adoption of new technologies to improve modern ways of working and support the shift from paper-based systems to digital clinical workflows.

Digital Health Workplace

  • Proactive mobile access and shared workstation management
  • Secure remote patient consultations with virtual waiting and meeting rooms
  • Intelligent data insights to improve clinical decision-making and patient outcomes
  • Meeting data privacy and security requirements in a highly regulated environment

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Data Centers & Hosting

  • Next generation private and sovereign cloud services with easy migration
  • Fully interoperable hybrid or multi-cloud services
  • Bare metal high-performance servers supporting business-critical applications
  • Cloud edge and far edge solutions, combined with 5G connectivity
  • EHR platform hosting

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Cybersecurity, Cloud Services & Data Interoperability

  • Transforming on-premise data centers to reduce costs and carbon emissions
  • Providing secured end-to-end services and greenfield application development
  • Securely migrating legacy and non-supported systems to the cloud
  • Consolidating data to provide a single patient view, operable from any device

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Managed Services

  • End-to-end managed services from scope, design, build and operational business solutions to ongoing user support
  • Measuring real-time impacts
  • System integration and implementation
  • Infrastructure optimization, to help reduce incidences by 60%
  • Identity, security and risk management

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Client Stories


Atos helps UK Government's National Health Service to optimize the sharing of replicable digital solutions across healthcare organizations through blueprints that other organizations can use to implement technology that improves patient outcomes.
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Client Stories

Western Australia Department of Health

Atos supports the transition and transformation of the Western Australian Public Health System ICT infrastructure into a fully managed hybrid digital cloud service.
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Client Stories

Healthcare IT company

Simplifies data center operations and builds efficiencies for the future, delivering 12% savings.
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Client Stories

Lucerne Cantonal Hospital

The largest hospital in Switzerland has commissioned Atos to provide a completely digitized solution that meets HIMSS EMRAM Level 7 maturity model standards.
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Client Stories

New York medical practice

Atos delivers an end-to-end EPIC Electronic Patient Record Management solution including creating a separate EPIC environment for Physicians.
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Client Stories

Global Healthcare Company

Secured a safe work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 outbreak, ensuring continuity, connectivity, and the wellbeing of its staff.
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Data Center Automation

How can you enhance or add to the transparent automation that is going on behind the scene in your data center or cloud?

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On the road to Zero Trust

The evolution of cybersecurity to Zero Trust with increased data access visibility, reduced attack surface and a unified user experience.

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Driving adoption of Electronic Health Records

Atos brings together key learnings from healthcare leaders who have embarked on widescale Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption and provides insights into key challenges and approaches.

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Helping healthcare in the fight against Covid-19

Best-of-breed solutions helping in the fight against Covid-19, such as clinical and patient online consultation, chatbot services and epidemic management systems that support track and trace.

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