Healthcare Payer

Improve member experience to deliver true value-based care

Digital Consumer Experience

Atos’s Consumer Experience Platform Solution helps payers meet modern members needs by digitizing their consumer experience strategy.


Improved member experience

Better outcomes:

Better health outcomes and member experience while reducing cost

Value-based care:

Manage risk and deliver value-based care with identification


100% security compliance

Improving member engagement to provide better outcomes

Reimbursement models are steadily shifting toward outcome-based medicine, so the need for improved member engagement has increased. Engagement solutions are designed with the member at the center. This approach not only improves outcomes, but member satisfaction as well.

A strong digital front door strategy leverages technology expanding member access, driving higher satisfaction and improving productivity. Digital consumer encounters bring the front door directly to the patient, meeting consumers where they are and allowing them to decide how and when they want to receive care.

Unified Collaboration & Communication

  • Proactively educate and inform
  • Improve member recruitment, satisfaction and retention
  • AI driven solutions for operational efficiency
  • Improve call solutions and resolution
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction/Net Promoter (CSAT/NPS)

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Data Centers & Hosting

  • Next generation private and secure sovereign cloud services
  • Fully interoperable hybrid or multi-cloud services
  • Bare metal servers for highly demanding cloud deployments.
  • Cloud edge and far edge solutions, combined with 5G connectivity
  • EHR platform hosting

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Virtual Consultations

  • Integrated video collaboration platforms that enable virtual healthcare
  • Implementation and management of cost-effective patient e-consultation
  • Chatbot technology that helps users get instant, accurate answers
  • Integration of Virtual Care platforms with EHR and back-office systems
  • Care solutions promoting convenience


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Remote Patient Monitoring Systems

  • Vendor agnostic wearable devices, tablets and mobile devices
  • Ability to gather patient data out of the healthcare setting
  • Improved patient experience
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Improved understanding and proactive management of patient conditions

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Client Stories

Global healthcare company

Secured a safe work-from-home environment during the COVID-19 outbreak, ensuring continuity, connectivity and the wellbeing of its staff.

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Client Stories

Healthcare IT company

Simplifies data center operations and builds efficiencies for the future, delivering 12% savings.

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Get instant and accurate answers with our Chatbot

Despite the highly connected, information-dense world in which we live, disseminating accurate, up-to-date information about COVID-19 remains a challenge.

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Delivering high quality care at a distance

The COVID-19 crisis has put a spotlight on the need for healthcare delivery to evolve to face new challenges. The telehealth solution from Atos can provide the answer.

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Optimizing Patient Engagement In the Midst of a Pandemic

Technology can help healthcare providers and payers with providing their patients with information about the current pandemic or other healthcare topics. Listen how taking a tactical approach with these technologies can increase patient engagement and improve patient experiences.

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