Ubiquitous Customer Engagement

Improve customer experience across all touchpoints

Omni-channel customer experience for retail

Improve your omni-channel customer experience

Personalized customer experience:

anytime, anywhere,
on any device

New shopping experience:

100% immersive

Understand your customers:

360° view on
customer behavior

Additional sales channel:

8% spend increase from voice purchases

Ubiquitous customer experience for retail

Our digital platforms and services enable retailers to provide a unified, seamless, contextual and personalized customer experience across all touchpoints, while automated services allow real-time adaptations to suit customer behavior, boost sales and improve loyalty.


  • Seamless customer engagement on any channel, anywhere and any time consumers wish to interact and buy
  • Turn consumer data into new insights enriched by AI to enhance the customer buying journey and experience

Customer knowledge and personalization

  • Understand, anticipate and predict evolving customer needs thanks to a 360° view of customer data with social media integration
  • Deliver customers personalized next-best-action predictions in real time leading to more cross- or up-selling and retention
  • Anytime, anywhere experiences for customers across all channels thanks to cloud technologies

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Conversational Commerce: digital virtual assistant

  • Voice enabled and talks
  • Responds to questions on product enquires, stock availability, order status
  • Helps customers to easily locate the product
  • Is voice enabled and works along with personal solutions (Google Home, Alexa)
  • Schedules deliveries / reschedules, checks inquiry status

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Immersive Shopping Experience

  • Enables retailers to create, manage and deploy a virtual store easily, in a WYSIWYG approach (no code needed)
  • Works on TV, phone, tablet, PC, and optionally with a virtual reality helmet
  • Allows customers to wander around the (personalized) store, dress up, get help from a personal shopper, and make purchases
  • Customers can share this with friends – to a “virtual crew” and on social networks

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Client Stories


Voice commerce complements Damart's omnichannel model

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Client Stories

Specialty retailer

Customer satisfaction increased dramatically as the retailer was able to fulfill orders as fast as, if not faster than, its online competitors could.

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Conversational Commerce

The new AI-powered voice platform takes center stage. Embracing this innovative, playful, and easy to execute solution speaks to all generations. Delivering this remarkable touchless experience will drive revenue growth.

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Staying connected when customers aren’t shopping.
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