Common Data Foundations

Create the sovereign public foundations for the digital era

Sovereign Cloud

Build the trusted infrastructure you need for digital success


Agile, modular digital foundation for public services


Seamless orchestration from legacy to private, public and edge


Reduce costs with multicloud management and optimization


Sovereign security and sustainability

Creating sovereign foundations for a digital public sector

Leveraging the cloud has been on the public sector’s agenda for many years; tomorrow’s hybrid post-pandemic society will simply brought it to the top.

Atos Sovereign Cloud helps governments and public agencies shift to citizen-centric, data-intelligent, modular and interoperable services already driving much of society. We are bringing our global experience delivering digital sovereignty with cost control and legacy integration.

Take your first step toward reaping the benefits of Atos cloud environments – flexibility, cost-efficiency and end-to-end digital trust — in the public sector.

Cloud Advisory and Adoption

Our end-to-end cloud advisory services provide:

  • Cloud vision for the public sector, showing how you can leverage the cloud to realize the hybrid society
  • Cloud roadmap, defining a business-driven path of pragmatic, executable change Cloud technical consultancy, tapping into our advanced expertise on all private, public and edge cloud technologies, including GAIA-X

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Cloud Application Transformation

Our comprehensive application modernization services include:

  • Cloud-native application development
  • Legacy environment migration to and/or modernization for the hybrid cloud Datacenter transformation, accelerating infrastructure modernization through the cloud

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Cloud Implementation Services

  • We implement private, on-premises and public digital cloud platforms with features spanning high-performance to bare-metal.
  • Security and sovereignty are always a priority with our advanced solutions and services in the cloud.

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Cloud Management

With expertise across all cloud environments and hyperscaler platforms, our best-in-class cloud management capabilities include:

  • Management of hybrid cloud environments
  • Multicloud orchestration
  • Private, sovereign, public and edge cloud services

Client Story

Delivering next-gen cloud services across Texas

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) has reimagined the state’s business and technical dynamics to be better positioned for the digital future. Atos provides DIR next-gen private cloud with AI and machine learning to automate processes, create efficiencies and improve service delivery quality for the state’s agencies and residents.

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Client Story

Western Australia´s digital transformation

The Western Australian Department of Health wanted a modern and contemporary cloud-based ICT system to enhance innovation that will help improve patient care and reduce unnecessary duplication. Atos is helping to transition its legacy infrastructure to Atos Cloud platforms to enhance scalability, manageability and cost-efficiency.

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Finding the right balance for the new normal

The pandemic crisis has fundamentally changed our society. Explore both the challenges and the opportunities for governments and citizens in the new hybrid society.

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Atos OneCloud: Build your cloud-forward future

On the journey to the cloud, no path is the same. Discover how the groundbreaking Atos OneCloud initiative can help you navigate your cloud journey securely.

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