Energy Retail

Better engage with customers and prosumers

Smart Revenue Services

Create sustainable revenue growth


15% lower cost of future operational investment

Customer experience:

20% more customer engagement


100% regulatory compliance


High reuse of solutions to support new business opportunities

From commodity-based to value-based

Realize the full potential of your business with new revenue streams and smart services that create new opportunities, competitive edge and accelerated business growth. With Atos, you’ll increase customer value, enable business agility, optimize commercial processes and create innovative go-to-market strategies.

Smart Mobility: Ecarga

ecarga is a fully scalable and integrated charging infrastructure that lets operators effectively deploy and manage electric vehicle projects irrespective of technologies or suppliers. As well as managing network endpoints, ecarga provides multiple levels of integration with other systems and stakeholders — transforming raw data into business intelligence and valuable information for end users.

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Subscription Offering

Along your digital transformation journey, Atos supports the development of new revenue streams based on your specific needs (i.e., band discount, hybrid prepayment, pure prepayment).

  • Using mediation in SAP S/4HANA (BRIM)
  • Customer-centric offering model
  • Using 2G metering and new 5G connections
  • Data analytics
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Industry insights

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Smart Services – services and apps

Tailor-made solutions fully integrated can improve productivity with guaranteed support, value-added security and built-in success through cutting-edge technologies. Benefits include:

  • Back-office integration
  • Compliance
  • Advanced technologies such as SAP Cloud Platform
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Better brand visibility
  • Social enablement
  • Higher quality and accuracy
  • Improved UX

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Smart Home – home services and apps

Atos combines customer engagement platforms and prepackaged CRM/billing solutions to enable value creation for your customers. Our multisided approach, new way of billing, and quicker deployments of products and solutions can help you win in a more-and-more competitive environment. A smart energy platform with your ecosystem of partners seamlessly integrates smart grids and smart homes.

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E2E Integration – process integration

We offer integration and orchestration solutions for the design and monitoring of end-to-end processes to allow companies to become more agile, streamlined and able to make rapid business decisions, as well as decrease overall operational costs, avoiding the need of manual activities.

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Client Story

Top Italian utility company

Italian utility company enters the subscription economy - disrupting the market with an innovative offer for the supply of electricity that has the highest level of digital interaction with the end customer.


  • Trailblazer in the market
  • Up to 3 hours of free energy for the end customer
  • Increased customer trust and commitment.

Client Story

Pushing e-mobility to the next level

Atos and Siemens partnered to realize an E2E customer digital journey for e-vehicle charging for one of the top Italian utilities. The project consists of a new integrated platform for charging unit control with the e-mobility service management capabilities and a front end that allows full operability everywhere and with every charging unit.


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Future-proof management of electric vehicles

Ecarga combines a complete and open set of services that are ready-to-roll now with the flexibility to embrace technological innovation and future market needs.

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Journey toward smart cities,
by KJ Chugh

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