Sustainable Growth

Accelerate progress toward net-zero through digital decarbonization


Accelerate your journey to net-zero

Measure and map:

Understand your footprint and determine your climate strategy

Decarbonize digital:

Reduce your digital footprint with green technology solutions

Decarbonize business:

Reduce the footprint of your business processes

Remove residual emissions:

Use offsetting initiatives to achieve carbon-removal targets

Driving decarbonization with digital transformation

Whether you are at the start of your journey toward net-zero or looking to enhance your existing strategy, Atos is uniquely positioned to help. As an industry leader in sustainability we understand the importance of reducing energy consumption in digital services and know what it means to sustainably transform our clients’ operations through our AtoZero net-zero program.

Delivering decarbonization is a challenge for all organizations to transform business operations. We can help you prioritize decarbonization for the benefit of all stakeholders and society at large.

Decarbonized City

As city populations increase, how can digital help improve air quality through decarbonization so that residents and visitors alike experience the best the city has to offer? The Innovative digital services provided by our Urban Data Platform and connected technologies, such as mobility planning or building and energy management, can help achieve that goal. A healthy city is a happy city

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Sustainable Procurement

Reducing emissions isn’t just a challenge for your operations but also your supply chain. Use our sustainable procurement expertise to understand how to drive sustainable procurement practices to identify and reduce the full impact of your organization.

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Mundi Web Services

The Mundi Web Services Earth observation platform, supported by a consortium led by Atos on behalf of the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA), delivers data services leveraging satellite imagery to enable applications and use cases that facilitate informed decision-making in ecological transformation.

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Client Story

City of Auch

The city of Auch needed some value-added data to reduce the heat in the city, which is a major issue in Southern France.
Atos helped Auch build a turnkey solution to monitor heat and vegetation. With this investment in tools that make a difference, the city aligns more closely with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement and improves citizen services.

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Find out more

Journey 2024: Redefining enterprise purpose

Entering the post-COVID era, the collective impact of significant change – the rise of AI, quantum, climate and sustainability imperatives — are forcing a rethink of what’s at stake and how we respond.

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Accelerating the decarbonization journey

With today’s challenges and opportunities around decarbonization, it is more crucial than ever that universities turn their commitment to sustainability into action.

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