Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

Comprehensive Industrial Cybersecurity

Manufacturing is a lucrative target for cybercrime. It’s a large industry with a lot of valuable data and a growing IoT attack surface. Your data is of direct value to hackers, and they may hold it for ransom. If an attack disrupts production, the cost impact can be significant.

Comprehensive digital security means guarding against:

  • intellectual property theft
  • phishing
  • supply chain infection
  • industrial IoT compromise
  • ransomware

Atos provides respected, industry-leading cybersecurity solutions ranging from managed digital identities, IoT/IIoT/ICS security, and Zero Trust solutions, to advanced threat detection and response.

Smart manufacturing calls for a smart defense. We can help.

Atos and Dell Cyber Recovery Solutions for Manufacturing

In the continuous race between hackers and cybersecurity experts, even the best protection may be defeated — despite the huge investments of most of the businesses.

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Customer stories

Case study

Reduce Detection Time

Unable to monitor their network’s 130+ locations and countless entry points, a leading packaging company selected Atos AI-driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to protect them.

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Case study

Threat Removal 80% Faster

A global manufacturing firm discovered they were victims of a ransomware attack effecting hundreds of their systems. By calling Atos, they evicted their attacker and returned to business within five hours, without paying a ransom.

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Case study

Improve Remediation Time

Faced with next-generation threats after upgrading their IT infrastructure, a Fortune 1000 manufacturing company, chose Atos to provide next-generation cyber defense – Managed Detection and Response.

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Case study

Manufacturing giant refuses to pay ransom and evicts attackers in hours

A manufacturing giant chose Atos breach management services to defend themselves against an in-progress ransomware attack.

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Could SolarWinds happen to you?

Defend against threats hidden inside trusted suppliers’ products

The Advanced Persistent Threat attack against the SolarWinds products, known as “ORION”, targeted IT management software and firmware updates, affecting IT, OT and IoT infrastructure and allowed attackers access to sensitive systems and data.

Adoption of a range of Zero Trust measures across technology, policies, and processes bolsters defenses against these types of attacks.

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Trustway HSM – Ensure integrity and security of cryptographic operations

Defend your enterprise against attacks with a dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM). The Trustway dedicated purpose HSM gives you total control over your cryptographic functions and keys. It is a physical device with module-based functions for:

  • storage of keys
  • management of keys
  • management of PKI certificate lifecycles for users and devices
  • blockchain functions for cryptographically validated ledgers
  • financial transaction capabilities
  • most general cryptographic functions

Trustway HSM is also available as a managed service with single tenancy.

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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Stay ahead of ever-changing threats

Detect and defend against increasingly aggressive cybercrime with Atos advanced persistent threat detection and response services. Our next generation SOC, Atos MDR, uses high-performance AI-powered Atos AIssac to detect and respond to threats automatically. Our ever-evolving services cover all the bases: threat intelligence, CERT and CSIRT services, vulnerability management, and context-aware identity and access management (IAM).

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> Paper: Security Analytics Use Cases for Threat Hunting

Gartner Market Guide to Managed Detection & Response

Understand the current state of the MDR market with this complimentary copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services. Get their recommendations for deciding when and why to use an MDR vendor, plus analysis and recommendations for choosing and MDR partner.

Atos Digital Security for Manufacturing


Industrial Cybersecurity Solutions for Industry 4.0

Atos protects smart manufacturing against a new world of threats, around the clock and across the globe.
We combine leadership in cybersecurity with decades of experience in manufacturing.


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“NelsonHall believes Atos to be one of the strongest vendors
in the OT/IoT security market.”

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Intelligence-driven capabilities

Leverage Atos best-of-breed technologies and innovation to stay on top of the evolving threat landscape through big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilitie

Global capabilities

Benefit from the extensive knowledge base of IoC shared through 15 SOCs worldwide with 6000+ highly experienced and certified security professionals

End-to-end solutions

Be prepared for the unexpected with our worldwide partnerships and our own trusted products to deploy tailored and complete solutions

Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio


Insight and Inspiration for your Smart Factory Plan

Jumpstart or trouble-shoot security plans for your smart manufacturing initiatives in this complementary* 90-minute virtual studio tailored to your needs.

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What’s Next? Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Analytics and Hybrid SecOps.

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Ensure end-to-end security of your OT and IoT environment with insight from this webinar.

Webinar: IoT Communication Security

The traditional “fortress” approach is ineffective. Zero Trust is essential to manufacturing.

White paper: On the Road to Zero Trust

Use cryptographic functionality to secure embedded platforms in the automotive market. Here’s how.

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In-depth exploration of the future of IoT and OT security by Atos cybersecurity experts and Scientific Community.

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Learn more about Atos in Manufacturing and security; or get started with a virtual Atos Smart Manufacturing Studio session.

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