Integrated report 2018

The decision to publish one single integrated report partly reflects the findings of Atos’ landmark publication, Journey 2022, which looks at the future of technology in business. Our research anticipates increasing digital dilemmas that will require organizations to embrace a new model of Sustainable Digital Transformation and Corporate Digital Responsibility, placing human beings at its heart. The future integration in our by laws of Atos “Raison d’être” or “Sense of purpose” and the publication of our first integrated report represents an important step forward for Atos in that journey.

This integrated report provides a comprehensive overview of the financial and extra-financial performance of Atos in 2018. It presents our vision, strategy, business model, governance and our main achievements of the year. Based on financial and Corporate Social Responsibility indicators, this report analyzes our risks and opportunities, summarizes our impact on our major stakeholders and describes our efforts to create value over time for all of them.

Our vision and ambition


Interview with Thierry Breton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Pioneering sustainable digital transformation

“Following our recent acquisitions, we have prepared Advance 2021, a new and ambitious three-year plan for Atos. This plan will strengthen our position as the go-to partner for organizations who are looking to respond to the dilemmas of the digital world and navigate its challenges successfully.”

Thierry Breton
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

2018 in review

To help its clients across all sectors prepare for a new era of digital business, Atos applies cutting-edge technologies and extensive industry knowledge.

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Strategic outlook

Atos is embarking on its new three-year strategic plan, Advance 2021, which is strongly focused on clients’ needs and aspirations.

Our way forward

Financial highlights


The Group’s performance in 2018 positioned Atos as a global leader in digital transformation, with the Atos Digital Transformation Factory representing 30% of total revenue, up from 23% in the previous year.

Financial highlights included the acceleration of revenues in our Business & Platform Solutions division, powered by major digital transformation projects. We recorded double-digit growth in Big Data & Cybersecurity as customers around the world stepped up investments in their cyber defenses and data capabilities. Our Infrastructure &

Data Management business saw a strong performance in particular from Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, with growth of circa 35%.

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Sustainable performance

Being a responsible employer

Atos has the responsibility and ambition to constantly support a diverse, talented and motivated workforce, and to provide employees with relevant skills for digital transformation.

Generating value for clients through sustainable and innovative solutions

Leveraging a global ecosystem of partners, Atos creates innovative and sustainable solutions to deliver value for clients, while ensuring the highest levels of security and data protection and promoting a culture of digital responsibility.

Being an ethical and fair player within Atos’ sphere of influence

As a global company, Atos is expected to have strong corporate governance and ethical standards shared along the whole value chain.


Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

To support our clients in the necessary transition to a low-carbon economy Atos improves the efficiency and resilience of its operations and mitigates the risks arising from natural disasters.