Broadcast Network Control System

The Atos BNCS streamlines operations for hundreds of specialist media devices

Broadcasting professionals must manage extraordinary complexity in real-time. Switching sources, managing play-out, transferring control between studios and outside broadcast units, mixing sound and vision – and much more besides.

The Atos Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS) provides a single point of control for the continually expanding mix of media devices and technologies. BNCS boosts productivity for broadcast technicians, reducing both the risk of operational error and staff costs.

Clear, configurable and ergonomically advanced control panels are a particular hit with broadcast teams. With BNCS it is quick and easy to integrate operation of both new and legacy devices. Developed in close collaboration with the world’s leading public service broadcaster, BNCS is built by professionals for professionals.

Cloud and Mobility

Simplify, fortify and centralize the control of your broadcast infrastructure

Why choose Atos BNCS?

BNCS gives broadcast technicians maximum control in complex environments when hundreds of devices need to be managed.

This boosts productivity, while reducing cost and risk. BNCS is also open to the rapid integration of new media technologies and devices.

Agility and Control

Radically simplify the control and coordination of media devices in complex broadcast environments.

Reduce Cost

Making BNCS the standard for control, you reduce both operational expense and the cost of future innovation.

Boost Productivity

By giving broadcast professionals the tools they need, teams work more productively while embracing new technologies.

Designed by Broadcaster for Broadcasters

BNCS has been designed directly by the final user with a full understanding of the broadcast operational needs. Atos is not only the developer of the BNCS but also the user.

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Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS)

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