Business Reinvention in Banking

Banks must create customer-centric business models, connecting better to those they serve with data-driven and emerging technologies.

The world is connected and digital. Banking products and business models must anticipate the continually evolving lifestyles of both business and personal customers. The need to reinvent traditional banking models becomes a valuable opportunity to rethink basic business assumptions.

Banks also need to reinvent in a highly volatile economic and regulatory climate, in which new players and new technologies change the rules. We cannot even take the basics for granted any more – in the world of Bitcoin, for example, what is money?

One thing is for sure.  A fluid business understanding of new and powerful digital technologies becomes essential for any banking visionary – and only the visionaries will survive.

New digital-only players are disrupting the Retail banking market – expected to take 15% of prime personal and business accounts.

Banking Reinvention: Digital Focus

Perhaps the biggest question in banking reinvention is, “How do we capitalize on our information assets?”. This will lead you to examine the way you build relationships with customers. It will also point the way to entirely new collaborative business partnerships.

Speed and action are critical – if you spend two years thinking about it, it will be too late. But caution, compliance and confidentiality count too – public image is critical after the sub-prime meltdown.

Data analytics

Only agile analytics can provide an empirical basis for business reinvention.

Digital Cash Management

Will you even have an ATM network ten years from now? Digital cash changes everything.

Thinking together

A day spent with us in one of the Atos Business Technology Innovation Centers is worth a month anywhere else. Take time to think about banking business reinvention.

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