About Nasir Ahmed

Global Digital Workplace Consultant

Nasir Ahmed is a Global Digital Workplace Consultant at Atos. With firm interests in business, technology and sustainability, he supports in programs to deliver operational excellence to our clients through the use of technology. Passionate about wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, he is also a member of the Atos Together and Adapt Networks where he drives internal initiatives to enable dialogue across all levels of the company; he is a firm believer that creating a culture of togetherness is a key driver for business success.

Articles posted by Nasir Ahmed

Measuring productivity while ensuring wellbeing in the new normal

Measuring productivity is historically a divisive issue for employers and employees. In the age of the new normal, in some organizations there is a semblance of a ‘Big Brother’ attitude toward productivity monitoring owing to reduced communication, decreased visibility and even developing distrust with delegated responsibilities. For those who have read George Orwell’s 1984 we all…