About Laurent Clergue

Product Manager Space Imagery Services

Laurent Clergue has always been fascinated by space imagery, not with intent to conquer other worlds but rather to provide a deeper understanding of our own planet. He’s a senior consultant and product manager of space imagery Software as a Service (SaaS) for Atos. This role allows him to not only follow his passion but also to show others the best ways to incorporate these technologies into their businesses.

Laurent came to Atos from GEOSIGWEB, a pioneering geomatic software startup, where he was CEO. He was responsible for defining the company’s SaaS strategy and developing business in the Public Sector. At the end of his 10-year tenure, more than 1,000 municipalities in France were using GEOSIGWEB solutions.

Laurent enjoys offering IT solutions to problems that didn’t seem to call for spatial and computer technologies. His contributions have made it possible now to monitor precious natural resources in order to safeguard them. He is ever the humanist who met the engineer.

Articles posted by Laurent Clergue

A brief history of Earth Observation

Viewed from the sky, the Earth is lyrically beautiful, but it’s also a heck of a puzzle. Whether you climb to the very top of a bell tower, like Napoleon’s pioneering cadastral surveyors, or send a satellite into orbit, observing the ground always comes up against a cruel reality: the Earth is round. From balloons to aircraft Observing our planet has…