About Javier Ponce Suarez

Atos Global Head of Digital Transformation, member of the Scientific Community and Distinguished Expert

As the Vice President Group Head of Digital Transformation at Atos, Javier is focused on transforming global corporations to the digital era by bringing in different set of innovations that can drive the employee and the customer experience.

For more than 15 years, Javier Ponce Suarez has served in various roles at Atos spanning technical and managerial positions in Europe and North America, growing his experience in client innovation and mapping digital capabilities to strategic priorities for customers. Ultimately, his goal in any role is to advance the organization to live, learn tell and inspire digital transformation.

In addition, Javier is a member of the Atos Scientific Community, a global network comprised of over 160 of the top scientists, engineers and forward thinkers from across the Group. As a member, he focuses on researching how organizations can transform to be adaptable to the current, fast pace business technology environment on areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital ethics and the unpredictability of AI systems future behaviors and its impact on society.

As a team player, Javier Ponce Suarez practices balance between teamwork, talent, collaboration, diversity and an employee empowered culture, believing these core values are the base of a successful organization.

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