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Solution Manager

Creator of realistic ideas Hubert's career is shared between project management, software architecture and geo-information expertise, for French and European industry leaders. He is currently exploring the industrialization of the use of civil UAVs as a continuation of his activities with CNES, Airbus DS GEO or Météo France ("a drone is a low-flying satellite"). He has been in charge of the creation and industrial follow-up of the SPOT satellite image catalogue since the early 2000s, representing 45 million scenes of the Earth covering 100 billion km². He has accompanied the realization of the ecosystem of associated geospatial services, precursors of the current digital transformation. His private aviation practice, first in gliding and then in light aviation, has familiarized him with the aerial world. Hubert graduated from Compiègne University of Technology.

Articles posted by Hubert Lespinasse

Drones and Cobots: the digital highways of tomorrow’s healthcare?

Healthcare costs continue to rise; it is one of the biggest challenges of our lifetime. This is why many hospitals and governments around the world are looking for a value-based healthcare (VBHC) approach to minimize costs whilst maximizing value. To do this they are looking to emerging technologies to help. Drones and collaborative robots (cobots) are…