Geo-blocking security for TIM’s multimedia services

Industry: Telecommunications
Region: Italy and Brazil
HQ: Rome and Milan, Italy
Company size: 61,000 employees

“Atos provides a complete solution and a solid team, strongly focused on innovation in technology, with strong experience in the design and systems integration of Content Delivery Networks. Atos has provided TIM with a secure platform which enables it to satisfy its users and grow its CDN offering.” 

Fabio Giordani
Head of CDN Engineering, TIM

Italian telecommunications company Telecom Italia (TIM) chose Atos in 2017 to enlarge and upgrade its Content Delivery Network platform (CDN)


Atos first implemented the CDN for TIM in 2002 to support the distribution of multimedia services for residential and business customers.

The challenge


The CDN allows content to be delivered from one single centralized point to a set of caches in 28 Points of Presence (POPs) on TIM’s nationwide optical backbone network.

The solution


The platform maintained by Atos for TIM is based on the content delivery system from Cisco, under which one management center distributes all the content to the POPs.

Business benefit


As part of the upgrade procedure in 2017, Atos implemented an innovative geo-blocking security function. This enables the management center to protect media content and rights from any attempts at unauthorized access. For every individual session, the CDN carries out an initial check on the user’s geography. Based on the user’s IP address, broadcasting over the network is either continued or completely blocked.

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