The Spanish Ministry of Health

and Aena

Protecting the health of passengers and citizens worldwide.

Putting Spain at the technological forefront of health

and safety control protection for citizens and passengers


Atos developed an end-to-end hybrid cloud solution, using artificial intelligence, to control health and travel information for all air passengers coming to Spain (approx. 200 million passengers per year) in just 25 days.

The new digital platform, which complies with strict data and security protocols, has been rolled out across 40 airports in Spain and has already been used by passengers from over 200 different countries. Using key data and insights, the solution helps manage the flow of passengers, in real-time, and provides other data analytics tools, reports and dashboards to provide further control and safety, and to contact passengers if necessary.

The challenge


With approximately 200 million passengers travelling to and from Spain a year, The Spanish Ministry of Health and AENA required an end-to-end solution to protect the health of passengers and citizens, promote safe flying and tourism, simplify access to information and create a bank of data from which information can be easily extrapolated.

The solution required improved tracking capabilities, the ability to establish individual or group contact if necessary and perform statistical analysis targeted at improving health protection. All whilst providing a smooth user experience through an easy-to-use and intuitive app.

The solution


Atos delivered an app, “Spain Travel Health”, in just 25 days which is now used in more than 40 Spanish airports. It allows passengers to complete mandatory forms via a web portal or their mobile app, that:

  • Accesses and records individual passenger and travel data
  • Requests answers to health questions and provides a QR code for passing Health Control at the airport.
  • Combine’s this data with a physical health control check at the borders, including a body temperature check, followed by a second health check where necessary.
  • Facilitates contact tracing during the entire duration of the passenger’s trip.

Business benefit


  • Increased safety and mutual trust among passengers
  • Support business resilience and return to business as usual
  • Efficient control and flow of passengers throughout the airports
  • Effective track and trace, preventing public health risks from spreading
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved operational efficiency through streamlined processes and eliminating paper-based processing.

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SpTH website

From this website you can fill out the health control form and obtain your QR Code, to show it at the control points upon arrival in Spain, as well as read more about the new health control process of Spain and download the app.

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