Care Quality Commission

Creating a new digital workplace at pace

Industry: Healthcare
Region: England
HQ: London
Company size: 3,500 employees

“Credit is due to Atos that they were able
to come into an organisation and integrate seamlessly with existing teams.”

Fionnula Robinson
Engagement Manager

“I’m delighted with how the Office 365 program exceeded our expectations for adoption. This is a success story we can all celebrate.”

Mark Sutton,
Chief Digital Officer

As the independent regulator of health and social care in England, CQC has an ambitious vision for a more targeted, responsive and collaborative approach to regulation so that more people receive high-quality care.

To achieve this, CQC wanted to transform how its people work and collaborate, both internally and externally. Recognizing the critical importance of a modern digital environment, CQC decided to transition its collaboration services to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365. Incorporating Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Yammer means colleagues can now work anywhere using laptops or smartphones for flexible and mobile working and real-time collaboration.

CQC chose Atos as its trusted partner to deliver the migration and achieve the necessary transformation.

Mark Sutton, Chief Digital Officer at the Care Quality Commission talks about how Atos helped deliver a new digital workplace at pace with Office 365.

The challenge


This was not just a technological challenge, it required a cultural shift and changes to well-established work practices.

Around two-thirds of CQC’s 3,500 colleagues work remotely, with the rest centered around offices across England. Early in 2019, CQC’s objectives were to:

  • Migrate all colleagues to Office 365
  • Minimize disruption to users
  • Maximize rates of adoption of all new tools
  • Complete all this work before the end of the year.

This required a comprehensive and intensive transformation program – not only to accelerate the necessary migration of data and IT to meet the deadlines, but also to engage different groups of users in why the change was happening and to help them understand how to use their new tools.

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The solution


Atos combined best-practice technical roll-out with robust change management.

A pilot started in May, crucially CQC in-house teams such as Internal Engagement and Digital, became part of the core-team early on to provide valuable support and insight about the needs of each Directorate and their users.

Using a blend of online and onsite activities, while leveraging existing support networks, Atos provided targeted training, supplemented by communications about behavioral changes to inspire and support users. While delivered at scale, all training was comprehensive and customized, for instance making innovative use of Microsoft Teams for personalized support.

Success was thanks to strong partnership between Atos and CQC. By end of November, all 3,500 users were using Microsoft Office 365 in their daily tasks.

Business benefit


As one of the largest and most successful digital transformations at CQC, the program exceeded all expectations. After just three months, adoption rates for the new tools were particularly high: 88% for OneDrive and MS Teams and 87% for SharePoint Online.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined costs and higher sustainability with a modern cloud-based solution, decommissioning of costly on-premises servers, and mobile working to reduce staff travel
  • Higher personal productivity with fast, seamless access to documents, data and colleagues, on multiple devices, at home, in the office, and on the move
  • Easier collaboration because people can easily find and share data and documents in real time.

Now CQC is much better placed to achieve its vision and assimilate future transformations effectively and rapidly.

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