The Atos Database Hotel offering is a Private Cloud solution to host your Oracle landscape in a Co Location Data Center with low Latency connection to GCP.

Customers can migrate their application landscapes to GCP and place the Oracle components on the Atos Database Hotel to save license costs.


About Atos Database Hotel

The Atos Database Hotel offering is a Private Cloud solution that runs in a co-location Data Center with low latency connection to GCP. Atos Database Hotel enables you to combine the advantages of Private Cloud with Oracle license cost reduction as it is based on Oracle VM and offers a virtualized environment with solid performance and security. You can migrate your application landscapes to GCP and place the Oracle components on the Atos Database Hotel to save license costs. Atos Database Hotel is based on BullSequana S servers and is already in use with large corporate and government customers.

Your benefits


Incorporate Oracle landscapes in your journey to Cloud with Google Cloud Platform

Transact via Google Marketplace and use your Google Cloud Credits for the Atos Database Hotel

Locations in Europe (Frankfurt) and the USA (Virginia)

License economics: deploy up to 2 Intel Cores for 1 Processor License

Run your applications in GCP and Database Hotel

Bull Sequana S with newest Intel Xeon processors enable more power per licensed core

Security: Single and unified identity and access management, governance and administration


Use GCP AI / ML capabilities on the data in your Oracle DB’s

Atos DB Hotel is a Google Managed Partner Service

Products – Atos Hybrid Cloud is available to procure, purchase, deploy and use via Google Marketplace. It includes a comprehensive ‘as a service’ offering for multiple configurations of the enabling platform.

Contract with Google – as the ‘product’ is purchased via the Google Marketplace, the relationship is direct with Google via their existing GCP License and GCP Marketplace agreements, that set forth payment obligations and rules for customers use of the Google Marketplace as well as Google’s data privacy commitments to customers and support obligations.

Contract with MPS Partner – you also sign a EULA with Atos that sets out the terms of access, use of the product, SLAs… and explains that Google – not Atos – will provide frontline support.

Atos DB Hotel runs on BullSequana S


BullSequana S by Atos is the most agile, scalable and open platform to grow digital business. With its dynamic reconfiguration capabilities, it combines exceptional performance with unparalleled agility and generates efficiencies at every level and therefore optimize costs for Oracle customers. BullSequana S with newest Intel Xeon scalable processors enable more power per licensed core.

Atos Database Hotel Security


  • Enterprise grade security will be embedded in the service in full alignment with GCP security standards.
  • User access will be managed seamlessly based on SSO with ‘context aware’ profiles that reflect a person’s role, rules on segregation responsibilities, and even geographical location of individuals.

Designed to flex with your Oracle landscape

Separation dash

Atos DB Hotel for GCP Rooms Economy Suite DoubleApartment
Data Center Set-up# DC1 DC1 DC2 DC2 DC
Compute capacityIntel Cores1323264
Memory (Gb)165125121024
Oracle VM's+132+32+64+
StorageDataScalable storage available in different price/performance classes: High Performance, Standard, Replication set-up, HA / DR with DB tools (RAC, Data Guard)
AtosBack-upScalable and by default replicated to the other twin Co Lo datacenter.
SLO Availability (%)99,9%, 7x24 (= DB availability to be configured with HA / DR (EG Data Guard, RAC ))
Scale and Burst capacityExtra Economy roomsExtra compute and memory capacity or Economy rooms
Price StructureCompute per room + Storage per Class per TB + Per Oracle VM

Start and grow in Atos Multi-Customer Private Cloud in co-location with GCP

Economy room: 1 Intel Core with 16 GB memory

Suite: 32 Intel Cores with 512 GB memory and High Availability (HA), 1 DC

Double room: 32 Intel Cores with 512 GB memory and Disaster Recovery (DR), 2 DC

Apartment: 64 Intel Cores with 1024 GB memory and HA & DR, 2 DC

Add Storage with your size and performance requirements. Storage options: High Performance, Standard & Backup


Add Compute Capacity to your Hotel Room or mix these rooms as required, use Economy rooms as burst capacity

License economics: Deploy up-to 2 Intel Cores for 1 Oracle Proc License

Customers use their own Oracle licenses (BYOL) and need to continue annual support for them

Managed Services

Depending on the available licenses of the customer it will be possible to enable HA / DR set-ups with Oracle databases (RAC, Data Guard) or applications.

Enabled Architectures


Oracle Island Architecture

All Oracle DB’s and directly connected (Oracle) Applications / Middleware are running on the Oracle Hotel

  • Can approach Oracle DB (under security) from GCP
    with Cloud Native Apps / AI / ML

Applicable when:

  • Apps and middleware have Oracle (Core based) licensing
  • Very complex queries / High performance between Apps / DB

Apps – DB split Architecture

Oracle DB runs on Database Hotel. All applications are on GCP (including new developed AI/ML)

Applicable when:

  • No License complications with Apps/Middleware
  • Regular Apps / DB traffic, Limited Performance requirements

Atos DB Hotel POC: FAQ

Q: What are the main activities in a Atos DB Hotel POC?

  • Phase 1: POC Preparation
    • Agree POC Proof points and Timeline
    • Set-up POC Planning with Proof Point Tests
    • Approve Planning
    • Agree POC Agreement / POC SOW Statement of Work
  • Phase 2: Execute POC Testing
    • Set-up Atos DB Hotel side Infrastructure (Hotel Room (Infrastructure), OracleVM, Database)
    • Set-up GCP application Site
    • Connect Atos DB Hotel to GCP side
    • Run Test Scripts
  • Phase 3: Conclusion and Next steps
    • Report test results
    • Approve test report
    • Agree Next steps / Atos DB Hotel deployment

Depending on Proof points and preparation we expect a trough put time of approximately 1 month for a normal POC.

Q: In which Location and GCP region / zone we can do a Atos DB Hotel POC?

Frankfurt , Germany

  • Databases in Atos DB hotel in Co-Location DC
  • Applications in GCP Region / Zone : europe-west3 (Germany, Frankfurt), Zone 1 / Zone 2

Ashburn , USA

  • Databases in Atos DB Hotel in Co-Location DC
  • Applications in GCP: us-east4 (USA Virginia), Zone 1 / Zone 2

Q: What is the max POC capacity for Databases in Atos DB Hotel ?

A: Maximum POC Infrastructure capacity

  • 4 Intel Cores / Economy Rooms, 128 GB RAM , 0,5 TB storage (1 DC)
  • For 2 DC DR double this capacity

Remark: Production capacity can be any mix of the Atos DB Hotel Rooms to cater for your capacity

Q: How are the software and DB Licenses arranged in the POC ?

  • Basic set-up is Bring-your-own-Licenses: POC participant will bring the required licenses for the Oracle Databases and other Software under test, that are not supported by the Atos DB Hotel or GCP

Remark: Atos DB Hotel includes the following already licensed software:

  • OracleVM, Oracle Linux, Atos Management Tooling

Q: What is the Set-up of the Applications and other software running on GCP? Planning and costing in the POC.

  • POC Participants will move the Application part to the agreed GCP region (see Atos DB Hotel Location specifications) this activity can be included in the POC set-up planning
  • POC participants will carry the GCP costs related to the Application Set-up and running during the POC duration (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Participants may use the Atos fully Managed GCP set-up (AGEA Framework)

Q: what are the Financials / charges associated with the Atos DB Hotel POC?

Charges are based on the POC Planning and necessary activities

Remark: POC Charges can be agreed to be netted with final charges for a production set-up (Try and Buy)

Costing will be associated with the following items:

  • Design and Planning Phase Costs ( GCP MPS / Atos / Customer consultancy hours)
  • Atos DB Hotel / Databases related activities
    • Infrastructure costs: #Economy rooms, #OracleVM’s
    • Set-up costs: Set-up Network, Set-up Test Databases (#Hours)
    • Migrate Databases to POC environment, Data AnonymizatioMMn
    • Test Support: Run / Assistance with test scenario’s (#Hours)
  • Applications GCP Side
    • Support for set-up Applications, Load balancers in GCP
    • Migrate Applications to the right GCP region
    • Test Support: Run / Assistance with test scenario’s (#Hours)
    • Atos GCP Management Tool framework if included

Getting Started with a Proof of Concept



Please register for a Proof of Concept to experience the advantages of the Atos DB Hotel in a Proof of Concept