Digital Workplace

Empower employees while maintaining the highest levels of security

Digital Workplace Platform

Set a new management style with a digital strategy for BYOD and mobility


Consistent user experience to deliver true business valuen

Secure and easy:

Frictionless and secure
access to all your
apps and data


Clear, measurable KPIs
in our eXperience-Level Agreements (XLAs)


Around-the-clock support for employees working
around the globe

Empower employees to make business a success

Flip from traditional workplace management to modern workplace management that empowers your employees with:

    • A single identity to access all their services
    • Support for personal and corporate devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones
    • Ordering and onboarding new devices from a portal in minutes
    • Easily requesting and accessing new apps
    • File access and sharing from any device
    • Protection from accidental data loss

Atos provides a single point of access to data and applications at the time of need intuitively, securely and instantly from any device.

Unified Endpoint & App Management

    Transform existing workplace administration into an agile and modern workplace management solution featuring:

  • Innovative, cost-efficient and business-improving services
  • Secure management of end-user IT equipment, applications and data

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Device Subscription Service

We provide complete support of devices throughout the user’s lifecycle:

  • Device lifecycle management
  • Simple ordering
  • Improved cashflow and total cost of ownership
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease number of devices
  • Enhanced user experience

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Virtual Workplace

Offer users a flexible, secure and energy-efficient remote option that delivers:

  • Accurate user profiles or personas
  • Connection anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Secure hosting
  • Simplified management
  • Enablement of any device
  • Standards-based architecture
  • Seamless integration with non-virtual environments

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IT Asset Management

Our full end-user services follow a methodical approach to support all aspects (financial, contractual, inventory) of the IT asset lifecycle. Support includes:

  • Enablement of cost measurement
  • Development of global information systems
  • Regular performance reports
  • Change-management processes

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Client Story

Delivering a new way of working

Johnson & Johnson significantly enhanced its remote support capabilities with Atos Digital Workplace Services, improving its user experience and minimizing the mean time to resolve an incident. In one of many examples, J&J changed from English-only online chat via service desks to a real-time machine-translated chat service in 24 languages. This improved user service levels and reduced costs significantly, and chat now accounts for about one-third of contacts.

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