Virtualization in Telecommunications

Cloud and virtualization have become critical in achieving the agility needed to take on new over-the-top telco players.

Every telco seeks to boost agility and drive down cost.  Whether you are looking at new products and services, or at the way your own employees work together, cloud delivery is now an essential part of the picture.

We look at cloud services for telecommunications clients from two perspectives.

We ask how telcos can use cloud delivery as a foundation for compelling new product and service propositions for their own consumer and business clients.

And we ask how by adopting cloud models for internal operations, telcos can boost efficiency and agility, while driving out cost.

Atos is resourced and ready with extensive cloud capabilities, to guide you in adoption or indeed, to act as a full cloud provisioning partner.

New cloud models impact security and governance, and here too we have the telco-specific expertise to support your cloud initiatives.

70% of CIOs fear they’ll be uncompetitive by end of 2016 unless they embrace cloud to support digital initiatives.

Why choose Atos?

Atos is committed to practical and affordable business initiatives, and this is clearly demonstrated in our cloud activity for telcos.

Examples range from consumer cloud services through to virtual contact centers, from mobile e-commerce platforms to smart workplace installations.


As experts in integration, Atos will guide your smooth transition to new cloud models.

Use-case Portfolio

An extensive portfolio of use cases accelerates adoption without risk.

Zero Capital Expenditure

Using Atos resources gives exceptional agility and scalability without additional capex.

Security and Compliance

Every cloud initiative has implications for trust and compliance and Atos is an expert guide.

Canopy Cloud from Atos

With our dedicated cloud services operation, Atos is helping clients transform the way they do business with the cloud.

For telcos, cloud now means instant extension of innovative client services.

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