Optimize Last-Mile Delivery:

Build your intelligent supply chain

Atos and HERE provide the winning combination for your last mile delivery needs

40–55% of total delivery cost occurs in the last mile*

Higher customer expectations and big increases in demand have added to the pressures and costs of the last mile.

*The Last Mile Delivery Challenge, Capgemini, 2019; Counterpoint, 2020; Business Insider, 2018

We help retailers, delivery companies and logistics providers to optimize last-mile delivery every time. Integrating HERE Last Mile, you can automate tour planning to:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Enhance customer experience and NPS scores
  • Improve safety and driver retention
  • Reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Build a resilient, sustainable, and future-proof digital operation

E-commerce has seen a jump from strong growth to an explosion in demand. The huge increase in home deliveries has added to the intense pressures and costs of last-mile delivery for retailers, on-demand delivery companies and logistics providers.

Atos and HERE will help you optimize last-mile delivery and maximize your use of data while helping you build a resilient, sustainable, and future-proof digital operation and supply chain.

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Automated, dynamic, real-time

Dynamic route planning and re-routing Make complex planning simple, whether deliveries and returns are pre-planned, same day on-demand or forecasted

Optimization baked in Fully utilize vehicle capacity and reduce CO2 emissions by ensuring the correct routing for each delivery

Rich location intelligence and exact GPS location Avoid delays, improve customer experience and empower your drivers with unrivalled location intelligence

Atos’ expertise in data analytics, decarbonization and intelligent supply chains combines with HERE Last Mile providing a powerful user experience to optimize your local delivery routes to fulfill more jobs, reduce fuel and carbon consumption, and optimize your asset usage.

We’ll help you orchestrate and integrate HERE Last Mile to ensure you gain full operational and costs benefits from day one.

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