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Harnessing the volumes of data generated through digital technologies to create healthy, prosperous and inclusive cities.

In today’s hyper-connected world, public services are on a journey of transformation towards greater efficiency with higher levels of citizen engagement across multiple channels, all available via smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, interactive digital signage and social media networks.

These technologies make it easier to connect everything we do in our daily lives in the city: traveling, working, socializing, visiting attractions and making discoveries. Through technology, all these aspects of our lives are being transformed. While we might not be able to predict exactly what the future will look like, one thing is very clear: digital technologies will power tomorrow’s cities.

As the volumes of data generated through these technologies continue to grow, Atos helps cities harness that data for citizens, city services and partners to co-create healthy, prosperous and inclusive cities.

Cities are responsible, on average, for over 80% of a nation’s Gross Domestic Product

Why choose Atos for Urban data management ?

As a digital services provider, we design, implement and operate secure, stable and flexible technology solutions that support cities and citizens in realizing a Data-Driven city.

Multi sided approach

Enabling an ecosystem of city partners, where citizens, services providers and businesses can form relationships and exchange for the benefit of all.

Delivering longer-term economic and social value

Making information available for citizens to make more informed choices and for the city to improve the quality of services to citizens at lower costs.

Data to enable a better city to live in

Across the range of local authority services, from bin collection to social care, safety, public transport, it is critical that cities provide the digital framework for an ecosystem of services and tools that enable communities to match needs with skills.

Eindhoven – CityPulse video

Generating value from the data that already lives in the city.

Many cities are considering how to extract the maximum benefit and value from the opportunities presented by big data, but Eindhoven is one step ahead and is already putting an innovative pilot project, CityPulse, into action to help manage a busy area of the city that’s famous for its nightlife.
By collecting and analysing the data that’s already in the city, we’re providing the information that helps Eindhoven to offer a safe environment for citizens and so improve their quality of life.

View our Eindhoven Case Study

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