Eindhoven CityPulse – using big data for real time incident response management

Many cities are considering how to extract the maximum benefit from the opportunities presented by big data.

Eindhoven is one step ahead and already putting them into action with an innovative pilot project to manage a busy area of the city that’s famous for its nightlife.

The CityPulse pilot scheme was developed by Atos and a number of partners including Intel, The City of Eindhoven and The Dutch Institute of Safety and Security (DITSS). Its aim is to help the City of Eindhoven manage a street in the centre of town – Stratumseind – the longest and most vibrant street in the Netherlands with more than 50 bars and nightclubs and where 15-20,000 people visit every weekend.

Big analytics for big data

CityPulse uses Intel technology to enable data to be gathered from a wide variety of sources without the need for specialist sensors. Data Scientists from Atos are then able to create intelligent patterns and insights from this data which can in turn inform a range of specific actions.

We have over 3,000 Data Scientists and 30 years’ practical experience in both operational and information technologies. We’re ready to help you explore the next wave of data-driven solutions, exploring the landscape, defining strategy and identifying compelling targets for immediate experiment and reward.

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Intelligent City Management for Eindhoven CityPulse – Case Study

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