Modernize your core insurance operations

Insurers have been successful at adopting new technology in the past. Yet the unrelenting pace of digital means those systems are now outdated. Mainframes take a long time to change and run on costly hardware. While core applications are fast becoming obsolete.

Atos provides the modern product platforms and API-ready architecture to help you tackle the modernization challenge. Using our own, insurance-specific accelerators, we can greatly improve your productivity and time-to-market.

Our modernization services in Insurance

Legacy Systems Modernization

Modernizing legacy systems will give you speed, agility and simplicity. And there are many ways to do this – from Data Modernization to Application Re-Architecture. Using our own IP, we’ll speed up and secure the modernization of your apps through automated migrations and accelerators.

Product Platforms Integration

As experts in systems integration, we have a dedicated Center of Excellence with over 700 experts. With more than 50 accelerators, we’ll speed up implementation and reduce costs for your multi-country P&C and Life & Protection product platforms’ integration.

Application Transformation & Cloudification

Successful transformation means selecting the right apps. Securing the transition. And automating the conversion. With our own IP in place, we’ll improve the pace of change and ease migration to the cloud through.

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Why Atos in Insurance?

Whatever your starting point, Atos can address your insurance business challenges and build momentum for your digital transformation.


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