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We recognize that healthcare providers are under immense pressure to rapidly respond to the current challenges. Digitally transitioning care delivery securely and with minimal impact to existing resources is key to delivering better patient care now and in the future.

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Realizing value-based healthcare through digital transformation


Today’s healthcare ecosystem is in the turmoil of disruptive changes. Answering the changes, the theme of tomorrow’s  healthcare will move towards population health and precision medicine.

To step forward to a Predictive, Preventive, Personalized, Participatory care, it is essential to transform the siloed structure and enhance the interaction with patients using an end-to end approach.

At Atos, we leverage current disruptive technologies  to design and operate digital healthcare platforms  to provide better outcomes for patients, clinicians, and society.


10% more chronic diseases are observed each year


More than 65% healthcare facilities will be accessible by mobile in 2019

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Consider digital transformation for healthcare from four perspectives.

Customer experience

How can you exploit digital lifestyles to promote healthier living, and more efficient relationships with health services?

Operational excellence

Does every process advance result in better use of resources, especially with regard to minimizing unnecessary manual intervention?

Business reinvention

Primary and secondary healthcare, private insurance and social care – can digital practice promote joined up behavior?

Trust and compliance

Personal healthcare data must be treated with the maximum respect, so how do you establish acceptable rules for sharing and access?

Atos Cloud in Healthcare

The healthcare world is changing fast. New digital capabilities, including Internet of Things, Big Data and cognitive technologies and real-time processing , are unlocking the path to a new wave of precision medicine  and data-driven medical research.

Atos Cloud for Healthcare provides provide the technology to support this. Atos Cloud for healthcare supports  healthcare providers to control costs and do more with less by enabling real-time clinical delivery and EHR, creating better connections between patient and medical organizations by enabling collaboration and telehealth, and contributing to precision medicine to deliver a whole new level of personalized care.

What innovations will there be for hospitals in 2025?

Technological advances are gaining ground in the world of healthcare. Connected devices , next- generation robots, artificial intelligence, these topics will be part of the digital hospital of tomorrow. Atos provides Cloud, Cybersecurity, big data solutions, for healthcare organizations, always keeping the patient at the heart of our digital tool design.


Unravelling the mysteries of DNA with Atos Super Computing

Atos supports National Centre of Genomic Analysis through our high performance computing and analysis platforms.  By eliminating the bottlenecks that often occur in data analysis, our high performance computing technology is enabling an ever-increasing capacity for more accurate health discoveries, transforming big data into results.

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