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Better outcomes for Patients , for carers, for society

Improving health, patient care and resource management


Patient expectations are higher than ever before. But healthcare budgets are finite, and in most cases, health and social care systems are, as yet, barely integrated.

Digital transformation becomes a key in resolving the gaps between expectation and demand and resource and capacity.

We’ve got to address this now, because the impact of digital is set to become even more dramatic – as DNA sequencing, for example, comes to influence individual health programs over the next few years.

Atos specialists are helping drive digital transformation in healthcare with practical and far-reaching initiatives: from patient record systems to smart hospital design; from epidemiology analytics to secure mobility.

We are also helping healthcare clients control IT costs, while preparing a digital infrastructure fit-for-future purpose.

According to the World Health Organization, chronic disease prevalence
is expected to rise by 57% by the year 2020.

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Consider digital transformation for healthcare from four perspectives.

Customer experience

How can you exploit digital lifestyles to promote healthier living, and more efficient relationships with health services?

Operational excellence

Does every process advance result in better use of resources, especially with regard to minimizing unnecessary manual intervention?

Business reinvention

Primary and secondary healthcare, private insurance and social care – can digital practice promote joined up behavior?

Trust and compliance

Personal healthcare data must be treated with the maximum respect, so how do you establish acceptable rules for sharing and access?


Key services for our healthcare clients

Collaborative Care - Connected Assistance

Life management services aid independent living for the vulnerable and elderly,  crafted around an assistance network and wearable technologies.

Cloud Enablement and DevOps

Master the step-change in service delivery and consumption. Break through organizational silos for flexible, scalable and mobile care provision.

Clinical Delivery - SAP 4Health

Proactive care demands better scheduling and treatment planning. Bring previously separate teams together – reducing cost, risk and inefficiency.

Atos codex analytics

Atos Codex Analytics

Giving policy makers and clinicians the insight needed to make informed and timely decisions.

Clinical Delivery - Digital Hospital

High-performance information and communication systems enable better healthcare quality and control cost.

Cyber Security

Winning patient trust with secure management of data across multiple systems and channels.

What innovations will there be for hospitals in 2025?

Innovations for leveraging patient engagement & Value Based Healthcare.

Connected devices, drones, next-generation robots, artificial intelligence, conversational agents, virtual reality… let’s discover these topics in Proof of Concept phase at Atos.


What our clients say about us

Higher efficiency, lower costs and effective healthcare for CIZ – Case Study

CIZ: Higher efficiency, lower costs and effective healthcare – case study

“An effective co-operation based on a partnership with a shared focus on results. Enabled by a professional management of Atos aimed at quality, productivity and project management”

Manda Oplaat, CIZ (Dutch Center of Healthcare Indications)

View our CIZ case study

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