Advanced Predictive Maintenance

Avoiding operational downtime while lowering costs

Predictive maintenance for attractions

Visitor satisfaction is a priority for entertainment operators. This depends mainly on the number of attractions open to the public, the waiting time, the quality of the attraction (scenery, enchantment, thrills etc.). When an attraction is out of service, this has a negative effect on customer satisfaction. What’s more, operational challenges can arise from the disruption; and revenues are reduced when visitors can’t reach the rides and outlets they like.

So, ensuring that all attractions function properly and are open to the public on a continuous basis is a question of reputation and customer loyalty: a priority for any amusement park operator.

Atos Advanced Predictive Maintenance brings innovation with an artificial intelligence solution based on Edge Data Analytics, which can be run in real-time on a BullSequana Edge server, located as close as possible to the sensors, assuring accurate insights that could be quickly and efficiently actioned by the maintenance crew.

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Why choose Atos Advanced Predictive Maintenance?

Avoiding operational downtime while lowering costs and improving visitor satisfaction.

Analyze high volume video data

Advance Predictive Maintenance uses deep learning algorithms to analyze video data flows, using the computing power of the BullSequana Edge.

Decide in real-time

Real-time decision speeds up the production process. Advanced predictive maintenance allows you to obtain information on a defective product 22x faster. Here, critical lead times on quality control chains are optimized 24H 7/7.

Saving piggy bank

Cost reduction

Data storage and analysis cost in the cloud is significant for high volume and complex data. Thanks to local and autonomous storage and analysis, BullSequana Edge allows lower costs. Data is sent to the cloud for mid-long term storage and monitoring.

Secure data locally

Intrusion detection and data encryption systems protect your data from external threats. Edge devices keep data secure and processing in real-time.

Client story

World-leading theme park

Avoiding operational downtime while lowering costs and improving visitor satisfaction with an advanced predictive maintenance solution.

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