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Industry news

The art of interpretation: RegTech and intrinsic complexity
October 29, 2018. Atos
The statistics are dizzying: around 170 jurisdictions, 750 regulators, millions of pages of rules and regulations, one revised every seven seconds. It is no wonder that those charged with keeping their financial institution on the regulatory rails do not always sleep easily at night. How is RegTech, a convenient shorthand for Regulatory Technology, responding, what has it delivered so far and what is the direction of travel?

Payments and RegTech firms account for bulk of engagements with Central Bank of Ireland’s Innovation Hub
October 22, 2018. Finance Feeds
Payments and RegTech businesses are prevailing in terms of engagements with the Central Bank of Ireland’s Innovation Hub, several months after the launch of the initiative. This becomes clear from the speech delivered by Gerry Cross, Director of Policy and Risk at the Central Bank of Ireland, earlier today.

Is Regulation Killing The Blockchain? How Blockchain Can Adapt to New Laws While Sticking to its Original Principles
October 21, 2018. Crowdfund Insider
The blockchain has revolutionized a number of industries, but none so much as the financial sector. From equity crowdfunding platforms which allow users to buy shares in projects with tokens, to startups raising funds through initial coin offerings (ICOs), to token exchanges where users can buy and exchange cryptocurrencies, the blockchain is changing the way that millions of people around the world save, transfer and invest funds.

Previous industry news

Report by Global Consultancy BFA Shows Promise of New RegTech Solutions for Central Banks
September 20, 2018. PR Web
Financial authorities are at a tipping point in embracing a range of new technologies like chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) to help them tame the surge of data flowing from the digitization of the banking and finance sectors, giving them clearer insights into emerging risks and trends.

What is ‘RegTech’ and how it can help your compliance?
September 20, 2018. Professional Advisor
The relatively new idea of ‘RegTech’ comes in many forms, writes Chris Davies, as he takes a look at the now-burgeoning sector and the potential solutions it can offer to advice businesses.

RegTech and Policy – How to keep pace with innovation?
September 17, 2018. PwC Blog
Technology is undoubtedly changing the way financial services organisations operate with aging functions being removed or automated to drive efficiency and cost reduction. At the same time new delivery channels are emerging that allow companies to interact with each other and their customers in ways not imagined at the turn of the century.

How regtech is changing banking

September 14, 2018
You could call Philip Treleaven the father of regtech. The UCL Professor of Computer Science was compiling research for a Government Office for Science committee and coined the term while writing a paper on how to use technology to regulate fintech companies. It was then used by Chancellor George Osborne in his March 2015 budget speech when calling for increased investment into regulatory technologies.
Management UK

RegTech: A Quite Quiet Revolution

September 14, 2018
Last year, I took unexpected sabbatical leave. If one of my doctor’s specialties had been spin, they would have said I’ve pivoted. Now I focus on medical research and services including being an oncologist’s ontologist. I’m trying to disrupt the evolution of cancer, and the massive industry it supports.

FINRA consults on rise of RegTech

September 11, 2018
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has released a white paper outlining the potential opportunities and implications that developments within regulatory technology (RegTech) may have for broker-dealers.
FS Tech

Total RegTech Funding Has Already Surpassed $2.5bn This Year

August 29, 2018
More than $6.1bn has been raised by RegTech companies across 529 deals since 2014. The RegTech sector expanded steadily between 2014 and 2017, with funding increasing at a CAGR of 12.4% and annual deal activity staying above 100 transactions during the period.
Fintech Times

The Rise of Regtech

August 28, 2018
Regtech is generally recognised as technology that addresses a regulatory challenge faced by a financial services provider, including monitoring, reporting and compliance obligations. It often uses automation and machine learning (ML) tools to simplify processes and reduce cost, time and effort.
Banking Tech

Yoti is the Digital Identity RegTech App Revolutionising FinTech

August 23, 2018
Yoti is the free, secure digital identity app that lets you prove who you are to fintech, crypto and financial services at the click of a button. For businesses, it’s the easily integrated, F solution that lets you onboard and verify customers faster.
Fintech Times

AAIS trials IBM blockchain RegTech

August 16, 2018
Blockchain continues its advance as a RegTech tool of choice as the American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) announced it is using distributed ledger technology from IBM to automate its new regulatory reporting platform.

RegTech to the Rescue

August 09, 2018
Since the global crisis in 2008 there has been no shortage of new regulations. Banks have subsequently added a costly headcount by hiring large teams of professionals to fulfil compliance and manage risk. For instance, 80% of the budget for anti-money-laundering (AML) is for tasks done manually. Part of RegTech’s merit is to substitute human capital with robotics to cut cost.

7 Thriving RegTech Startups in Switzerland

August 09, 2018
Chances are you’ll be surprised by the result of a google search for “RegTech Startup Switzerland”. There’s quite a number of them! Swisscom, a major services and consulting provider in Switzerland, counts 28 RegTech startups in the country and even publishes a RegTech market overview with a categorisation based on areas of activity.
Tech Bullion

Regtech sandboxes: who’s helping the market?

August 08, 2018
Innovative fintech products are fast-becoming the lifeblood of global economic prosperity. Fresh and exciting developments have the power to expand financial inclusion across developing economies, unlock new sources of funding for businesses and help individuals to better understand how they buy, spend and invest.
Payment Eye

Pot banking regtech is ready for its moment

July 24, 2018
For startups developing regulation technology for financial institutions that do business with marijuana firms, there’s one clear upside to the fact that medical marijuana remains illegal under federal law.
American Banker

RegTech: From Compliance Checkbox To Competitive Cornerstone

July 02, 2018
Bank of America is being sued for $120 million after failing to flag large deposits into small accounts, which were cleared a few days later. Previously, U.S. Bank was fined $600 million for failing to flag and report suspicious activity according to anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. These are big banks making these mistakes, and they aren’t the only ones making headlines for regulatory blunders. According to John Epperson, principal at Crowe LLP, that goes to show that the current approaches to regulatory and compliance technology (RegTech) aren’t working.

The obstacles of RegTech adoption and what to do about it

June 29, 2018
When you speak regularly about RegTech with both people at banks and start-ups, you can’t help but notice how the tide has turned over the last two years. In 2016 people would often shrug when asked about it, but 2017 certainly was a break out year for RegTech. Sure, technology has been used for many years in one way or the other to support compliance and adhere with regulatory obligations but it wasn’t until last year that RegTech made it into the headlines and has really come to the awareness of boardrooms and decision makers.
Planet Compliance

How European Banks Are Using RegTech Solutions

June 06, 2018
Large US and European banks are spending $20 billion a year on technology to help them comply with newly evolving regulations such as MiFID and PSD2. With regulatory environments becoming increasingly complex, 300+ million pages of regulatory documents will be published by 2020 & 600+ legislative initiatives need to be cataloged by a medium-sized, sell-side institution to have a holistic view of their rulebook – the silos of data generated by various business functions lead to significant resource expenditures on data collection, organization, and analysis.

Australian Regtech Starts Global Rollout in Singapore

May 23, 2018
Australian-based Regtech firm GCS Agile has signed its first international agreement in Singapore for the use of FACS, their FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) And CRS (Common Reporting Standard) Service.FACS is a world leading software program built specifically to manage the complex requirements for the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), for which reports in Singapore and Australia are due for the first time this year.
Fintech News

Regtech to get push of data privacy compliance

May 22, 2018
New compliance regulations concerning digital disruption and data privacy protection are driving opportunities for a new type of startup — regulatory technology (regtech) — in Thailand. 
Bangkok Post

FCA focus areas that drive Regtech innovation trends

May 18, 2018
Regtech has been in the spotlight for the past couple of years, and with the ecosystem warming up to the trend, we see quite a lot of activity around events, awards and regtech forums emerging. Technology solving regulatory requirements has been around for a long time, especially post 2008 when regulators across the world increased the oversight on banks.
Daily Fintech

SupTech – Regulators’ Push to RegTech

May 17, 2018
RegTech as a segment has been witnessing immense interest and activity in the recent past – be it due to the huge fines for non-compliance being imposed by regulators across the world; the reputational damage resulting from these fines, especially for the large, well-known banks; or the realization of the huge potential cost savings and other strategic benefits (RegTech – The Triple Bottom Line Approach). 

NSW to support Australia’s RegTech Association with $30K sponsorship

April 30, 2018
Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair today announced the NSW Government was backing new events designed to drive growth in the state’s emerging regulatory technology (RegTech) industry with the first event in Sydney this week (on 3-4 May). Mr Blair said the Government was supporting The RegTech Association with $30,000 in sponsorship to run the program of education and industry forums.

5 Popular Technologies from the World of RegTech

April 30, 2018
It’s becoming clear these days that a sizeable chunk of the most disruptive innovations being applied within the financial sphere is coming from RegTech. As we mentioned in our previous article, demand for RegTech solutions is expected to skyrocket, as firms intensify their search for ways to effectively deal with the increasingly labyrinthine demands from regulators across such areas as compliance, regulatory reporting, and risk management.
Tech Bullion

The evolution of regtech

April 18, 2018
Since the global financial crisis a plethora of regulation has been introduced and enforced. Whilst the pace of new regulatory initiatives has certainly ebbed, the consequences of such change are vast and remain in play. Many industry commentators question whether this increasing level of regulation will hinder innovation and slow down processes. Contrary to this belief, the opposite trend is emerging with a greater focus on developing technological solutions to new/greater regulatory requirements.
Banking Tech

Understanding MiFID II’s 30,000 Pages Of Regulation Requires RegTech

April 04, 2018
Banks and  regulators need semantically enabled regulatory technology to deal with the huge, and constantly expanding, volumes of regulations, according to a new report by the London-based RegTech Council, “A New Paradigm for Regulatory Change and Compliance.” “it took 30,000 pages and 1.5 million paragraphs to describe the rules in MiFID II…And the problem is only going to get more complicated. Over 50,000 regulations were published across the G20 between 2009 and 2012.

Global regulatory compliance – RegTech isn’t a panacea but provides critical tools in the right hands

March 19, 2018
Global regulation has developed like a slow growing but increasingly powerful storm system over the last five years. And whereas big wave surfers welcome such conditions thanks to the epic waves it produces, there are, it could be argued, precious few C-suite executives relishing the equivalent regulatory waves being cast ashore. Asset managers today must contend with complex data aggregation tasks due to reliance on multiple data sets often operated and managed on multiple systems. But whilst this is putting great pressure on internal resources, creating a tug-of-war between compliance departments and the front-office as they compete for additional dollars, there is a way forward; one that uses both top-down and bottom-up approaches to create a more cost-effective, automated regulatory compliance program.

Regulators to hash out global fintech sandbox

March 19, 2018
The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority says that it will start working with partners in Europe, the Far East and the US on a blueprint for a global regulatory fintech sandbox. Having launched the world’s first domestic regulatory sandbox in 2016, the FCA last month floated the possibility of a global version, enabling fintech firms to carry out tests in different countries at the same time and helping watchdogs to identify and solve common cross-border problems.

Could regtech bridge the trade finance gap in emerging economies?

March 08, 2018
New technologies such as machine learning and blockchain could help solve the de-risking problem among banks globally and widen access to trade finance in emerging markets. That’s according to a new study by Centre for Global Development, which assesses six new regulatory technologies – machine learning, biometrics, big data, know your customer (KYC) utilities, blockchain and legal entity identifiers (LEIs) – and their potential to address the de-risking problem.
Global Tech Review

Examining the ROI & Benefits of RegTech Solutions for Businesses

March 07, 2018
Compared to pre-financial crisis spending levels, operating costs spent on compliance have increased by over 60% for retail and corporate banks. With that, the global demand for regulatory, compliance and governance software is expected to reach $118.7 billion by 2020. Investments and regulatory compliance solutions, however, cannot be seen exclusively as an expense account anymore and proven to be worth the hassle. Estimates suggest that investments in regulatory software can lead to an ROI of 600% or even more with a payback period of fewer than three years.

How Many Regtech Startups in Luxembourgh

Fabruary 16, 2018
“Europe is a hotbed for regtech startups focused on financial services”. That’s according to CB Insights, a data analysis firm. The company’s “2018 Fintech Trends Report”, released on 25 January, counted more than 60 such startups in the EU, including 2 in Luxembourg: and TheMarketsTrust.
Banking Tech

FinTech Big 5: RegTech, Blockchain, InsurTech, AI and Financial Inclusion

January 16, 2018
Going in to 2018, we have chosen five areas of interest to focus on. Each represents a vital area of innovation in the financial industry, and has a particular relevance to Luxembourg’s thriving financial technology ecosystem. Each week we will be choosing one of the topics to focus on, both in the content we share on social media, but also in a dedicated newsletter looking at the top five stories from that week.
Banking Tech

When it comes to regtech, going it alone isn’t an option

January, 2018
Why is collaboration important for regtech? (Interview – Chris O’Driscoll, head of disruptive change at PA Consulting Group) – If I think about the word “collaboration” in the context of regtech, it’s not about two similar organisations pooling ideas or resources. For me, it’s about any firm that has a stake in technology as a means to simplify compliance becoming part of an ecosystem. I’d include banks, insurers, asset managers, regulators, tech firms, consultants, accelerators, and academics in that eco-system. They all have something to bring to the table to support the regtech industry.
Banking Tech

The key to unlocking potential from regtech: change the way you think

January, 2018
New regtechs are popping up all the time, and while this may cause some alarm for incumbents, many don’t make much of an impact on the industry.
Banking Tech

Hong Kong’s SFC unveils regtech sandbox

October 2, 2017
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has launched its SFC Regulatory Sandbox to provide a place for firms to test out their ideas.
Banking Technology

Will regtech kill bank jobs?

October 5, 2017
Technology and regulation are intersecting in ways that create uncertainty in a number of areas, but for those who work in compliance, the big question is whether advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain will ultimately replace people.
American Banker

Regtech can help national regulators win the race for talent

September 21, 2017
A race for regulatory talent is about to begin. Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, it’s almost certain many UK banks will relocate their headquarters or employees, and European financial capitals will swell in size.
Fintech Weekly

Company news

AxiomSL partners with SKS Unternehmensberatung to boost presence in German RegTech
October 25, 2018. Finextra
AxiomSL, the leading provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, today announces that it has partnered with SKS Unternehmensberatung, a leading implementation provider of regulatory, risk and compliance management systems in Germany.

EY partners RegTech startup Apiax to deliver digital regulatory compliance
October 10, 2018. Finextra
EY and Apiax join forces to transform the way the financial industry handles regulatory compliance.

PwC acquires FSCom’s RegTech solution
October 01, 2018. Banking Tech
Consultancy firm PwC has acquired RegTech solution KYC-Pro from UK financial services compliance firm FSCom for an undisclosed amount. The move comes as part of PwC’s plans to expand its regulatory compliance offering.

Previous company news

RegTech ComplySci on a high with Vista Equity investment
August 24, 2018. Banking Tech
New York-based RegTech firm ComplySci has received investment from Vista Equity Partners’ Endeavor Fund. Existing investor Edison Partners has also invested and will retain a minority ownership stake in ComplySci. Financial details were not disclosed.

Vizor Software to Present at Central Banking FinTech & RegTech Global Summit 2018

August 23, 2018
Vizor, the world leader in supervisory software for Financial Regulators and Central Banks, today announced that Vizor’s Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Flood, will be a featured speaker at the Central Banking FinTech & RegTech Global Summit in Singapore on 6th September 2018.
PR Web

RegTech Platform iComply Announces Public Beta to Delivery Security Token Platforms & Exchanges Legitimacy

August 16, 2018
On Thursday, regtech company iComply Investor Services announced it is launching its public beta following the closure of a seven-figure seed round that was covered by Coindesk earlier this week. The company reported that its software combines KYC, AML, blockchain forensics, source of funds reporting, secondary trade management, which is currently only deployed for Ethereum, and even registrar functions for equity tokens.
Crowdfund Insider

PayThink Ireland’s tech deregulation bodes well for regtech development

August 08, 2018
The regulation technology industry is expected to grow rapidly and total U.S. $6.46 billion globally by 2020. The agility and flexibility enabled by regtech solutions will facilitate operational excellence and can also be extended to other activities within the organizations to promote a better understanding of the marketplace and clients.
Payment Source

UK’s Nationwide invests in AI regtech Hazy

August 01, 2018
Hazy, a London-based online regtech platform, has received Nationwide Building Society’s second investment as part of a £50 million Venturing Fund designed to create long-term partnerships.
Hazy says it uses artificial intelligence (AI) in its solutions to seek out and anonymise personal data, “supporting businesses in ensuing customer data is private and secure”.
Banking Tech

Standard Chartered partners with RegTech firm Silent Eight

July 11, 2018
As part of its continued efforts to lead the way in the global fight against financial crime, Standard Chartered has partnered with Silent Eight through its use of RegTech, to deliver cutting edge capabilities to its Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) teams. FCC’s strategy is to continually invest to be at the forefront of the ever-changing financial crime landscape.
Business Today

Regtech Firm IdentityMind Shares Insights and Predictions on Cryptocurrency Market, ICOs

July 09, 2018
IdentityMind, a Californian regtech company that serves cryptocurrency exchanges among other clients, believes that these platforms will witness explosive growth in the coming months, the company said on Tuesday. According to Neal Reiter, director of the ICO and virtual currency business unit of IdentityMind, there’s tremendous growth in cryptocurrency exchanges but most people just aren’t seeing it. He expects continued momentum for the months ahead.
Coin Journal

Bank of Lithuania releases new RegTech tool for e-licensing

July 03, 2018
The Bank of Lithuania has introduced an e-licensing tool that makes submission of information necessary to obtain an operating licence quicker, easier and less expensive. Currently the tool facilitates the process of applying for e-money and payment institution licences and new enhancements for applications of other licence types are under way. The solution should eventually become the main platform for information sharing and cooperation between the Bank of Lithuania and financial market participants.

Finastra to introduce IFRS 9 Regtech solution in Indonesia

July 02, 2018
Financial technology company Finastra is set to introduce IFRS 9 Regtech solution in Indonesia through a local government accredited data centre. The new IFRS 9 compliance capabilities is expected to assist the regional and medium-sized banks to comply with the new financial reporting standards, scheduled to become effective in January 2020.

RegTech Leader kompany Breaks the Ranks of dun & bradstreet and Bureau van Dijk

June 29, 2018
Austrian-based RegTech firm kompany signed a multi-year contract with RBI for the development and implementation of a fully 4AMLD & MiFiDII compliant and audit-proof Business KYC (Know Your Customer) solution. As the leading global cloud-based platform in its industry, kompany stands out by providing real-time and audit-proof information from government sources, filling the void left by incumbent business information providers. kompany defined the blueprint for Business KYC while taking part in RBI’s FinTech accelerator program, Elevator Lab, thus closing the gap between compliance processes and regulatory institutions.
IT Briefing

IBM Watson expands further into RegTech

June 20, 2018
IBM is expanding Watson further into the RegTech arena, pitching the cognitive computing platform as uniquely placed to help banks deal with an increasingly complex regulatory and risk environment. Current risk and compliance systems are disparate and disconnected, often with varying taxonomies, user interfaces, and skill requirements.

BearingPoint’s RegTech Solutions Open up Lithuanian Market

June 04, 2018
BearingPoint’s RegTech platform Abacus has been taken up by Citadele Bank Lithuania. With the Lithuanian commercial bank, the international management and technology consultancy BearingPoint adds a new country to its global footprint. Citadele Bank decided for BearingPoint’s tried and tested platform Abacus360 Banking to meet the European Central Bank’s (ECB) growing requirements on AnaCredit (Analytical Credit Datasets) reporting. As part of AnaCredit, roughly 100 data attributes are required to be reported. Local Lithuanian attributes are currently developed and integrated by BearingPoint to meet local AnaCredit requirements.
4 Traders

smartTrade Technologies Awarded Best Solution for Records Retention by RegTech 2018

May 10, 2018
smartTrade Technologies, a multi-asset electronic trading pioneer, announces that its multi-asset big data analytics solution, smartANALYTICS, won the RegTech 2018 award for Best Solution for Records Retention voted by members of the Data Management Review and Intelligent Trading Technology communities. With the introduction of Mifid II and other regulations, financial firms are now required to keep detailed records of their entire order flow and execution logic for several years. Record keeping and data storage go beyond compliance and allow financial firms to gain market intelligence. Our clients have proactively been leveraging this data recording obligation to analyse and spot patterns and correlations in their trading to improve their execution efficiency..
Business Wire

KPMG Singapore implements RegTech applicaton with Lombard Risk

March 20, 2018
KPMG in Singapore and Lombard Risk, the dedicated global provider of regulatory reporting and collateral management solutions, have today announced the launch of the KPMG Regulatory Integrated Solution (KRIS) through a strategic alliance, to help financial institutions automate and fulfil mandatory regulatory reporting obligations in an agile, accurate and cost-efficient manner.

Styles&Wood gains two regtech deals in UK

March 14, 2018
Styles&Wood has gained two new takers of its Arctick governance risk and compliance solution: Go Car Credit Limited and Chetwood Bank. Go Car Credit, a consumer motor finance lender in the UK, has opted for the off-the-shelf version of the system, according to the vendor. Arctick will support audit, compliance and risk management requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under SYSC 7 and the future requirements of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR).
Banking Tech

Partnership to Shape the RegTech Ecosystem in Southeast Asia and Japan

February 14, 2018
RegPac Revolution headquartered in Singapore and Japan-based encognize have announced a co-operation agreement to support and accelerate the innovation and adoption of Regulatory Technologies, RegTech, in both countries through a program of joint-initiatives.
Fintech Singapore

Regtech firm Sovos is aggressively hiring programmers

February 13, 2018
Sovos, a financial software and regulatory technology (regtech) firm headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, has been expanding aggressively, both via acquisition and an ongoing hiring push.Sovos, which sells software to the regulatory compliance, risk management and tax groups of the four biggest U.S. investment banks, is in the midst of an extended hiring round in its core markets of Boston, Atlanta and Boulder, Colorado.
efinancial Carriers

‘It’s surreal’: These 20-something Oxford grads just raised $30 million for their fintech startup

September 28, 2017
A “RegTech” — regulation technology — company founded by three Oxford grads all under 30 has raised $30 million (£22.4 million) from investors including Microsoft’s venture capital arm.
Business Insider

RegTech startup Apiax secures $1.5 million in seed funding

September 28, 2017
Apiax, a RegTech startup transforming complex regulations into easy-to-use digital compliance rules, today announced its Seed Round raise of more than $1.5 Million.


The best RegTech events in the final quarter of 2018
September 20, 2018 Onwards – Conference/Showcase
Welcome to our final RegTech event update for 2018, bringing you the best RegTech events for the last quarter of the year. As opposed to our previous posts we published earlier this year, we have reversed the order of events and conferences, so you can scroll down where you will also find the ones that already have taken place.

RegTech Capital Markets Conference
March 7, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
The aim of the third RegTech Capital Markets Conference is to see what firms, regulators and their suppliers have been doing about RegTech during the previous 12 months and to establish leading practices for RegTech. The event is geared towards regulatory SMEs, technology developers and executive.

RegTech Data Summit 2018, Washington DC
March 7, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Data Coalition is holding first first RegTech Data Summit next year to bring together agency leaders, Congress, regulated industries, and tech companies to define this future. Holland FinTech recently spoke to Dutch RegTech Axoniq who highlighted the similarity between the GDPR and American privacy law, so much so that American companies use Axoniq’s GDPR module for compliance. There may be much to learn from the American perspective.

RegTech MENA
April 23-24, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
This two day conference in Dubai will draw connections between RegTech and FinTech and will discuss the transformative effect of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, biometrics. Another topic for discussion will be the drivers behind the rapid rise of RegTech. Last year had international English involvement.

RegTech Summit Europe
September, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Real-life RegTech applications to streamline regulatory compliance, bring innovative products to market, and benefit consumers.


Financial Crime & Conduct: Exploring Regulatory Technology – A New Approach
RT Associates
In response to pressures from increasingly complex and demanding global regulations, RegTech solutions are achieving the ability to process, analyse and distil enormous volumes of data from disparate sources virtually in real-time. The expanding electronification of global financial markets, as driven by market structure reforms such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR and MiFID II, is very rapidly bringing online vast new streams of information, alongside new processes that need to be monitored systematically for unusual or suspicious patterns.

FinTech Decoded: Capturing the opportunity in capital markets infrastructure

The level of investment in CMI FinTech is gaining. For providers, the key is to view FinTech not as a strategy in itself but as a means to reach strategic priorities. Technology has long been the engine driving capital market efficiency—both for investors in the markets, and for the capital market infrastructure providers (CMIPs) that operate the exchanges and other trading venues, central counterparties, securities depositories, index providers, and data and analytics companies.

RegTech Special Report

Overview and features of the RegTech landscape and solutions