Atos FinHub

Atos FinTech program for banking and insurance innovators

For ambitious financial services institutions, FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs that want to transform the industry

Working with us: FinHub benefits

We know about FinTechs because we have one in the Atos group of companies – equensWorldline. Our investment in this disruptive leader in payments technology includes R&D into analytics, authentication, cryptographic security, blockchain, UX, wearables/zero-effort payment and AI. It also offers us a broad base of expertise from which to work with major players and emerging FinTechs. We already have the building blocks in place for successful service delivery because we use them ourselves – from CX and UX designers to cloud infrastructure and a team of business technologists dedicated to FinTech services.

This active involvement is crucial to our view of how FinTechs can shape and influence the future of Financial Services. It also means that we have already invested in the people, technology and networks to serve our Financial Services clients with an end-to-end approach to FinTech.

A community of FinTechs led by a team of industry thought-leaders

200 people dedicated to FinTech consulting, implementation and delivery

Onshore and offshore development resources around the world

Local FinTech and digital transformation teams

FinHub: Meet our FinTech community

By selectively identifying and recruiting FinTechs into the FinHub community, we remove the effort of finding the right go-to-market partner. Our FinTech engagement program offers industrial-scale FinTech onboarding within just four weeks.

Each FinTech, InsurTech, or RegTech in the community has met strict due diligence criteria and offers significant growth potential via a partnership with Atos. We can vouch for these FinTechs because we are already working alongside them.

Atos is a leader in stimulating business model innovation by partnering Fintechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs with established financial services businesses. Partnering with Fintechs can help to advance market growth through implementation of performance improvements driven by innovative technologies.

Our FinTech experts

Remco Neuteboom

Global Financial Services, Chief Digital Officer

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