Atos FinTech program

A catalyst for innovation in Financial Services

Realizing business model innovation by partnering Fintechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs with established financial services businesses.

Building value with a new approach to Financial Services Technology

The FinTech phenomenon has shaken the foundations of the Financial Services sector – offering new ways to create value in an ageing industry. But not every bank or insurer is going to make the FinTech transition. And not every FinTech is going to outlast the initial burst of activity.

So how are you going to exploit opportunities to survive and thrive in Financial Services? As a leader in integrating FinTech solutions, answering this question is our primary focus. That is why we established the Atos FinTech program with three clear aims:

Success Stories

Panel Interview from Atos, Worldline & Finovate’s FinTech November 2017 Event

Atos, Worldline & Finovate held an event on the 23rd November 2017 on ‘Finding the Sweet Spot: Out of the Lab and into the Business’. Listen to the panel discussion to hear the debate. The panel includes Oli Harris (Head of FinTech and In-Residence, J.P. Morgan), Richard Kelsey (Digital Transformation UK&I, Backbase), David Galbraith (Partner, Anthemis), Remco Neuteboom (Chief Digital Officer, Global Financial Services & Insurance, Atos), Matthieu Job (Founder, Shareholder & CEO of the Central European subsidiary Circeo Group).

Event videos

Download our Fintech Event Paper ‘Finding the Sweet Spot: getting out of the lab and into the business’.

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News and resources

Atos launches three new services to enhance its global FinTech Partner Program

January 17, 2018
Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today announces three new initiatives to strengthen its global FinTech Partner program; FinLab, its cloud-based platform to facilitate the creation of new joint services; FinHub, a Fintech on-boarding program and FinNet, an insights and trends knowledge portal. Uniting FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs with top Financial Services businesses, Atos FinTech Partner program aims to co-create and bring-to-market new services.
Atos News

Atos positioned as Major Contender in Everest Group Peak Matrix Digital Services for Consumer Banking by Everest Group 

Atos has been named as a major contender by Everest Group in its latest report: Navigating from Front to Back – Digital Services for Consumer Banking with Services Peak Matrix Assessment 2018 and Profile Compendium. The report analyzes the changing dynamics of digital services in the consumer banking landscape and assesses 22 services providers across several dimensions.

Atos positioned as a Leader in FinTech Services in Banking by analyst firm NelsonHall

Atos, has been positioned as a leader in FinTech Services in Banking in the NelsonHall NEAT vendor evaluation study that assesses 14 global vendors that offer FinTech Services as part of their banking BPS portfolio. The research from NelsonHall shows that Atos is committed to delivering FinTech services as a core differentiator of its offering. The research describes as a key strength for Atos, its strong presence and IP in payments with Worldline, which is both a FinTech financial institution and a vendor of PaaS cloud-delivered services.

Remco Neuteboom, Chief Digital Officer Atos Global Financial Services, explains the Fintech engagement program


Atos Chief Digital Officer, Global Financial Services Remco Neuteboom explains how FinTech Program benefits FinTechs, Banks and Insurers, providing knowledge and insights (FinNet); a fast track Engagement Program for FinTechs (FinHub) and cloud based collaboration for solution innovation (FinLabs). Atos partners with FinTechs to create business advantage for its Financial Services clients in the area of Customer Experience, Business Reinvention, Operational Excellence and Trust and Compliance.

Fintech Program Customer Solution Brief

Download the Atos Global Fintech Program Customer Solution Brief here.

The opportunity for FinTechs, banks and insurers

With the emergence of FinTechs, banks and insurers are facing new competitive pressures. At the same, FinTechs face challenges with international regulatory compliance, credit issuance and global distribution channels. Our cloud-based FinTech propositions, engagement program and research, offer new ways to meet the industry’s core transformation challenges head-on.

Customer experience

How can banks and insurers give customers a personalized experience in tune with their digital lives? By partnering with the right FinTechs through Atos to redefine their service portfolio.

Business reinvention

Business reinvention

How do businesses of all sizes redefine their ambitions to respond to demand? By working with a partner to understand the customer, implement change and take advantage of advanced technologies.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

How can FinTechs maintain an upward trajectory to ensure they meet customer or regulatory expectations? By relying on an experienced partner to introduce robust risk management and scale up while staying compliant.

Trust and compliance

Trust and compliance

How can FinTechs, banks and insurers re-establish trust and protect data in a fast-paced world? By working together to provide innovative services, meet changing regulatory obligations and establish state-of-the-art security.

How you benefit

For banks and insurers

  • Faster access to prepared, pre-vetted and quality-assured FinTechs
  • End-to-end management of FinTech integration within your service ecosystem
  • Delivery of new services that customers want with selected FinTechs

For FinTechs

  • Partnership opportunities with major Financial Services players
  • Co-creation of prototype services within a wider customer journey
  • Developing a collaborative go-to-market offering that customers want

Fintech Partners

Atos is a leader in stimulating business model innovation by partnering Fintechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs with established financial services businesses.  Partnering with Fintechs can help to advance market growth through implementation of performance improvements driven by innovative technologies.

FinTech platform enablers

Our FinTech experts

Remco Neuteboom

Remco Neuteboom

Chief Digital Officer for Global Financial Services

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Christoph Bauriedel

Christoph Bauriedel

Global Head of Financial Services Strategy and Solutions Development

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Michael Davison

Michael Davison

Industry Principal, Financial Services

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