Atos FinTech program

A catalyst for innovation in Financial Services

Enabling business innovation by uniting FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech with established financial services businesses.

Building value with a new approach to Financial Services Technology

The FinTech phenomenon has shaken the foundations of the Financial Services sector – offering new ways to create value in an ageing industry. But not every bank or insurer is going to make the FinTech transition. And not every FinTech is going to outlast the initial burst of activity.

So how are you going to exploit opportunities to survive and thrive in Financial Services? As a leader in integrating FinTech solutions, answering this question is our primary focus. That is why we established the Atos FinTech program.

Our unique approach to creating FinTech value for you

We bring your Financial Services business together with FinTechs, InsurTechs and RegTechs to co-create new customer services.


FinHub consists of a team of industry thought-leaders and trend watchers who drive our community of pre-vetted, quality-assured and road-tested FinTechs. Via a stringent selection process, we identify, assess and partner with only those FinTechs that have the strongest possibility of delivering new value with us.

Atos Financial Services Sandbox

Atos Financial Services Sandbox focuses on completing end-to-end customer journeys by bundling FinTech services to demonstrate ways to challenge the status quo. Atos Financial Services Sandbox is a cloud-based API platform for you and your partners to create banking or insurance services. We provide the technical blueprints and integration support to fast-track your go-to-market proposition.


FinNet is our knowledge portal covering the latest trends in FinTech from around the world.

Come back to learn about market developments, emerging sub-markets and forthcoming innovations.

FinTech program – latest updates

December 10-11, 2018
London – As a leader in digital transformation, Atos is organizing a hackathon for the wealth management sector at its London headquarters alongside the investments and savings body TISA.

October 08, 2018
SWIFT remains a mission critical channel for all financial institutions. But the cost and complexity of operating SWIFT for top-tier banks has increased substantially since the introduction of SWIFT’s CSP programme.

October 02, 2018
Partnership with Atos, equensWorldline, PwC and TechQuartier aims to dramatically speed up collaboration between Fintechs and banking giants

September 25, 2018
Atos has been ranked #18 on the elite 2018 IDC FinTech Rankings Top 25 Enterprise list by IDC Financial Insights. This ranking recognizes Atos’ commitment in delivering FinTech services as a core differentiator of its offering.

Remco Neuteboom, Chief Digital Officer Atos Global Financial Services, explains the FinTech engagement program


Atos Chief Digital Officer, Global Financial Services Remco Neuteboom explains how FinTech Program benefits FinTechs, Banks and Insurers, providing knowledge and insights (FinNet); a fast track Engagement Program for FinTechs (FinHub) and cloud based collaboration for solution innovation (Atos Financial Services Sandbox). Atos partners with FinTechs to create business advantage for its Financial Services clients in the area of Customer Experience, Business Reinvention, Operational Excellence and Trust and Compliance.

Our FINDER program in collaboration with Radboud University


FINDER is a competitive Marie Curie Research and Training Program funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The FINDER program sets out to ‘Foster Innovation Networks in a Digital Era’ (FINDER). Appointed Marie Curie FINDER PhD Fellows will investigate the innovative collaborative arrangement amongst organizations – grassroots, incumbents and the wider society – as they inclusively explore digital technology for new product or market development. Unique features of this European Industrial Doctorate are 1) an in-depth investigation of innovation dynamics at emergent ecosystems and complex organizations, 2) industry-led complementary training in the domains of Professional Innovation Management, 3) a bespoke program of FINDER network events that bring together doctoral researchers, academics, practicing managers and policymakers interested in innovation and 4) 18 month placements at one of Atos’ major European business hubs.

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Digital Innovation in Financial Services & Insurance – Event

How can Financial Services & Insurance institutions use technology to reinvent themselves for a post-COVID world?
Hear from peers, experts and academics, as part of our Finder Project in partnership with Radboud University

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