Atos and TISA hackathon to explore automated fund distribution using blockchain

London, December 10th-11th 2018 – As a leader in digital transformation, Atos is organizing a hackathon for the wealth management sector at its London headquarters alongside the investments and savings body TISA.

Over 48 hours, the Atos and TISA hackathon aims to address issues with MiFID II data reporting and management and identify a solution that will deliver a consistent industry wide approach and benefits for the consumer. Such issues are persistent across the European Financial Services industry—hindering efficiency and putting market participants at risk of regulatory non-compliance.

The Hackathon event is made up of teams of key participants across the fund distribution value chain, namely – TISA, Atos and Deutsche Bank being among them.

The focus will be on understanding the challenges and opportunities for automating fund distribution using blockchain.

Over thirty participants will work together in a collaborative environment. Their aim will be to demonstrate whether distributed ledger technology (DLT), or blockchain, can fulfill the needs of all major participants within the value chain. In particular:

  • How to align people on the industry issues and the application of blockchain within the fund distribution sector.
  • How to increase participation and engagement across the industry by showcasing the art of the possible and new sources of value.
  • How to present the viability of automating fund distribution with the help of blockchain.
  • How to support TISA in building momentum across the industry.

The teams present will co-create two prototypes on two different blockchains and collaborate to validate their thinking and conclusions, with a special focus on the interoperability of the two chains to be built. Teams for the event will be comprised of contributors from asset management and fund distribution organizations, TISA, and Atos.