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Industry News

Second Compliance Navigator bootcamp kicks off in Frankfurt’s TechQuartier
16 June 2020
Frankfurt am Main, June 16, 2020 – Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, equensWorldline, subsidiary of Worldline and the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, PwC, one of the Big Four accounting firms and TechQuartier today announce the launch of the second global FinTech ‘Compliance Navigator’ program.
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Payments providers combat the conflict between security, user experience
16 March 2020
Payments and financial service providers are facing an even greater challenge in balancing these two capabilities in the age of open banking and cloud migrations, with more opportunities than ever before for sensitive company and customer data to be compromised.

Clients demanding digital banking options
14 March 2020
The future of advice is more than offering investment management,” says Anton Honikman, CEO of MyVest, an enterprise digital wealth management software firm owned by insurance giant TIAA. “It’s about focusing on debt and savings together as elements of one’s financial life. Banks are in a much better position today than RIAs are to embrace that full financial life story.

FS industry transitioning to banking-as-a-platform model
13 March 2020
The era of competition between banks and fintechs is over, with connectivity now seen as the key to a new financial services ecosystem where the ‘banking-as-a-platform’ model dominates, according to a report from Barclays.

4 Hurdles Every Fintech Startup Must Overcome
11 March 2020
Fintech, refers to the application of innovative technology solutions are mostly developed by startup companies that offer their services to established firms. Fintech is bringing seismic changes to banking and finance, affording an opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs to enter a previously untouchable space. But if only it were that easy. Daniel P. Simon discussed the four hurdles that every fintech startup must overcome to survive.

How blockchain could prevent future data breaches
11 March 2020
Unfortunately, it appears that there is not much individual consumers can do to protect their data except to use strong passwords and authentication, regularly check financial statements and the like. The cost of such data breaches is high for society as a whole, too. The result is an erosion of trust and a reluctance to use services that gather sensitive health information, even if consumers could greatly benefit from receiving allied services. This growing reluctance to share health data is worrisome, as it will hold back research advancements in personalized and precision healthcare which rely upon access to large bodies of data for analysis.

How to safeguard your fintech startup from cyber threats
10 March 2020
Fintechs have seen tremendous development over the past few years, but its online platforms makes this industry uniquely vulnerable to security breaches. Some of the biggest U.S. companies have suffered from cybercriminal attacks (Equifax, Yahoo, Uber), which goes to show that fintech startups are even more vulnerable to cyber threats. Since fintech companies are managing vast amounts of sensitive information, there’s a heightened need to take action from the start to ensure systems are secure from being compromised.

How Financial Technology can help the Healthcare Industry
06 March 2020
Regardless of your occupation, country of origin or lifestyle choices, healthcare is something we should all keep at the back of our minds at all times. Given the digitalization of banking and personal finance management we’ve experienced in recent years, it goes without saying that the healthcare industry could benefit from adopting recent trends into their servicing portfolio.

What Will Drive Fintech in the 2020s
02 March 2020
You could debate what should appear on the shortlist of the game-changing innovations of the last decade: 4G rollout and mobile streaming? Apps for everything and messaging for more than messages? “Smart” stuff and the AI renaissance? One thing is certain. All of the above were instrumental in reshaping the way people buy and borrow and sell and save.

The Unique Challenges To Scaling Fintechs In Emerging Markets
29 February 2020
MIX surveyed nearly 50 fintechs across Africa, East Asia, and South Asia, representing different business models spanning credit, payments, savings, insurance and infrastructure. Three narratives stood out: emerging market fintech entrepreneurs create inclusive offerings, build multi-faceted solutions, and leverage partners to scale.

Previous industry news

5 Key ways Consumers Win with How the Payments Industry Is Evolving In 2020
28 February 2020
The payments industry is expanding rapidly, with exciting new developments and technological capabilities constantly emerging. Real time payments (RTP) is one such area of expansion, as RTP systems allow financial institutions (FIs) to step away from operating manual decision making processes and focus their energy elsewhere.

Speed and Scale: The End and Beginning of Inclusive Finance
27 February 2020
Thousands of companies and entire industries (e.g. travel agents) that did not adapt to Data driven technology are gone. The innovation wave is now breaking over the impact sector and organizations that do not innovate and scale with new technology are beginning to suffer a similar fate.

Quality over quantity: A vital motto for Open Banking expansion
26 February 2020
Notching up eye watering numbers of APIs is not a valuable metric for success. A creeping, deep rooted growth strategy is vital for successful expansion in Open Banking says Rune Mai, CEO and co-founder of Nordic API Gateway.

Why Merchants Need to Balance Digital Innovation and Fraud Prevention
24 February 2020
Merchants and retailers are well aware of expectations for a seamless customer experience as new digital capabilities emerge. However, while improved digital capabilities are undoubtedly convenient for consumers, they have also opened up new vulnerabilities for fraudsters to exploit.

After Brexit, fintechs find new homes
20 February 2020
The U.K.’s departure from the European Union is still causing lots of headaches for financial technology companies, but there’s now enough clarity to work with. And that often means operating from a new address.

Lithuania’s fintech sector now fastest growing in EU
20 February 2020
Lithuania is home to the fastest growing fintech sector in the European Union, and the second fastest growing in Europe, behind only the UK.

Swift Global Payment Initiative (gpi) almost doubled the transfer to $77 trillion in 2019
18 February 2020
Almost doubling the $40 trillion transferred in 2018, Swift’s transmission of $77 trillion in cross border payments messages over the gpi platform during 2019 implies that demand for the programme is becoming entrenched in the bank to bank space.

FinnoSummit: The Battle of the Latin America Fintech Startups!
16 February 2020
Part 6 of a series of articles covering the fast-emerging Fintech ecosystem in Latin America. Other sections of the series can be discovered at https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/?s=LatAm+Fintech+Revolution

How to Leverage Mobile Banking to Boost Client Satisfaction
14 February 2020
Mobile apps are gaining significant traction, and banks are tapping into this ever-more common trend to by converting their app into the go-to mobile banking solution, enhancing it with cutting-edge functionality that would correspond to the most burning needs of your clients.

Mastering payment security means gaining control of data
14 February 2020
Stricter data security and privacy regulations, emerging technologies, new customer engagement channels and higher-than-ever customer experience expectations are all placing tremendous pressure on organizations across all industries.

Fintech Trends Everyone Should Look For in 2020
12 February 2020
2020 is unofficially considered a defining year for Fintech Industry. Estimations on the growth of industries and sectors across the globe have 2020 as the year, where things will go uphill.

How Consumers and Companies Benefit from Data Aggregation
11 February 2020
Data aggregation continues to gain importance in the financial services world. But what value does it offer?

Top 5 Countries Leading in Fintech Innovation
05 February 2020
According to the recent report by Findexable, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Lithuania and Switzerland take the lead and form top 5 countries that drive fintech innovation forward. These countries actively contribute to improvement of electronic payments, payment security, digital banking, cryptocurrency, blockchain and other branches of financial technology.

The 5 Hottest Technologies In Banking For 2020
03 February 2020
The truly “hot” technologies in banking are the ones that financial institutions invest in—which are not always the ones the pundits talk about.

Digital payments overtake cash in Russia
03 February 2020
For the first time, in the fourth quarter of last year Russians made more payments digitally than with cash, according to analysis from Sberbank.

What you need to know about mobile payments in Europe in 2020
29 January 2020
The first month of the year has not been shy of big announcements and interesting moves in the mobile payments sector. Whether it’s funding rounds or acquisitions, we see both traditional and new players accelerating globally. Is this trend likely to spread to Europe and, if so, to what end?

Innovation Lessons That Respond to Fintech Challenges
28 January 2020
For the first time, in the fourth quarter of last year Russians made more payments digitally than with cash, according to analysis from Sberbank.

And in This Corner… The Challenger Bank
23 January 2020
Is traditional retail banking facing a “death by a thousand knives?” Today’s installment of this ever-present question looks at online-only or, as some say challenger banks. In this space names like Ally, BankMobile and Chime come to mind.

2020: A Transformational Year in Payments Technology
21 January 2020
As 2020 gets underway, the upheavals that shook the payments industry over the past year show no sign of ending. All signs point to transformational change in 2020. Top trends to watch in 2020 include the continued growth of embedded payments with business management software, an acceleration of the B2B payments market, and the belated entry of big banks into the competitive fray.

Hong Kong hits major fintech milestone as half the city’s population signs up for HKMA’s Faster Payment System
13 January 2020
Half the population of the city has now registered for the HKMA service, which enables the free transfer of money between bank accounts via mobile phone
The development shows Hong Kong is moving quickly into a new era of branchless banking, said officials at the Asian Financial Forum

BankThink Alternative data is not the enemy of underwriting
13 January 2020
Fintechs — either on their own or in partnership with banks — are clarifying misconceptions surrounding alternative data, from its perception to real-life benefits. Understanding the definition of alternative data is critical to understanding the technology’s application. Fintechs have expanded access to credit not by reinventing the wheel when it comes to credit scoring, but by revolutionizing it.

Why Fintech Challengers May Not Conquer Banking After All
06 January 2020
The most common challenger bank model may not be sustainable, Accenture banking leader Alan McIntyre bluntly predicts, but neither is the traditional, small-scale banking model. He explains why banking is a completely new game now that changing rules, technology, and consumer preferences have upended the old order.

How Personalization Strategies Can Backfire on Financial Marketers
13 January 2020
2020 brings us the start of a new decade, and with it comes the gradual maturation of blockchain technology, bringing it down from the stratosphere to tangible impact on real-world problems. We may be a turning point for the industry.

Fintech Must Meet Cleantech. Fast.
08 January 2020
Western economies, especially Australia, must start the process of blending fintech with cleantech now if we are to reverse and prevent this economic downward trend. We must stop looking at climate change as a detractor from growth, and instead realise that by adapting to it, we will actually sustain growth.

Singapore Sees ‘Strong Interest’ in Digital Bank Licenses
07 January 2020
Singapore has received “strong interest” in its effort to open up the banking industry to fresh competition after 21 groups made bids for digital licenses, the financial regulator said.

Why Fintech Challengers May Not Conquer Banking After All
06 January 2020
According to Fininbox, the three trends are: artificial intelligence (AI) became increasingly important among Fintech firms, a large number of traditional banks adopted Fintech solutions, and blockchain-based solutions were increasingly implemented across various industries.

Artificial Intelligence Became Increasingly Important Among Fintech Firms
05 January 2020
According to Fininbox, the three trends are: artificial intelligence (AI) became increasingly important among Fintech firms, a large number of traditional banks adopted Fintech solutions, and blockchain-based solutions were increasingly implemented across various industries.

Seriously, Can Fintechs Really Beat Banks In 2020?
01 January 2020
On day one of this new decade, here are a few Points on fintech startups maturing into banks, and banks mastering fintech.

Aging Japan: Banks turn to technology to tackle looming demographic crisis
01 January 2020
Financial fraud targeting elderly people is a growing social problem in Japan, ranging from “ore-ore” phone scams, where a fraudster calls up claiming to be a relative, through to sophisticated, institutional-scale misselling of products.

At the turn of the decade, central bankers share their thoughts on financial technology – past, present and future
31 December 2019
The future of central banking looks inextricably bound to innovation. Over the last 30 years, technological change has transformed the regulatory environment and banking landscape. The territory of banking giants such as JP Morgan, Citi and Goldman Sachs now encompasses big-tech behemoths such as Google and Facebook, which once seemed far removed from finance.

Making Fintech Partnerships Work: Tips for Banking Providers
31 December 2019
Financial institutions that see fintech partnership as a way of outsourcing digital innovation sadly cheat themselves and their partners. Fintechs bring fresh thinking, but much of the implementation of such ideas depends on the active participation of the banks and credit unions involved.

Ten Years Of Fintech Megatrends For The Next Decade
26 December 2019
More than ten years following the financial crisis fintech has produced a breathtaking number of megatrends with products and services that make our lives better.

How data scientists can bolster the future of fintech Industry
30 December 2019
Just like the famous Gold Rush of 1849, nowadays businesses are dipping their toe in the data mine, in order to seek some value out of it. This huge chunk of data is forcing the fintech and the banking industry to unleash the power of the hidden gems that data analytics can deliver.

2020 Vision: 7 trends bringing blockchain into focus in the year ahead
30 December 2019
2020 brings us the start of a new decade, and with it comes the gradual maturation of blockchain technology, bringing it down from the stratosphere to tangible impact on real-world problems. We May be a turning point for the industry.

Digital identity predictions for 2020: biometrics, deep fakes, cybersecurity and decentralized ID
28 December 2019
Many companies in the biometric, digital identity, and cybersecurity space have shared predictions for 2020 with Biometric Update, touching on many of the key themes of the past year, and reflecting the wealth of opportunity, as well as the anxieties at play in the industry. Those predictions most closely thematically related to biometrics and our top news stories are collected below.

Banking predictions for 2020 – more competition, more collaboration and new sources of revenue
23 December 2019
Forrester predicts that 2020 will see regulators step in to “mop up the spills” of open banking legislation, such as the lack of technical specifications and their allowing for wide interpretation of the standards.

Deep Dive: The Benefits Of Digital Identity In Banking And The Gig Economy
20 December 2019
The digital identity verification market is projected to reach $12.8 billion by 2024, despite the fact that digital IDs are still largely underused in the world today.

FDIC Issues New Rule With Significant implications to Inclusive Fintech and Nonprofits
18 December 2019
Last week the FDIC announced that it was issuing a new rule that will modify two definitions in the regulations regarding deposits that are facilitated by third parties to banks and other insured depository institutions (“IDIs”).

The Big Ideas Fintech Will Tackle in 2020
16 December 2019
Selling products, selling ads…selling fintech or The most exciting thing? Infrastructure or B2B marketplaces make a comeback etc.

Why banks still won’t take advantage of fintech skills
15 December 2019
While many fintech firms have developed the software and solutions to help, they have felt pushed aside until relatively recently. Fahd Rachidy, founder and chief executive of digital retirement solutions fintech ABAKA, says both fintechs and traditional banking groups need to work harder on collaboration if the pace of innovation is to continue to increase.

6 Big FinTech Trends That Shape the Banking Industry in 2020
14 December 2019
2020 is predicted to feature an even stronger collision of two worlds, the financial services, and technology. Fintech represents a powerful synergy of these industries and promise to bring out modern banking to a new level. Being in a firm embrace with each other, financial services and technology innovations will provide institutions with new opportunities that expand far beyond traditional banking services.

ICBC, Alibaba and Ant Financial strengthen fintech partnership
16 December 2019
Giants in their own right, ICBC – the world’s largest bank in terms of assets – will work with Alibaba and Ant Financial by leveraging their collective expertise in electronic payment settlement and cross border finance to promote the wider use of digital technology in financial services.

Corporate venture capital deals hit new record as banks invest in fintech competitors
10 December 2019
Investments by financial services firms into start-ups hit a record 329 deals worth a total $8 billion in 2019, according to a report by CB Insights published Tuesday. Nearly half of that deal activity this year came from banks.The third quarter saw the highest deal activity on record by financial services venture capital.

Fintech Start-Ups Are Growing: What’s New To Look For In 2020
09 December 2019
Fintech in India has grown exponentially in the last five years, especially due to innovations by financial institutions, startups and new policies by the government for the industry. Banks and regulators have been revisiting operating models and policies to build more collaborations and increase participation.

London’s fintechs are magnets for venture capital investment
09 December 2019
Fintech startups across the UK are already at the front of the curve. London alone has seen a record year so far of venture capital-led fintech investment, with over $2bn of funding across more than 100 deals — more than New York. The rapidly increasing digitisation of the global economy is a major challenge and opportunity for us all.

Open Banking Fintech Partnerships Required For Better CX
05 December 2019
Traditional banks and credit unions continue having a difficult time meeting the level of experience that today’s consumers expect. Open banking provides the opportunity to leverage the experience benefits that fintech firms provide with the scale of most legacy financial institutions.

Fintech is raising the bar for financial inclusion
03 December 2019
Besides the talks of easier and faster payment process, decentralized financial infrastructure, something that often escapes the conversation is the inclusion factor. All the major companies are trying to get involved in the fintech because most of them fear of falling behind. But another perk that fintech brings to these huge companies in the previously untapped market of those who have been continuously denied traditional financial services.

Ex-Barclays Antony Jenkins predicts demise of traditional banking
02 December 2019
Former Barclays chief executive believes its the end of the banking world as we know it. Antony Jenkins, who founded fintech firm 10x Future Technologies in 2016, has written for Quartz that financial services is in the middle of its “Uber moment”.

Top 5 Digital Banking Transformation Trends Shaping 2020
02 December 2019
As banking grows more complex, it is becoming more difficult to deliver seamless customer experiences and consistency across channels. Banks and credit unions are responding by using advanced digital technologies and new business models to build better customer experiences.

The Biggest Technology Trends That Will Disrupt Banking in 2020
02 December 2019
The rapidly changing technology landscape, led by the global rollout of 5G networks, will impact every component of the banking industry. 5G will open the door for exciting use cases and cross-industry collaborations only dreamed of in the past. These new use cases will change business models, provide the platform for innovation, and create the opportunity for monetization.

Africa Roundup: Nigerian fintech gets $360M, mints unicorn, draws Chinese VC
02 December 2019
November 2019 could mark when Nigeria (arguably) became Africa’s unofficial capital for fintech investment and digital finance start-ups. The month saw $360 million invested in Nigerian focused payment ventures. That is equivalent to roughly one-third of all the start-ups VC raised for the entire continent in 2018, according to Partech stats.

Open Banking Connectivity: The Outlook is Better Than You Think
02 December 2019
You have probably seen the headlines about banks not being ready for PSD2 – as the deadline approached and then passed, they were hard to miss. While it is true that less than 50% of banks have met all the requirements mandated by the EU legislation, this is far from the full story. The open banking outlook for Europe is, in fact, brighter than perhaps you have been led to believe.

Customer involvement in fraud mitigation
28 November 2019
The financial industry has made headlines over the years for witnessed breaches that have put hundreds of millions of consumer records at risk for malicious activity while bearing the costs of loss of trust and loyalty from new and evolving consumers.

BankThink Mobile banking apps need to go beyond the basics
27 November 2019
Mobile banking apps have evolved to allow consumers to transfer money between accounts, pay bills and deposit cash, but not much else has changed. The recent willingness of the financial industry to adopt application programming interfaces (APIs), combined with advances in artificial intelligence, will fuel what will likely be the biggest change in banking since the advent of the ATM.

Banking in Asia is Ripe for Disruption, Now More Than Ever
25 November 2019
Banking in Asia is experiencing fundamental disruption driven by the growth of tech giants into the financial services industry, new open banking regulations, and the issuance of virtual banking licenses, according to a new report by PwC and Oracle.

Carbon footprint tracker for purchases Enfuce raises €10m
25 November 2019
Finnish fintech Enfuce, a start-up showing eight million end users how large the carbon footprint is on their purchases, has just secured €10 million in new funding to scale its newly-launched ‘My Carbon Action’ service.

Which Country Leads Open Banking Adoption?
22 November 2019
he world continues to move towards open banking with some markets, including the European Union (EU), the UK and Australia, taking the lead by creating and passing favorable regulations, according to a new report by the Paypers.

Trust in Open Banking: Negotiating data liability between banks and TPPs
22 November 2019
The breadth and complexity of Open Banking systems involve a web of players interconnected by the core need to access data. Used as the tool by which financial institutions and third parties deliver innovative financial products, the data required is highly personal by nature and brings with it a myriad of challenges on the part of institutions trying to capitalise its value without taking on too much risk.

5 Benefits Outsourcing Software Development Services Brings to Fintech Business
22 November 2019
Outsourcing software development is an alternative that can be a great part of corporate strategies for fintech businesses. This working model has been increasingly used by companies that adopt planning directed to their core business, but that seek more agility, quality, and specialization in all processes.

Top Fintech Trends Entrepreneurs Must Watch in 2020
21 November 2019
Financial technology (fintech), for all of its faults, helps us get more things done more efficiently. Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes it even further, allowing us to conduct business and have conversations when there isn’t even another human involved. We can have online chats with bots, for example, to accomplish or learn myriad things. Innovation is always on the horizon, though, especially in the fintech realm.

Basel Committee weighs challenges of open banking
19 November 2019
The rise of open banking could be a major boon for consumers, but it also poses major challenges in area such as regulatory oversight, cybersecurity and changing business models, according to a report from the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.

European fintech alliance: a tool for European sovereignty?
15 November 2019
Payments and financial services expert, Andréa Toucinho, shares what is hot on the Fintech European agenda. Several fintech associations from all over Europe have met in Brussels on October 24, 2019 with the presence of the European Commission and the European Banking Federation (EBF), in order to promote the fintech ecosystem in Europe and create the foundations for developing an alliance of the entire ecosystem and further develop the culture of innovation on the continent.

How does cloud democratise consumers in banking and payments?
15 November 2019
In banking and payments, much is discussed about the end retail customer experience. We often read about B2C or even B2B2C payments, mostly because mobile devices have extended well beyond simple communication.

Preparing for 2020: The impact of the cloud on B2B payments
15 November 2019
By 2020, US business to business (B2B) payments are expected to reach $23.1 trillion according to Deloitte. This is driven by cloud technology, which is accelerating the digital transformation of the payments industry, providing customers with a myriad of convenient payment methods.

Surveilling the Cyber Security Landscape
07 November 2019
It’s an ongoing pursuit for financial institutions to counter the threat of cyber-attacks. There’s no formula for immunity. A process of constant refinement, learning and testing of security protocols is required to ensure the fraudster remains in your rear view mirror instead of hijacking the driver’s seat.

Investors in Australia have deployed capital across the whole of the FinTech value chain…
14 November 2019
Australia is placed to become a global FinTech hub, with the government looking to support the development of the ecosystem with funds set aside to help Australian consumers access their own data, build up the country’s AI and machine learning capabilities and initiatives such as the open banking regime giving consumers the power to give third-parties access to their banking data.

Prepaid Is A Platform For Fintech Innovation
11 November 2019
More than just a “pay-before card,” prepaid is a payment solution that serves as a platform for FinTech innovation.

Blockchain Potential And Challenges As Seen By The Eu
08 November 2019
Blockchain has an enormous potential for simplifying all the bureaucratic procedures for the state and making transactions transparent and more accessible. Even though government officials tend to not favor cryptocurrency while some banks see them as their rivals, blockchain itself has a great potential for changing the way things operate in large enterprises and in the states as well.

How Can Banks Win In The Sme Market Contemporary Mobile Banking Trends
05 November 2019
SMEs represent a tremendously large market for banks. According to the BankingCircle, in Europe, small and medium enterprises make 99% of all businesses and create more than 85% of all new jobs in the last five years. In the US, there are 30 million SMEs. They generate about ⅔ of jobs in the private sector and have $46 trillion of annual spending power.

European Fintech Investment Surpassed Asia
04 November 2019
Fintech is Europe’s largest venture capital (VC) investment category, receiving 20% of all VC investment in the region between 2017 and 2019 year-to-date (YTD), surpassing enterprise software (17%), health (13%) and transportation (8%), according to the State of European Fintech 2019 report by Dealroom, in partnership with Finch Capital.

Company News

RBC rolls out digital ID verification for account opening
16 March 2020
The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is using AI and NFC technology to let clients digitally verify their identities when their open accounts in branch.

Wirecard and Southeast Asia Super App Grab Announce Payments Partnership to Drive Cashless Economy for MSMEs Across the Region
13 March 2020
Wirecard, the global innovation leader for digital financial technology, is entering into a payments partnership with Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app, that will see Wirecard process transactions made via the GrabPay e-wallet, starting with the Malaysian, the Philippines and the Singapore markets.

UnionPay, Network International complete successful pilot QR Code-Payment transaction in the UAE
12 March 2020
Network International, the leading enabler of digital commerce across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, and China’s UnionPay International have successfully executed their first pilot QR code -based payment transaction at a merchant outlet in the UAE.

TrueLayer and Stake partnership set to speed up Open Banking payments in brokerage market
12 March 2020
Stake customers can now use Payments Initiation to transfer money to quickly make investments within Stake’s platform using TrueLayer’s payment API integration with online brokerage app, Stake.

UK Fintech Paymentology wins contract to power Standard Chartered’s Digital Bank, Mox Bank
11 March 2020
Paymentology, a revolutionary technology payment platform for financial services, is the cloud card payment processor behind Standard Chartered Bank’s new virtual bank Mox Bank. Created by Standard Chartered Bank with PCCW and Trip.com, Mox Bank is one of eight digital banks in Hong Kong and offers numberless bank cards to its customers.

PwC picked Salt Edge as part of the Digital Ecosystem Banking
11 March 2020
Salt Edge, a leader in offering open banking solutions, was invited by the consulting firm PwC to be part of the development of Digital Ecosystem Banking, which has the scope to empower banks towards next generation agility, seamless customer experience and integration with external ecosystems.

Lloyds Banking Group signs five-year Google Cloud deal
10 March 2020
Google Cloud has landed a five-year deal with Lloyds Banking Group, part of the UK bank’s commitment to spend £3 billion on digital transformation projects.

Visa partners with Paga on Payments and Fintech for Africa and abroad
08 March 2020
Visa has entered a partnership with Nigeria based startup Paga on payments and technology. Paga scaled its fintech business in West Africa, before targeting expansion in Ethiopia and Mexico. The startup has created a multi-channel network for over 14 million customers in Nigeria to transfer money, pay-bills and buy things digitally through its mobile-app or 24,840 agents.

Sidetrade plans major investment in Artificial Intelligence. Commitments include new Tech Hub in Birmingham, in UK.
05 March 2020
Sidetrade, the Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating company revenue and cashflow, has announced the opening of its new Tech Hub in UK, with a projected investment of £30 million, and plans for 70 new tech jobs in the group.

Finastra powers retail banking innovation with four new fintech apps on FusionStore
02 March 2020
Finastra today announced the launch of four new retail banking apps on FusionStore, the firm’s app marketplace. Built during Finastra’s first appathon in North America, at the tail end of last year, the apps – which provide innovative saving, spending control and personal finance management services – use open APIs, accessible via the FusionFabric.cloud development platform.

Previous company news

Company News

Company News

Coronavirus: DBS pushes ‘contact free’ digital banking
28 February 2020
As the coronavirus continues to spread, Singapore’s DBS has outlined a series of digital measures designed to give its business clients “contact free” banking.

The Redsand Group to launch sustainable fintech fund
27 February 2020
Nicole Anderson, Founder and managing partner of The Redsand Group announced in a recent interview that the group will launch a fund to work with the venture community to support fintech aimed at tackling sustainability across financial services through tools such as blockchain and tokenisation.

Barclays invests in Open Banking based utility switching app Youtility
27 February 2020
Youtility, a London based startup tapping into Open Banking to help people track their household expenses and switch utility suppliers, has raised £4.5 million in a funding round joined by Barclays.

UniCredit signs long term payment processing deal with equensWorldline
27 February 2020
UniCredit has signed a long term payment processing deal with equensWorldline to handle all SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transactions, instant payments, multi-currency, domestic and high value payments in Austria and Germany.

Finablr to Expand Operations in Saudi Arabia as Network Brand BayanPay Gets Licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
26 February 2020
Finablr network brand BayanPay, a Saudi Arabia based digital payment solutions provider, has been awarded a payment services provider licence by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA). BayanPay will offer digital wallets, e commerce and SME business payments gateway solutions in the Kingdom.

Mastercard’s strategy for open banking addresses risk, trust
26 February 2020
Mastercard wants to build confidence in open banking by addressing regulatory compliance, liability, and technology integration issues on behalf of its issuers and fintechs. Mastercard’s focus on open banking reflects a change of strategy linked to the trend toward account to account payments, which led it to acquire non card payments businesses operating on bank rails such as the U.K.’s Vocalink, Transfast, and Nets’ account to account payments operation.

Revolut becomes UK’s most valuable fintech startup
25 February 2020
Forrester senior analyst Aurélie L’Hostis, comments: “Revolut has done tremendously well, acquiring users across geographies at lighting speed, and launching a subscription model that made the startup the highest revenue earner among its UK peers. But we’re now entering the reality check phase for challenger banks. Investors will be looking for reassurance that Revolut can achieve sustainable organic growth.”

JPMorgan to launch digital bank in UK as growth in sector slows
24 February 2020
In June 2019, the US bank reportedly expressed interest in a sizeable investment in UK fintech, 10x Future Technologies, which offers a cloud based plug and play platform to kickstart digital banking operations.

PSCU to Integrate Decentralized Digital Identity Platform into Contact Center
24 February 2020
Scott Young, vice president, Innovation at PSCU said that through this partnership with CULedger, we have an opportunity to be at the forefront of determining the implications and opportunities surrounding distributed ledger technology as they relate to identity management the first of which is MemberPass for the credit union industry.

Nacha Sets Its Sights on Modernizing and Streamlining the Payments Process
21 February 2020
Payments are humming across a variety of rails to countless businesses and consumers at any given moment in the U.S. With so many available payment methods, end users, and use cases, the payments landscape can be a tangled web of rules and regulations.

JPMorgan Chase Sends Letter to Fintech Firms Warning about Access to Customer Data
16 February 2020
JPMorgan Chase, the world’s sixth-largest bank in terms of total assets, has reportedly sent a letter to several Fintech firms in which it cautioned that they will no longer be allowed to access customer data unless they accept the terms of a new data access agreement.

Swedbank to Send Instant Payments Via the EBA Clearing’s RT1 Platform
15 February 2020
Swedbank AB, a Nordic-Baltic banking group headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has reportedly chosen payment services and infrastructure company SIA to help it send instant payments via the EBA Clearing’s RT1 platform.

U.S. Fintech Numerate Announces expansion to support banks’ full suite of business banking products.
14 February 2020
Small business lending platform and fintech Numerated announced this week an expansion of its platform to support banks’ full suite of business banking products. The platform will now be offering pre-filled digital applications across business banking products.

N26 UK withdrawal: a cautionary tale for neobanks
14 February 2020
N26’s withdrawal from the United Kingdom shows that global aspirations of neobanks are not immune from geopolitical currents.

Bank + Fintech love story: Caixa Geral de Depósitos + Tink
12 February 2020
Rui Negrões Soares from Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) and Viktor Möllborg from Tink spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how their fruitful collaboration all came from meeting at an Efma event back in 2018.

Kount Unveils Identity Trust Global Network With New Adaptive AI Technology
11 February 2020
Kount, the leading AI-driven fraud prevention solution, today unveiled its Identity Trust Global Network, flipping the script on fraud management by empowering organizations to unlock previously untapped revenue streams through delivering personalized user experiences.

Building the Next Stage of Fintech
05 February 2020
Shareable Asset is a fintech firm that aims to provide a safe and secure investment platform that provides equal access to all investors. By subdividing expensive real estate ownership where each digitized security token represents fractional ownership, we aim to change the real estate investment landscape and present opportunities which are otherwise out of reach.

Yahoo Finance partners with Airwallex in simplifying B2B Cross-Border Payments with a Multicurrency Virtual Card
05 February 2020
Yahoo Finance reports in this brief release on yet another partnership. This one has a 2015 Hong Kong start up, Airwallex, which specializes in integrated solutions to businesses for cross-border transactions, partnering with Visa on a multicurrency virtual card for B2B use cases.

Goldman Sachs and Amazon may soon be in the banking business
04 February 2020
Goldman Sachs is reportedly developing technology to provide lending through Amazon’s lending platform, potentially reaching thousands of small business loans in the US that sell through the e-commerce giant, according to the Financial Times (paywall). The project could go live as soon as March, according to the report.

Canada’s first P2P consumer lender preps launch
31 January 2020
Canadian regulators have given the greenlight for the country’s first peer-to-peer lending platform for consumer loans.

Temenos hops on to Google Cloud
29 January 2020
Looking to capitalise on explosive growth in cloud adoption by banking institutions, Swiss core banking vendor Temenos is extending its partnership with Google Cloud.

N26 racks up a quarter of a million US customers in first six months
28 January 2020
Berlin-based banking startup N26 claims to have recruited 250,000 new customers in the US, just six months after opening its doors Stateside.

African fintech Flutterwave gets $35 million, partners with WorldPay
21 January 2020
Africa-focused fintech firm Flutterwave on Tuesday announced a $35 million fundraising round and partnerships with WorldPay and Visa as it targets expansion in northern and Francophone Africa.

Why Visa Is Buying Fintech Startup Plaid For $5.3 Billion
13 January 2020
Visa announced it will acquire Plaid—a startup that connects payment apps like Venmo and Square Cash to users’ bank accounts to transfer funds—for $5.3 billion. That marks a doubling of Plaid’s value in a year. The eight-year-old San Francisco company last raised funding a year ago at a $2.65 billion valuation.

Visa to Buy Plaid for $5.3 Billion in Bid to Reach Startups
14 January 2020
Visa Inc. grew into one of the world’s most valuable financial companies by serving as the pipes that help connect banks and merchants. Now, it’s making a major bet on doing the same for data between banks and financial startups.

JPMorgan Chase moves to block fintechs from screen scraping
03 January 2020
JPMorgan Chase plans to block fintechs from screen scraping — obtaining usernames and passwords of customers, logging in as them, and copying and pasting their account information into a database.

9 transformative fintech deals of 2019
31 December 2019
There is value to bringing more services under a single ownership, but there is also wisdom in in leaving some lines of business on the table. The year was just as notable for the deals and opportunities that fintech companies walked away from.

European mobile payment solution Bluecode receives investment of €12 million
26 December 2019
Private venture capitalists from Europe are investing again in the current financing round, marking one of the highest fintech investments of 2019 in Bluecode’s Austrian home market. With the new growth capital of €12 million, Bluecode is driving the national and international expansion of the European payment solution for iPhones and Android smartphones.

Spanish banks to test programmable payments for smart contracts
20 December 2019
Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, Bankia, BBVA and Caixa Bank have initiated a proof-of-concept test to deploy an interbank Smart Payments Platform that would enable the execution of payments in blockchain networks.

Federal Reserve to host ‘fintech innovation office hours’
19 December 2019
The Federal Reserve Board is to open its doors to banks and startups in a series of ‘fintech innovation office hours’ throughout 2020. The central bank says the drop-in sessions will serve as a resource for banks and startups to meet one-on-one with Federal Reserve staff members to discuss fintech developments and ask questions.

Fed Governor challenges Facebook’s Libra project
18 December 2019
The Federal Reserve’s Lael Brainard has warned Facebook that it will be expected to meet a high threshold of legal and regulatory safeguards before launching its Libra cryptocurrency.

Buy now, pay later’ fintech Klarna to enter new markets in 2020
16 December 2019
Swedish financial technology company Klarna plans to launch in Australia and other markets in 2020 after a strong start for its ‘buy now, pay later’ service in the United States, CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski told Reuters. Klarna, which was valued at $5.5 billion in an August funding round that raised $460 million, is also beefing up a key tech hub in Berlin as it extends its coverage and introduces new products for users and merchants.

Metro Bank trialling digital receipts for small businesses
12 December 2019
Metro Bank is trialling technology which it says will mean small businesses no longer have to worry about managing their receipts. The bank is working with Canadian technology firm Sensibill on trialling digital receipts.

B-North picks Newcastle Strategic Solutions
16 December 2019
B-North, the Manchester-based firm building an SME lending bank for the UK, has selected Newcastle Strategic Solutions Limited to provide its deposit-taking solution. B-North will be offering a range of fixed-term retail savings products when it launches in 2020, and will be using Newcastle Strategic Solutions for account opening and account management.

Killik & Co chooses CREALOGIX Invest to continue innovating digital investor services
12 December 2019
Killik & Co, the independently owned investment house, continues innovating its investor self-service systems using the digital engagement platform offered by CREALOGIX. The product will allow Killik & Co to unify the design and user experience of mobile and desktop digital channels, and extend functionality via product updates and third-party integrations.

HSBC inks global deal with Open Banking outfit Bud
11 December 2019
HSBC has expanded its relationship with Bud, striking a global deal to access the startup’s Open Banking aggregation, data intelligence and marketplace APIs.

Singapore’s FinAccel FinTech Lands $90M To Grow Credit Lending App
03 December 2019
FinAccel, a Singapore-headquartered financial technology company that enables Indonesian consumers to buy online and pay later under the brand Kredivo, has raised $90 million in a Series C equity funding round.

SocGen releases real-time payments API for financial clients
03 December 2019
Societe Generale is to give financial institution clients a helping hand on the road to instant payments, releasing an API for embedding in legacy back-end infrastructures to handle faster payments.

Wearable payments are taking off across Europe: Mastercard
28 November 2019
The use of passive wearable devices for payments is continuing to take off in Europe, as consumers quickly and easily integrate this relatively new payment method into their daily lives. This year’s wearable transaction figures, in comparision to 2018, showed an eightfold increase. This trend has been widely adopted over Europe as payment-enabled wearables are already available in 26 EU countries, offering over 30 different devices.

Westpac wants your next bank manager to be a robot
15 November 2019
Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer says the bank wants to recreate the personal touch of the old-time bank manager by using artificial intelligence technology to pander to each customer’s particular needs.

Nestle store in Spain trials facial payments
15 November 2019
A Nestle grocery store in Spain has implemented a face payment system developed by CaixaBank and the bank’s Payment Innovation Hub alliance, comprising partner institutions Global Payments, Visa, Samsung and Arval.

Regions Bank Makes A Digital Push With The Help Of AI
14 November 2019
American consumers have come to expect that the level of convenience and efficiency they receive from online banking will also extend to their physical banking experiences. This puts the pressure on banks — both large and small — to rethink their legacy processes and pursue digital transformations to retain their customers’ loyalties.

Banco Sabadell to Partner with Fintech Nemuru to Provide Instant Loans for Renovations
13 November 2019
Banco Sabadell, a bank based in Barcelona, has reached a partnership agreement with Nemuru – a Fintech that seeks to make it easier for professionals in the renovations sector to offer their customers instant loans at the point of sale

Mastercard Is Introducing Fintech Express
12 November 2019
Global payments industry giant, Mastercard is taking big steps towards embracing Fintech. During the Singapore Fintech Festival taking place from Nov-11 to Nov 13 of this year, Mastercard announced its latest innovation – Fintech Express.

Revolut named UK’s fastest-growing technology company
08 November 2019
Digital banking app Revolut has been named the UK’s fastest-growing tech company, with an average three-year growth rate of 48,477%. The figures were published today in Deloitte’s 2019 UK Technology Fast 50 ranking, which calculates the fastest-growing tech companies every year.


TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services 2020
17 March 2020 – London
TechNOVA: AI in Financial Services – the event has been postponed due to Novel Coronavirus issues. The conference will be rescheduled to take place later in 2020 and a new date will be announced shortly.

21 April 2020 – 23 April 2020 – Berlin
As agile and trendy fintechs raise the bar for customer experience, and new technologies such as AI and big data accelerate, banks must leverage on the rise of ecosystems and open banking to build or bundle new offers for customers. Delegates will network with industry peers over themed lunches, roundtable discussions and workshops, as well as plenary sessions.

LendIt Fintech
13 May 2020 – 14 May 2020 – New York
Lending and banking are converging. Make sense of this new world at LendIt Fintech USA where fintech leaders gather to connect and reimagine the future of finance.

EBAday 2020
19 May 2020 – 20 May 2020 – The Hague, Netherlands
Topics analysed include; Correspondent Banking, Request to Pay, Intra-day Liquidity Management, ISO 20022 Migration and Open Banking.

Fintech World Forum 2020
21 May 2020 – 22 May 2020 – London
This year’s line up of keynote speakers and panelists includes people from IBM, Revolut, Citi Bank, Tandem, Western Union, Barclays Ventures, TSB and many more!

Previous events

Future Digital Finance 2020
09 March 2020 – Miami, FL
At Future Digital Finance, you’ll meet and network with 200+ senior-level executives from the most innovative financial institutions in an intimate setting to shape the future of finance. We’ll be addressing the biggest obstacles that big banks, regional banks, credit unions and credit card companies are facing to help you remain competitive in this era of digital innovation and transformation.

MPE Berlin Conference
18 February 2020 – 20 February 2020 – Berlin, Germany
MPE (Merchant Payments Ecosystem) Berlin Conference is Europe’s largest event of its kind. Over 1,000 attendees are expected including merchants, s…

PAYTECH Innovation
18 February 2020 – London
What trends will impact the future of payments? Join FINTECH Circle for the inaugural PAYTECH Innovation Conference on 18 February in London.

Payments Summit 2020
24 February 2020 – Salt Lake City, UT
For 2020, the Secure Technology Alliance and the U.S. Payments Forum are once again joining together to make this the best event yet. The Payments Summit and the U.S. Payments Forum All-Member Meeting will co-locate in Salt Lake City, resulting in the most comprehensive gathering of card and payments professionals ever.

TradingTech Summit
25 February 2020 – London
The TradingTech Summit brings together senior-level decision makers in trading technology, electronic execution and trading architecture to discuss how firms can use high performance technologies to optimise trading in the new regulatory environment.

Customer Experience Exchange for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
25 February 2020 – 26 February 2020 – London
The Customer Experience Exchange for BFSI is an exclusive executive-level , invitation-only forum, where leaders from across the UK will meet to gain insight into the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in BFSI and to discover how to be a true leader in customer loyalty and retention.

FiNext Conference
26 February 2020 – 27 February 2020 – Dubai
FiNext Tech Awards & Conference was created to provide a digital hub and meeting place for the global FinTech sector.

FINTECH Bridge China-UK
27 February 2020 – London
FINTECH Bridge China-UK is the only conference dedicated to fintech investments and business trade deals between Greater China and the UK. It will present the opportunities for organisations on both sides of the bridge to expand their business and build new relationships.

Webinar – Banking Payment Fraud: Best Practices and Solutions to Fight Financial Crime
27 February 2020 – Webinar
Register for this upcoming Finextra webinar, in association with NetGuardians, as we discuss banking payment fraud and preventative measures to combat this growing threat to financial institutions, banks and corporates.

03 February 2020 – 04 February 2020 – Atlanta
The developer conference for fintech and open finance

Open Banking and SCA Forum
04 February 2020 – 05 February 2020 – Amsterdam
We are proud to organise Europe’s first dedicated forum on Open Banking & SCA to address this important topic about banks struggling to implement Open banking along with SCA. This event in an extension to our already successfully running “SCA Summit” which was held in London in June 2019.

Finastra Universe Paris
04 February 2020 – Paris
Join us and FinTech’s and key industry players from France, Benelux and Southern Europe in Paris to explore the thought-provoking topics and open discussions about developing future of financial services and how open platforms, cloud adoption and innovative technologies are revolutionizing the banking landscape.

05 February 2020 – Frankfurt
The flagship conference that brings together decision-makers and innovators from the finance industry – corporates, startups, politicians, investors, regulators and scientists – on a neutral platform in Frankfurt, Germany, the hub of finance. Thrilling issues that concern our future, high-profile speakers, lively debates, and fresh formats guarantee a dynamic, one-of-a-kind event in one of Europe’s major financial centers.

Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2020
09 February 2020 – 12 February 2020 – Tel Aviv
With a thriving entrepreneurial culture, deep pool of talent, penchant for disruptive innovation, Israel is a globally revered fintech hub. A relatively small domestic market means Israeli entrepreneurs focus ideas and product designs to be scalable for the global market. Fintech Week gives you direct access to the Israeli ecosystem and the ability to engage and explore ways of working together.

Accelerating the implementation of Immediate Payments for banks
23 January 2020 – Webinar
Banks are transforming into digital organisations and to compete in a global world of greater competition and immediate payment schemes they must rethink their strategies and operating models. The systems running today’s financial institutions have become more complex and interconnected in a world where speed, agility and resilience are essential.

Paris Fintech Forum 2020
28 January 2020 – 29 January 2020 – Paris
This is the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. Our ambition is unchanged: be and stay the most exclusive digital finance & Fintech event in Europe, and why not worldwide.

Accelerating the implementation of Immediate Payments for banks
23 January 2020 – Webinar
Banks are transforming into digital organisations and to compete in a global world of greater competition and immediate payment schemes they must rethink their strategies and operating models. The systems running today’s financial institutions have become more complex and interconnected in a world where speed, agility and resilience are essential.

Paris Fintech Forum 2020
28 January 2020 – 29 January 2020 – Paris
This is the 5th edition of the Paris Fintech Forum at the Palais Brongniart in Paris. Our ambition is unchanged: be and stay the most exclusive digital finance & Fintech event in Europe, and why not worldwide.

3th Asian Financial Forum
13 January 2020 – 14 January 2020 – Hongkong
The Asian Financial Forum (AFF) brings together some of the most influential leaders of the global financial and business community to discuss developments and trends in the dynamic markets of Asia. In 2019, over 130 internationally respected speakers in government, financial and business sectors gathered for ground breaking discussions about opportunities and challenges facing Asia.

Open APIs Innovation Asia
13 January 2020 – 16 January 2020 – Singapore
The inaugural Open APIs Innovation Asia will feature discussions on how organisations can adopt an API-led business transformation strategy to unlock customer and business value – from API integration, design, framework, standards to practical case studies highlighting the use of API to enhance services, products and more.

03 December 2019 – 04 December 2019 – London
The event will explore the disruptive technologies landscape and their role into business dynamics. Participants will get to exchange and discover how strategic decision making and changes work whilst consolidating disruptors and disruptions, as well as learn from and debate with CEOs about future of business dynamics amid these new technology waves.

Impact fintech’19
04 December 2019 – 05 December 2019 – Katowice

Katowice will host Impact fintech’19, the largest Polish event on the future of financial services in the CEE region. It will bring together key players from the worlds of banking, finance and the digital economy.

Fintech World Forum – Nov 2019
18 November 2019 – 19 November 2019 – London
FinTech World Forum 2019 host keynotes and panellists which includes distinguished personalities from MasterCard, ING Bank, Microsoft, IBM, Citi Bank, AVIVA, HSBC, Oracle and many more!

NextGen Nordics: P27 Momentum
26 November 2019 – Stockholm
The first in a series of events shaping the P27 journey, providing a hub for cross-industry, Nordic-wide information exchange and debate, offering a platform for participation, collaboration and commitment in 2020.

The imminent collision of open banking and instant payments
12 November 2019 – Webinar
Register for our latest webinar with Hazelcast on 12 November 2019 at 15:00 UK as industry experts discuss the imminent collision of open banking and instant payments

Integrating data, automating processes to create value and opportunity
14 November 2019 – Webinar
Join Finextra, Kofax and industry experts on 14 November 2019 at 15:00 UK time as we discuss how the integrated use of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and automation tools transforms businesses and supports digital transformation.

Webinar: Integrating data, automating processes to create value and opportunity
November 14, 2019
In a digital age of instant access, banks invest in the transformation of internal processes and business models by Automating processes and digitising data, but what are the best practices for achieving this? The discussion revolves around how the integrated use of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence and automation tools transforms businesses and supports digital transformation.

2nd International FinTech, InsurTech & Blockchain Forum
November 05, 2019
The International FinTech, InsurTech and Blockchain Forum focuses on research that addresses challenges in the field of banking and finance, business management, IT, law, regulation, society and many others. Together we will explore the impact of financial technology, insurance technology and blockchain on the ways in which organizations, people and computers work together in the future. By considering myriad disciplines and research fields, the conference participants share concepts how the connection of the aforementioned three areas can lead to innovative solutions that address today’s challenges.

Singapore Fintech Festival 2019
November 12, 2019 – November 16, 2019
Singapore Fintech Festival 2019 is a week long festival featuring FinTech Conference & Exhibition, FinTech Awards, Global FinTech Hackcelerator Demo Day, Global Investor Summit, and Innovation Lab Crawl.

FinovateAsia 2019
October 14, 2019 – October 15, 2019
Finovate Asia will feature demos of new fintech solutions, key insights from thought-leaders and influencers, and networking that delivers meaningful connections with fintech decision-makers.

Webinar: Helping the bank help the customer
October 30, 2019
The increased competition and sharing of data brought about by open banking is also about empowerment of the consumer.

Female FinTech Competition 2019
June 28-October 22, 2019 – Conference/Showcase
Following our announcement at the Female FinTech Breakfast at the Tech Quartier in Frankfurt, Atos are holding a competition for Female FinTechs to join our FinTech Community! The Competition is going to take part on four phases with the following dates.

  • 28 June – 31 August: Submission of interest in participating in the competition as either a FinTech or coach for a FinTech. If your submission is received prior to 8 July we will look to appoint a business coach to help you prepare for the competition!
  • By 27 September: Submission of business case
  • 9 October: Short list of FinTechs to present to the panel announced
  • 22 October: Competition held at the Tech Quartier in Frankfurt

Money2020 Europe
June 03-05, 2019 – Conference/Showcase
An event not to be missed for the smartest visionaries and innovators, Money20/20 is where the payments, FinTech, and financial services industries come together to connect and build the future of money. From industry institutions to up-and-coming innovators, everyone is here. Businesses come together to explore unique regional insight and trailblazing enterprise, seizing the opportunity to meet the person or land the deal that will change the trajectory of their business.

June 10-12, 2019 – Conference/Showcase
Every year since 2015, the world’s leading bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and FinTech experts have gathered at MoneyConf. MoneyConf is organized by the team behind the world’s largest tech conference, Web Summit. Web Summit has grown to become the “largest technology conference in the world”. Over two days, 5,000 attendees from over 60 countries will network and learn from the industry’s leading lights. Expect insightful keynotes, hands-on workshops, and incredible evening networking opportunities.

The Future Of FinTech 2019
June 11-13, 2019 – Conference/Showcase
The Future of FinTech is where financial services giants, FinTech startups and VC Investors from around the world come together to define the future of financial services. If you want to be connected to the ideas and people that are revolutionizing financial services, you need to be at the Future of FinTech. With senior executives from every financial company in the S&P 500 and innovators, disrupters and execs from 31 countries and 6 of the 7 continents (sorry Antarctica) joining us, The Future of FinTech brings together a global audience of the biggest players in financial services.


Paris FinTech Forum 2019
January 29-30, 2019 – Conference/Showcase. Future Digital Finance
Following the huge success of 2017 edition, Paris Fintech Forum 2018 had overcome all our expectations: organized by Altéir with the support of 60+ international partners last January 30th & 31st, we gathered 2,600+ attendees from 72 countries over 2 days in the heart of Paris, to listen to 240+ CEO’s from banks, insurance, telco, regulators and of course Fintechs from all continents.

Paris FinTech Forum 2019
January 29-30, 2019 – Conference/Showcase. Future Digital Finance
Following the huge success of 2017 edition, Paris Fintech Forum 2018 had overcome all our expectations: organized by Altéir with the support of 60+ international partners last January 30th & 31st, we gathered 2,600+ attendees from 72 countries over 2 days in the heart of Paris, to listen to 240+ CEO’s from banks, insurance, telco, regulators and of course Fintechs from all continents.

IFintech Finance Technologies Conference & Exhibition
April 09-10, 2019 – Conference/Showcase.
IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition will be held on 09 – 10 April 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. IFINTEC is a global conference which is one of the biggest and most important conferences in EMEA region with its focus on Retail Banking, Digital Banking, Core Banking, Payment Systems, Banking Technologies, Banking IT Solutions, Digital Transformation and Finance Technologies.

Atos Finovate Webinar – What’s next for top-tier banks and financial messaging
October 08, 2018

SWIFT remains a mission critical channel for all financial institutions. But the cost and complexity of operating SWIFT for top-tier banks has increased substantially since the introduction of SWIFT’s CSP programme. As payments and connectivity become increasingly commoditised for all financial institutions, banks are re-thinking how best to maintain secure, reliable and compliant SWIFT operations and back-office applications at the lowest cost.

Worldline E-Payments Challenge Hackathon
September 26-28, 2018 – Conference/Showcase. Worldline Event

How will we pay in 5 years? – Co-innovate and expand your business with Worldline and its customers by joining the Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon from September 26th to the 28th in Paris.

FinovateEurope 2018
March 06-09, 2018 – Conference/Showcase. FinovateEurope

FinovateEurope 2018, will be at the ExCeL in London on March 6–9 with a new, expanded conference. The first two days follow the traditional Finovate format where 70+ innovative FinTech companies will have 7 minutes to demo their latest solutions. This year, for the first time in Europe, we’re offering new, expanded content sessions. Expert speakers will give you advice and insights on the trends driving FinTech. Turn light-bulb moments into real-world action and leave with new ideas for your future product roadmap and strategic planning.

Future Digital Finance 2018
March 26-27, 2018 – Conference/Showcase. Future Digital Finance

The summit for 21st century digital finance leaders. Future Digital Finance is the conference for digital finance innovators who are paving the way forward at America’s largest financial institutions.

Gibraltar International FinTech Forum

February 28-March 1, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
Featuring some of the leading names in FinTech.

IFZ FinTech Conference

February 28, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
FinTech is considered an innovative solution for the challenges in the financial industry and shows a high growth rate. In addition to the presentation of the results of the IFZ FinTech study, we will be hearing about recent developments in the field of FinTech from our excellent speakers.

Crypto Investor Show

March 10, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
The UK’s biggest crypto and blcokchain event for investors. The Crypto Investor Show brings together the crypto community with private investors and traders in the UK for the first time. Gain insight into the array of investment opportunities provided by Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology
Crypto Investor Show

TechNOVA Blockchain Summit 2018

March 22, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
TechNOVA: Blockchain Summit 2018 will look across sectors at the latest innovations in distributed ledger technology. This Blockchain conference will bring in case studies from banking, insurance, energy, music, healthcare, trade finance and more. The content will cover a number of the key challenges and use cases including how to develop strategy, verifying provenance, disintermediation and peer-to-peer industries, data sharing, smart contracts and the future of cryptocurrency. With decision makers and senior innovation leaders across multiple sectors, TechNOVA: Blockchain Summit 2018 is the event to attend take your understanding of the technology to the next level and kick-start the development of your future.
Fintech World Forum

E-Fintech Show

April 11-12, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
The consolidation of decentralized technologies such as Blockchain together with the various FinTech business models that exist today make the financial sector has to reinvent itself more than ever. A new economy decentralized is coming and will forever change the financial services that Today we know.
e-Fintech Show

Fintech Design Summit

April 20, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
The financial services sector has entered a new era, with FinTech startups challenging the major FS players by creating powerful new user centric products. The FinTech Design Summit will be exploring how experience led design has disrupted the industry. We will be hearing from the financial companies designing new experiences for users, that will change consumer exceptions forever. The Fintech Design Summit is targeted at Senior Product & Design Professionals, Fintech Entrepreneurs, CTO’s and CEO’s.
Fintech Design Summit

Fintech World Forum

May 30-31, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
FinTech World Forum 2018 (FinTech Conference) is based in London UK Europe as one of leading fintech events for global financial, finance and banking technology industry. Its focuses on Mobile Payments, Lending, Insurance, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Investment, InsurTech, RegTech, Money, Mobile Banking and Wealth Management.
Fintech World Forum

London Fintech Week

July 06-13, 2018 – Fintech, Conference/Showcase
Fintech Week is a series of conferences, exhibitions, workshops, hackathons, meetups and parties. Each day we focus on a different topic. We always ensure that there is plenty of time for networking and meeting other innovators. The main conference/exhibition takes place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, but other events take place across the City of London, Canary Wharf and “Tech City.”
Fintech Worldwide Ltd

Asia/Middle East

Blockchain Middle East Forum

February 05-06, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Unblocking the blockchain Dubai announced its intention to turn itself into the first blockchain-powered government in the world by 2020. These ambitions are part of the emirate’s goal of becoming a global business hub with next-generation technology playing a key role in delivering this vision.As a result, a number of Middle East companies both private and public have made substantial progress on understanding the opportunities, application and preparations of adopting the blockchain technology within their organisation.
IQPC Middle East

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Bengaluru

February 22, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
India is a very likely country to become a global cryptocurrency leader. It is one of the most rapidly developing technology markets because of the huge amount of young people. Besides, the Indian online market consists of 333 million users, occupying the second place in the world.This country has a vast number of young engineers and a comprehensive IT market ready to explore all innovative technologies in a very short time. This also includes cryptocurrency technologies: currently, India is a place where blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency services are promoted at the government level. Therefore, the international network of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences organized by Smile-Expo, covering more than 10 European and CIS countries, is expanding and holding a new conference in Bengaluru, India.
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference

Finovate Middle East

February 26-27, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Finovate events bring together the entire fintech community to showcase cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format as well as insights from global financial service experts.
Finnovate Middle East

Fintegrate Zone 2018

February 27- March 01, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Fintegrate Zone is a “fintech thought leadership” conclave focusing on the future of technology and the broader financial services industry within India and beyond its borders. The agenda of the conclave is to highlight the business and technology innovations driving change in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry.Started in 2017 by Zone Startups, a leading FinTech ecosystem enabler, Fintegrate Zone is a multi-format 3-day FinTech conclave, catering to different stakeholders with curated event formats.
Fintegrate Zone

2nd Annual Fintech Week (Tel Aviv)

March 05-07, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Our first conference is all about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). We’ll be exploring the evolution of Blockchain from Cytpto to ICO and hearing from innovators and influencers in the space.Our second conference focuses on all things Fintech. Hear from Key players from across the fintech ecosystem including banks, VCs, start-ups and innovators.Our third conference is all about the intersection of cyber security and financial services. We’ll talk to experts on both sides and explore how safe your money and data really is.
Fintech Worldwide

4th Annual Blockchain Finance & Fintech China 2018

March 15-16, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
The 4th Annual Block Chain Finance & Fin-tech China 2018 event will gather over 800 participants from around the world, where the leaders of Block Chain & Fintech will present their views on key issues in the industry.
Blockchain Finance & Fintech China


May 08-09, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition will be held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Sisli on 08-09 May 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. IFINTEC is one of the biggest and most important conferences in EMEA region on Retail Banking, Banking Technologies, Banking Solutions and Finance Technologies. IFINTEC Conference serves a perfect platform to introduce and demonstrate banking solutions and finance technology solutions including system, hardware, software, consultancy, training and service which are developed for banks and financial institutions.
Finance Technologies Conference & Exhibition

Finovate Asia

October 29-30, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO STAY AHEAD ON FINTECH INNOVATION IN ASIA 450+ Attendees. 30+ Demoing companies. Countless opportunities. Finovate events bring together the entire fintech community to showcase cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format as well as insights from global financial service experts.
Finovate Asia


The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference

February 16-18, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Is It Too Late To Get Involved In Crypto? Not at all. Even if you didn’t mine 10,000 bitcoins using your old PC in 2012, bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins and blockchain technology are still in their infancy.99.9% of the world’s population is barely aware of how bitcoin, ethereum, and other blockchain-based tokens are starting to address real use cases.

MIT Fintech Conference 2018

March 10, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
The event will bring together fintech startups, established financial service and technology firms, vcs, investors, and regulators to share their ideas about recent innovations in the financial technology space. Hear the best ideas, examine the latest technologies, and ask the big question at the mit fintech club’s biggest event of the year!
MIT Fintech

Empire Start-up Fintech Conference New York

April 18, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Hear from those forging new trails in payments, blockchain, lending, robo-advisors, insurance tech, real estate and more. In addition to attracting hundreds of FinTech entrepreneurs, this conference also plays host to the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups. The audience can also look forward to keynotes, panels and demo updates from some of the top FinTech startups in the world.
Empire Starups

STX 18 by Fintech Exchange

April 25, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
A summit for technology startups focused on financial markets & trading brought to you by FinTech Exchange (FTX). FTX is Chicago’s leading fintech event for financial markets and trading technology. FTX has been a sellout since its inception in 2015, with close to 500 attendees each year. This event has featured growth firms as well as world-class companies, including: CME Group, CBOE, IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, Google, Trading Technologies, and Tableau.
Fintech Chicago

Finovate Spring

May 08-11, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO STAY AHEAD ON FINTECH INNOVATION 1300+ attendees. 70+ companies demoing. Countless opportunities. See the cutting-edge of fintech via a unique, short-form, demo-only format. Plus, new for 2018, get advice and insights from 100+ fintech experts in a newly expanded program. All coming to you live from Silicon Valley, the world’s biggest tech and innovation hotbed.

The Payment Canada Summit

May 09-11, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
Join industry leaders, innovators and challengers at Canada’s largest payments conference. The 2018 SUMMIT is the forum to connect the payments ecosystem, offering a broad spectrum of topics that influence payments in Canada and around the world.
Payments Canada

Future of Fintech

June 19-21, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
CB Insights – The Disruption of Financial Services. The Future of Fintech is an exclusive gathering of the world’s largest financial institutions, best fintech startups, and most active venture investors.
CB Insights


June 20-21, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
The Annual Conference on Fintech and Banking transformation (FINBAT) aims to bring together researchers, decision makers, and practitioners interested in exploring the many facets of Fintech and banking transformation in the digital age.

Finovate Fall

September 24-29, 2018 – Conference/Showcase
THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO STAY AHEAD ON FINTECH INNOVATION 1500+ attendees. 70+ companies demoing. Countless opportunities. See cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form, demo format. Get advice and insights from 100+ fintech experts in an expanded program.


Driving Opportunities and Mitigating Risk in a Hyper-connected World
06 March 2020
What’s next for business in this world of digital services and data? Collaboration, interoperability and a trusted network in which to operate came to the fore as the key factors to support business growth and financial services transformation during a recent roundtable, held under Chatham House Rule. The report gives a perspective of the community the need for Transparency and trust, the bedrock of healthy and prosperous business and partnerships, being the key ingredients for success.

Five payments trends shaping 2020
06 March 2020
What’s next for business in this world of digital services and data? Collaboration, interoperability and a trusted network in which to operate came to the fore as the key factors to support business growth and financial services transformation during a recent roundtable, held under Chatham House Rule. The report gives a perspective of the community the need for Transparency and trust, the bedrock of healthy and prosperous business and partnerships, being the key ingredients for success.

The Future of Cloud: Powering the Financial Services Industry
17 February 2020
Leading institutions are now embracing and utilizing cloud services to both solve infrastructure needs in new ways, as well as create new experiences for their customers. This report explores how changes in consumer behaviour has led to the modernisation of core systems, the automation of back office processes and the elimination of data silos so that the collection, storage and analysis of this data can be completed efficiently.

The Future of Payments Deutsche Bank Research
04 February 2020
Deutsche Bank recently released its The Future of Payments research report, which outlined that over 60% of British respondents expressed that cash is still their preferred method of payment and will always be around despite the rise of digital payments. This sentiment is particularly true for those aged over 35 and those living in the countryside.

Insights on Latin America as new Fintech Frontier
03 December 2019
This paper captures the global investor point-of-view, while exploring the trend of ecosystem improvements that have led to LatAm’s breakout, including the emergence of new talent, early startup successes and ambitious regulatory reform.

Previous Reports

How European Retail Banks are Riding the Wave Of New Technology
21 November 2019
Retail banking is in the midst of change and technology is driving transformation, connecting physical and digital environments. European retail banks are using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, process automation and big data analytics to remodel legacy infrastructure.

Embracing technology to navigate the complexities of trade compliance
08 November 2019
The rising costs of compliance and due-diligence have motivated trade finance providers to find innovative solutions aimed at accelerating the process of trade transformation.

The State of AI in Financial Services
28 October 2019
In mid-2019 Finextra and Quantexa conducted a survey of senior business and technology managers from 31 countries, representing 63 financial institutions, about their current state of AI adoption and their future plans and challenges.

Global Fintech Report 2019
09 October 2019
How fintech is propelling FS and TMT firms out of their lanes

Cutting Edge B2B Payment Trends in 2020
30 September 2019
Businesses have never had so many options for paying or getting paid. It’s clear that the payments industry is constantly transforming and growing, and the cloud is accelerating that. By 2020, the US Business-to-Business (B2B) payments market is expected to reach $23.1 Trillion1!

World Payments Report 2019: Building collaborative ecosystem and leveraging instant payments
14 September 2019
Incumbents must leverage ecosystem-based business models to … Key regulatory and industry initiatives (KRIIs) aim to build a resilient payments ecosystem … In this fifteenth edition of the World Payments Report (WPR), we … to shape the new payments landscape, banks need to embrace collaborative.

Global Fintech Fundraising Fell in First Half of 2019, with Decline in China Offsetting Gains in the US and Europe
August 14, 2019 – Accenture
Value of deals falls 29% after record Ant Financial round in 2018; Fundraising soars in the US and the UK, with strong gains also in Germany, Sweden and France

Interconnection and the speed of change in the Nordics
July 23, 2019
There has been a consistent focus on digital transformation within the Nordic traditional financial services industry. This paper, produced by Finextra in association with Equinix, explores how interconnection and collaboration can help banks successfully navigate digital transformation and secure competitive advantage within the Nordics, and indeed any banking ecosystem.

World FinTech Report 2019 – Capegemini
June 04, 2019
The World FinTech Report 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores how the future is moving to a shared marketplace where banks must think beyond open banking and transition to an impending phase we call Open X.

B-Hive launches European FinTech landscape report, B-Lens 2.0, together with Roland Berger and Sirris
February 22, 2019
B-Hive, the collaborative innovation platform, together with Roland Berger, one of the leading global consultancy firms, and Sirris, the collective centre for and by the technological industry, has published B-Lens 2.0, a FinTech landscape report that takes a look at the state of financial services and FinTechs in Belgium and Europe.

2018 FinTech VC Investment Landscape
February 12, 2019
2018 was a record year in FinTech with $36.6 billion of venture capital invested in the sector across 2,304 deals, a 148% or 2.5x increase from 2017 and a 329% or 4.3x increase over five years. The second quarter of 2018, in particular, saw Ant Financial raise an astonishing $14 billion – both a record for FinTech as well as for venture capital.

The FinTech Disruptors Report 2019 – Removing Roadblocks
December 07, 2018
A decade after the Great Recession a lot has changed in financial services. But much has also stayed the same. Not including regulator-enforced bank rescues, league tables of the largest financial services organisations in Europe, and across the Middle East and Africa, are much the same as before the crash. The report, carried out by MagnaCarta includes the results of a survey of 5,000 professionals within banking, financial services and FinTech across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In addition, interviews have been conducted with 24 experts across the region.

FinTech decoded: The capital markets infrastructure opportunity (Mckinsey/World Exchange Report)
March 2018
Technology has long been the engine driving capital markets efficiency—both for investors in the markets, and for the capital markets infrastructure providers (CMIPs) that operate the exchanges and other trading venues, central counterparties, securities depositories, index providers, and data and analytics companies. More lately, FinTechs are bringing new technologies to market even faster and with a greater impact. Hundreds of FinTechs are focusing their development on capital markets infrastructure (CMI), and while CMIPs recognize that FinTech will have a significant influence on the industry, many remain unsure of which technologies to adopt and to what degree, and how best to engage and interact with FinTech companies.

FRTB: delivering on the promise of data-driven insights
February 2018
Although the Basel timetable for FRTB implementation may have been postponed, many banks have already formalized their FRTB reporting requirements. According to new research by Chartis Research and IBM Watson Financial Services, almost one-third of respondents are currently implementing new systems and approaches for FRTB reporting. Depending on their size and location, banks are pursuing FRTB reporting with different levels of urgency – yet in our survey all cited technology as a key barrier to implementation.

Sound Practices: implications of FinTech developments for banks and bank supervisors
February 2018
The Sound Practices on the implications of FinTech developments for banks and bank supervisors assesses how technology-driven innovation in financial services, or “FinTech”, may affect the banking industry and the activities of supervisors in the near to medium term.Various future potential scenarios are considered, with their specific risks and opportunities. In addition to the banking industry scenarios, three case studies focus on technology developments (big data, distributed ledger technology and cloud computing) and three on FinTech business models (innovative payment services, lending platforms and neo-banks).
Bank of International Settlements

FinTech: Finding the sweet spot
January, 2018
On the 23rd November 2017, Atos and Worldline, in partnership with Finovate, ran a panel discussion and workshop involving digital leaders and innovators from Financial Services institutions and FinTechs.
This report provides you with an overview and consolidation of the discussions that took place at the event and draws out the key conversations, insights and thoughts presented to help, educate and inspire as you pursue your own journey towards getting out of the lab and into the business.