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Industry news

Report questions value of InsurTech despite record investment
May 13, 2019. Finextra
Investment in the insurtech sector reached record highs in Q1 2019 yet there is lack of obvious value in the many of the newest InsurTech offerings, according to a recent report.

InsurTech industry sees record Q1 deal-making
May 10, 2019. FSTech
InsurTech investors worldwide executed the highest number of transactions and the highest volume of Series B and Series C funding rounds during the first three months of 2019, according to Willis Towers Watson.

Here’s How InsurTech is Tackling Singapore’s Ageing Problem
May 08, 2019. FinTech News
Let’s suppose you accidentally tore your ligament in the knee while exercising in the gym tomorrow. Do you know how much you’d need to pay for medical fees?

InsurTech Start-Up Brings Much Needed Transparency – And Savings – To Insurance Purchasing
April 24, 2019. PRNewswire
Disruption has finally come to the insurance industry, as one start-up has introduced technology that promises time- and cost-savings to consumers by providing them instant – real, not estimated – quote comparisons for home and auto insurance through a user-friendly digital platform that can complete an entire purchase within minutes.

Previous industry news

Insurer, insurTech collaboration will benefit NZ market – report
April 12, 2019. Insurance Business Magezine
New Zealand insurers have a significant opportunity to embrace the benefits of insurTech to help them deliver better customer experience and value.

High street brokers the next InsurTech targets
April 11, 2019. Insurance Business Magezine
When you say the word ‘InsurTech’, what probably comes to mind is a hip start-up in a converted warehouse, full of tech wizzes wearing t-shirts and trainers.

How InsurTech is helping respond to climate risk
April 04, 2019. Dig-In
With climate change a factor in some of the most destructive catastrophes worldwide, the insurance industry is taking notice. Ruth Foxe Blader, managing director with venture-capital company Anthemis, is responsible for identifying insurtechs that are helping carriers minimize risk.

How InsurTech Will Revolutionize Inland Marine by Cutting Costs
April 04, 2019. Insurance Journal
InsurTech advances will soon drive down unacceptably high expense ratios in the inland marine sector, making it possible to insure even hard-to-place, small or one-off inland marine risks at the best possible rates.

InsurTech Shaking Up The Life Insurance Industry
April 02, 2019. Insurance News
Although the insurance industry is known for moving slowly when it comes to change, the insurtech revolution is forcing executives out of their comfort zones.

EIOPA analyses InsurTech licencing
March 28, 2019. FSTech
The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published its report on best practice among authorities licensing InsurTechs across Europe. As part of the European Commission’s Fintech Action Plan, the document presents a mapping of current authorising and licencing approaches to financial innovation.

How the rise of InsurTech is impacting the insurance industry in an unexpected way
March 18, 2019. Insurance Business Magezine
The InsurTech movement isn’t just infusing the insurance supply chain with new solutions – it’s also bringing more diversity into the industry, according to one expert.

Disrupting the InsurTech sector one tap at a time
March 09, 2019. Tech Fruit
When I decided to let my flat through Airbnb back in 2016, I knew exactly what kind of insurance I was looking for. I needed a policy that would protect my property, protect my guests, and protect me against the risks of doing business, while providing the kind of short-term flexibility the sharing economy thrives on.

Irish InsurTech hub brings feast in southeast
March 08, 2019. Banking Tech
The plan is to improve “Ireland’s attractiveness” for foreign direct investment in the insurance space, resulting in 50 new businesses and supporting the creation of 300 jobs by 2022.

The InsurTech that is easing brokers’ pain
March 04, 2019. Insurance Business Magazine
From the founding of Direct Line back in 1984, to the explosion of price comparison websites in the 90s, insurance brokers are used to being told about threatening new arrivals that could take away their business.

InsurTech UK announces latest members
March 07, 2019. FSTech
Insurtech UK, the industry’s new association, has revealed its latest associate members and partners. This body’s core membership now stands at more than 40 InsurTech industry stakeholders, with Lloyd’s of London, Hiscox, Holloway Friendly and Bascule all named as associate members ahead of a formalising its association status in the coming months.

InsurTech: the top five legal issues to consider
February 27, 2019. JDSUPRA
The insurance market is changing rapidly, driven by shifting customer expectations and technology progress. IoT and connected devices are transforming the industry, for example with the increasing use of telematics for motor insurance, wearable technologies and m-health apps for health insurance, and smart appliances and devices for home insurance.

InsurTech investment drops in 2018
February 18, 2019. Verdict
InsurTech investment in 2018 totalled $5.7bn, compared to $10.3bn in the previous year. While this is a massive drop in value, the number of InsurTech deals stayed relatively stable, dropping from 258 to 242.

In America, InsurTech is big business: KPMG
February 15, 2019. Digital Insurance
As a segment of the larger FinTech revolution, the InsurTech phenomenon is truly global. But it’s in the U.S. where it really shines, according to KPMG.

InsurTech funding surges in 2018 as key players expand: Deutsche Bank
February 08, 2019. Reinsurance
Insurtech investment volumes increased by more than 60% between 2017 and 2018, while key players such as Lemonade and Amazon also expanded their operations over the year, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank.

InsurTech reveals “Netflix for insurance” renter’s policy
February 06, 2019. Insurance Times
It believes that renters are the most under-served market in insurance. Home insurance insurtech, Urban Jungle has revealed a new £5 monthly fixed-rate renter’s insurance product, which it described as the “Netflix for insurance.”

2019 will be all about FinTech, HealthTech, InsurTech, IoT
February 05, 2019. Venture Burn
This year promises to be an exciting one ahead for SA startups and those in the startup scene — with lots expected from sectors like FinTech, HealthTech, Internet of Things (IoT) and South Africa’s VC market.

Predicting the Future of InsurTech
February 04, 2019. Insurance Though
InsurTech came into its own in 2018. We saw insurtech startups successfully funded or acquired and established insurtech companies beginning to actually compete with legacy insurers.

Six InsurTech start-ups to watch in 2019
January 29, 2019. Post Online
As Post gears up to launch the 2019 Insurtech 100 listing in association with Tallt, Post content director Jonathan Swift highlights six businesses that will hope to be featured in forthcoming rankings.

InsurTech in 2019: 4 questions whose answers will show the way
January 23, 2019. Digital Insurance
The past few years have seen feverish growth in visibility of insurance’s digital transformation. But as the movement gains in maturity, what’s next? I looked at a range of predictions to see if a roadmap is emerging for the direction of the industry.

Is the InsurTech Wave Hitting a Riptide?
January 22, 2019. Insurance Thought Leadership
The riptide analogy generates a powerful image of a turbulent sea, where the strong finally reach the shore, but the weak that succumb to the powerful currents are pulled back out to the sea. The InsurTech world is experiencing a similar struggle.

3 InsurTech Trends Accelerating in 2019
January 18, 2019. Insurance Thought Leadership
2018 was a breakout year for InsurTech companies, as the insurance industry has been long overdue for innovation and disruption. The year attracted both talent and funding to the industry.

Incumbent Insurers and InsurTech, Part 1: Partners in Time
January 17, 2019. Market Screener
The past 36 months in insurance make an excellent case study for university classrooms. How did InsurTech startups first threaten the insurance industry, then inspire the insurance industry and now end up as mentors, students and partners with the insurance industry?

8 Key InsurTech Trends for 2019
January 16, 2019. Insurance Thought Leadership
The industry used to be a tech laggard. No more. Though there’s still much work to be done, most insurers are now better-positioned to capitalize on their investment in technology.

How to cancel InsurTech Noise
January 09, 2019. Claims Journal
Insurtech, the buzzword of the insurance industry, has been impossible to avoid, appearing in email inboxes and at conferences virtually non-stop.

Trends in InsurTech 2019
January 09, 2019. Times
Several relevant technologies and trends in the field are creating a real revolution in the insurance field. The aim of these changes is to make the process of purchasing products and services more convenient, cheaper and smarter.

Learning by Doing and Undoing: InsurTech Pilots and Pivots
January 04, 2019. Insurance Journal
InsurTechs are great for the industry because it needs to change to be competitive, but InsurTechs are only going to be able to help change the industry if they themselves make money.

Global economy has become less resilient, but InsurTech can help: Swiss Re
January 04, 2019. Reinsurance
The global economy has become less resilient to shocks in the ten years following the financial crisis, but new public-private partnerships, in combination with the use and development of new technological capabilities, can help to strengthen it, according to reinsurance giant Swiss Re.

InsurTech no “silver bullet”
January 02, 2019. Insurance Business Magezine
InsurTech may have the capacity to improve countless facets within the insurance space but it’s certainly not risk-free. Now one senior figure says serious thought must be put into the development and implementation of any new technology.

5 InsurTech Questions for 2019 
December 24, 2018. Think Advisor
The return of investment market volatility could make 2019 a year when what life and annuity issuers really want out of information technology is stability. When the environment is calm, insurers may dream of fancy tech worlds of tomorrow.

Company news

InsurTech, Cover, Now Selling Its Own Auto Policies in Texas
April 25, 2019. Insurance Journal
Cover, a mobile-first insurance brokerage, has begun selling its own auto insurance policies in Texas. The new service — an evolution from the company’s nationally-licensed insurance brokerage.

SoFi goes insurtech with Lemonade and Root
April 25, 2019. Banking Tech
The San Francisco-based company teamed up with Lemonade and Root, adding three types of insurance to the company’s existing portfolio. An integration with New York-based Lemonade will provide home and renters insurance, while Ohio-based Root will offer an auto insurance option.

Meet the insurTech: Avibra aims to be the Netflix of life insurance
April 25, 2019. Digital Insurance
Yogesh Shetty’s Avibra’s vision was to “offer a Netflix-type subscription for overall well-being that automatically provides an opportunity to bundle longevity services and a mortality product.

U.S. Insurtech Lively Expansion Health Savings Account Accessibility With New Mobile App
April 11, 2019. Crowdfundinsider
Lively, a U.S.-based insurtech, announced on Thursday the launch of its new iOS mobile app, which offers more accessibility to customers’ health saving accounts (HSAs).

Previous company news

Grange, Rev1 Ventures team up for insurTech-focused initiative
April 10, 2019. Verdict
American insurance company Grange Insurance and its affiliate partner Integrity Insurance have joined forces with startup studio Rev1 Ventures to support InsurTech-focused startups.

Plug and Play InsurTech signs Achmea as their first partner from the Netherlands
April 09, 2019. Compelo
Achmea has joined the Plug and Play global innovation platform as the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands.Achmea employs about 14,000 staff in the Netherlands and conducts business in five other countries around the world.

InsurTech start-up Zego offers first usage-based fleet insurance policy to ride-sharing market
April 04, 2019. Compelo
InsurTech firm Zego has made its first move into the commercial fleet space through a partnership with WeFlex, a company that leases vehicles to drivers working for Uber and other rideshare services

Synechron partners with InsurTech UK to promote innovation in UK insurance sector
April 01, 2019. Money Control
Synechron, a Digital IT Consulting firm for financial services, has announced a strategic partnership with Insurtech UK, in an effort to help promote the need for innovation within the UK insurance sector.

InsurTech Slice Lab unveils new AI-based tool to predict insurance risk
March 29, 2019. Verdict
American insurtech start-up Slice Labs has launched its new business unit to help firms personalise, experiment, simulate and predict insurance risk with AI.

Florida Insurtech HoneyQuote Rolls Out Real-Time Rating Engine, Adds Heritage to Platform
March 26, 2019. Insurance Journal has added a new carrier partner and launched its real-time rating engine, which lets Florida homeowners compare multiple home insurance quotes and purchase a policy online.

A+ Asset to Enter InsurTech Market
March 19, 2019. ET News
Major GA (General Agency) called A+ Asset is planning to launch its own mobile application and compete with others regarding Insurtech services. It is taking this measure as paradigm within insurance industry has recently revolved around InsurTech based on IT and Big Data.

Capgemini joins Hartford InsurTech Hub
March 19, 2019. Insurance News Net
Capgemini announced today that it has joined the Hartford InsurTech Hub. Powered by Startupbootcamp, the Connecticut-based hub is a global accelerator set up to help the insurance industry advance its innovation goals by scouting technology solutions provided by startups around the world to meet the industry’s core business challenges and aspirations.

InsurTech Zego Launches in Spain
March 08, 2019. FinTech Times
Zego, the London-based InsurTech, has launched in Spain, offering its range of flexible insurance products to scooter delivery riders and private hire vehicle fleets. The launch, accompanied by the opening of a new office in Madrid, is another milestone in Zego’s ambition to disrupt the European insurance.

DB Insurance Focuses on Innovation through InsurTech
February 26, 2019. English ET News
DB Insurance has emerged as the icon of insurance industry as it has started focusing on InsurTech. It established a department responsible for InsurTech with IT personnel and it is making partnership with various InsurTech companies.

BIBA Works With InsurTech Worry+Peace to Bring Insurance Customers to Brokers
March 07, 2019. Insurance News Net
The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) has joined forces with the UK InsurTech, Worry+Peace to bring an all new, highly innovative facility to its members.

AXA XL joins forces with InsurTech to offer crowdfunding protection insurance
March 07, 2019. Insurance Business Magezine
AXA XL is collaborating with Assurely to create a new insurance product for issuers and investors – particularly those engaged in crowdfunding portals.

Astorg takes minority stake in UK InsurTech Acturis
March 01, 2019. Banking Tech
Financial details were not disclosed, but under the terms of the transaction, existing investor Summit Partners will exit its position. It had first got involved in 2010. Acturis employees will continue to own the majority of the company.

Zurich acquires U.S InsurTech firm Sea Pine Technologies
February 26, 2019. Banking Tech
Zurich North America has acquired 100% ownership of Sea Pine Technologies, a U.S InsurTech firm that specialises in developing digital applications for the marketing of vehicle protection products.

InsurTech Axinan unveils igloo
February 26, 2019. Finextra
Axinan, a Singapore-based InsurTech firm today announced the launch of igloo, catering on-demand digital insurance solutions to the everyday lifestyle needs of today’s millennials.

Nassau Re unveils InsurTech incubator to support insurance start-ups
February 22, 2019. Verdict
American re/insurer Nassau Re has launched an InsurTech incubator to provide support to start-ups focussed on life insurance, annuity and reinsurance industries.

InsurTech Startup Hippo Insurance Partners With Neptune Flood to Create Online Home & Flood Insurance Solution
February 21, 2019. Crowdfundinsider
InsurTech startup Hippo Insurance announced on Thursday it has teamed up with Neptune Flood, a data-driven flood insurance company, to launch a new online home and flood insurance solution.

Allianz X boosts fund size to €1bn for InsurTech action
February 21, 2019. Banking Tech
The firm, which is the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group, says the increase is the result of Allianz X’s “investment track record, successful collaborations with growth companies as well as the contribution towards the group’s overall digital transformation strategy”.

InsurTech-Driven MGA, Agile, Appointed as StarStone Partner in Australasia
February 15, 2019. Insurance Journal
Agile Underwriting Services Pty Ltd., the insurtech-driven managing general agency (MGA) and Lloyd’s coverholder, announced it has been appointed as a representative agent for global specialty insurer, StarStone, in Australia and New Zealand.

Munich Re invests in InsurTech start-up Inshur
February 14, 2019. Verdict
Commercial auto InsurTech Inshur has gained $7m in a Series A funding round thanks to Munich Re InsurTech investment. Apart from the $7m in equity funding, the InsurTech firm also secured $2m credit facility in the same funding round which was also joined by MTech Capital.

Aon partners with InsurTech Claim Central to modernise claim management
February 08, 2019. Verdict
UK-based re/insurance broker Aon has teamed up with InsurTech firm Claim Central to digitise and modernise its claim management capabilities.

Solera acquires European InsurTech firm
February 08, 2019. Insurance Business Magazines
Texas-based Solera Holdings, a provider of intelligent data and software as a service (SaaS) to manage the automotive, light and heavy truck fleet, home and identity sectors, has announced its acquisition of in4mo Oy, a European provider of SaaS-based software and services for the property-structure insurance and repair professional markets.

InsurTech Zego partners with French insurer La Parisienne for European expansion
February 06, 2019. Intelligence Insurer
London-based insurtech Zego, a provider of pay-as-you-go insurance for drivers and riders who work flexibly with their own vehicles, has partnered with France-based La Parisienne Assurances (LPA) to expand its services across Europe.

Swiss Re Partners with InsurTech Firm OZON, Offering Cyber Risk Solution in France
February 05, 2019. Insurance Journal
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is expanding its cyber offering by launching CyberSolution 360°, a risk management solution that combines insurance with cyber attack protection services.

Argentina’s Banco Columbia chooses FinTech and InsurTech company novae as digital transformation partner
February 04, 2019. PRNewswire
Banco Columbia, with 59 branches across Argentina, has partnered with the fintech and insurtech company novae to support its digital transformation.

Conifer partners with AI InsurTech start-up Betterview
February 04, 2019. Verdict
Conifer Insurance Company, a commercial insurance provider, has selected insurtech Betterview’s artificial intelligence-powered Property Profile solution to support its underwriting needs.

Workers’ Compensation InsurTech Pie Insurance Enters 5 Additional States
January 25, 2019. Insurance Journal
Online seller Pie Insurance has started offering its workers compensation insurance in five more states, bringing the total to 14.The Washington, D.C.-based managing general agent disclosed it has begun marketing its policies to small businesses in New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Nebraska.

Ohio InsurTech Root Plans to Expand Further, Grow Workforce
January 25, 2019. Insurance Journal
Columbus, Ohio-based Root Insurance, says it plans to expand into additional states in 2019 and increase its workforce by 150 percent.

InsurTech start-up launches live COI
January 24, 2019. Insurance Business Magezine
Bunker, a San Francisco-based InsurTech startup, has launched a program that provides real-time proof of insurance. Certificates of insurance are largely issued as PDF documents, which Bunker says are difficult to track, easy to fabricate, and can only provide static data.

InsurTech Setoo takes off with Invia Flights Germany
January 22, 2019. Banking Tech
London-based insurance and “Protection-as-a-Service” firm Setoo is airborne and in an affable mood as it has got its first customer. After its platform launch late last year, the insurtech start-up has now welcomed Invia Flights Germany onboard. The latter pools the flight business of portals.

“Mobile-first” InsurTech may be coming to Canada
January 16, 2019. Canadian Underwriter
A San Francisco-based firm calling itself a “mobile-first” property and casualty insurance brokerage might start placing home and auto coverage in Canada.

Aon joins SBC InsurTech programme
January 11, 2019. FSTech
Professional services giant Aon has become the latest industry partner for the Startupbootcamp (SBC) InsurTech CoLab (CoLab), a theme-based innovation program for mature markets.

PAL Network partners with Toyota Tsusho and Allianz for new InsurTech offerings
January 10, 2019. Verdict
Singapore-based InsurTech startup PAL Network has signed two memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreements with Toyota Tsusho and Allianz Malaysia to create blockchain-based insurtech offerings.

On-demand InsurTech Trov expands in U.S.
January 10, 2019. Verdict
Trov, an on-demand InsurTech for personal items supported by Munich Re, is expanding to four additional states.  The expansion follows Trov’s launches in the UK and Australia, and its first U.S. launch in Arizona over the past few years.

Braintri Drives InsurTech Innovation in Europe
January 08, 2019. Finnovate
Braintri announced this week that its insurance subscription platform, hiPRO Connector, is going live as part of a new agreement with Benefia, a division of Vienna Insurance Group.


Global InsurTech Summit
March 04-06, 2019 – Conference/Showcase
The Global InsurTech Summit is hosted by AltAssets and FinTech Global. We have served the global insurance, financial services, investment and technology industries for nearly two decades and built in-depth relationships with the senior decision-makers at a majority of the world’s largest insurance companies and financial institutions, including banks, asset management firms, pension funds, private equity fund managers, venture firms and family offices.

Insurtech Insights Europe 2019
March 19-20, 2019 – Conference/Showcase
Understand the market and problems you are challenged with solving. Sharpen your proposition and identify what parts of the insurance value chain are ripe for innovation. Build awareness by networking with investors and insurance executives

Previous events

FinTech + – October 1-2, Zurich

October 1 – 2, 2018 – InsurTech, Conference/ Showcase
FinTech+, the Swiss Global Marketplace, is Switzerland’s largest and most International FinTech event. FinTech+ brings together FinTech leaders from around the world in Zurich, offering a global marketplace for wealth management, insurance and social finance anchored in Switzerland.

InsurTech Connect – October 2-3, Las Vegas

October 2-3, 2018 – InsurTech, Conference/ Showcase
InsureTech Connect is the world’s largest InsurTech event — offering unparalleled access to the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents from across the globe.


Quarterly InsurTech Q4 Briefing – Willis Towers Watson/ CB Insights
Willis Re

2018 Following another year of record investment, this in-depth report highlights a full year’s worth of 2017 InsurTech activity. By investing heavily in start-ups and technology, (re)insurance companies sent a message to potential disruptive outsiders and assumed a semblance of control over the InsurTech revolution.

The  Future of InsurTech in Germany: InsurTech Radar 2017 – Oliver Wyman
Oliver Wyman

The German InsurTech market continues to develop very dynamically. One can rightfully speak of a start-up boom. But how sustainable is it? We applied the tried and tested InsurTech Radar methodology to evaluate the developments and compare the results to those obtained in 2016. With this, our InsurTech Radar provides orientation for all players in the insurance market.

2018 InsurTech Impact 25 – Oxbox Partners
Oxbox Partners

There are many InsurTech lists and landscape infographics.  What really matters is identifying the winners. Members of Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 have achieved revenue growth and have a technology-led proposition that can transform incumbents or the insurance industry as a whole.

InsurTech sector quarterly update, Q3 July 2017
Insure Tech News

With the help of Venture Scanner data, InsurTechNews is now able to offer you a quarterly update on the state of the InsurTech sector.