Worldwide user support reduces costs and improves service

Industry: Manufacturing
Region: Russia

More than 7,000 PERI employees across 56 countries get help desk services from Atos.


The project is only in initial stages, and PERI has already seen its quality of service, user satisfaction and service costs improve.

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Pavel Puzanov, IT Manager of Eastern and Northern Europe, PERI GmbH

“In different regions of PERI’s presence, the IT support service was fragmented. In some places the work was carried out by local contractors. Elsewhere the problems were solved by the company’s own resources. Synergy with Atos allowed us to unify the service delivery system, develop a common concept for tracking results and determine key performance indicators. All of this simplified both the process of contacting support and its control by the management.”

Sergey Klyuev, Head of Infrastructure and Data Management, Atos in Russia

“We entered the operational phase of the project at the time of the global pandemic crisis. Employees were switching to remote work and user requests were acquiring a different character due to changes in the company. Still, we managed to timely respond to the prevailing conditions and be flexible in providing services during the COVID-19 period — while observing all the terms of the SLA.”

The challenge


PERI is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of formwork and scaffolding systems as well as civil engineering solutions. Global IT support for 7,000 employees in 56 countries was expensive and fragmented, making it difficult to manage. User support was expensive and fragmented. And PERI had no system for tracking results or KPIs.

The company needed a service that would effectively support users at the lowest cost.

The solution


Since the start of this contract, which began in November 2019, the company has successfully implemented three introductory phases. The resulting centralized customer help desk supports more than 7,000 PERI employees worldwide.

The Atos team developed a shared framework for tracking results and finalized key performance indicators.

Atos provides first- and second-line support for PERI users speaking multiple languages including Russian, English and German.

Business benefit


Centralizing support for its users has allowed PERI to:

  • Reduce service costs immediately at the beginning of the project
  • Improve the quality of service, as well as user satisfaction scores
  • Establish a unified approach to service delivery across all business units
  • Simplify the process of contacting support
  • Streamline support management

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Atos has successfully launched a global support project for its new client PERI, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems, to provide support for more than 7,000 PERI employees across 56 countries.

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