Water and Waste Management

For a sustainable and effective future, every water and waste management company must ask what digital transformation means for them.

Atos is helping water and waste companies meet their most complex challenges – ensuring that a rich stream of intelligently related data guides everything from field-force management to customer education.

This data-centric focus has a direct and positive impact on efficiency and cost-reduction. It benefits everything from scanning and maintaining aging infrastructure to fine-tuning the volumes of chemicals needed in purification.

Prudent innovation is helping drive down IT costs and boost productivity too: cloud service delivery and mobility empower your workforce like never before.

“Worldwide, we consume around one billion liters of water every six seconds.”

Full IT infrastructure transformation in just 12 months

When Italian utility company Acea sought to reinvent an ailing business model, IT infrastructure transformation was a prerequisite for effective change.

This Ovum enterprise case study describes how Italian utility provider Acea, with Atos as its principle IT partner, transformed its IT landscape through end-to-end SAP integration in just twelve months.

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A comprehensive vision

Atos solutions for water and waste management span the entire business cycle, from purification right through to customer service, metering and billing.

Expert in managing digital transformation, we help water and waste management companies shift to more efficient data-driven operations without ever compromising safety, continuity or regulatory compliance.

Customer Service

Helping water companies create more intimate customer relationships.

Quality and Diagnostics

Continually monitoring water and waste quality, exploiting digital analytics for active intervention.

Process Control

Maximizing the digital contribution for round-the-clock performance and asset protection.

Unified communication

Resource Management

Giving the workforce the mobile tools and digital workplace they need to excel.

What our clients say about us


Achieving smart asset management for Hera

“Low-cost sensors and machine-to-machine communication now provide unprecedented levels of real-time digital intelligence – and low-cost computing means we can analyze and act on data with better results than ever before.”

Piera Fasoli, CIO, Hera, Italy

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