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Delivering digital transformation for transmission and distribution

Guaranteeing the delivery of clean and reliable power is priority one for modern power providers. As more distributed energy resources (DERs) and renewable energy sources are introduced into the grid, we move closer toward a fully data-driven and dynamic smart grid. However, evolving to a digital, more distributed grid requires a holistic approach.

With our deep industry knowledge and expertise in grid management, intelligent asset management, grid edge and energy market management, Atos is actively supporting the industry’s journey from smart grid management to total energy orchestration, and ultimately to what has been coined “The Internet of Energy.”

We can help you navigate the modern bi-directional, data-driven energy network with the digital solutions and platforms that will ensure your success and positively impact your bottom line.

Edge computing, AI and ML will significantly lower maintenance costs while extending the lifecycle of physical assets.

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Utilities
2021 Predictions


It is important to be able to continually balance electricity production and consumption, but with green energy this is often notoriously difficult. We discuss the challenges with Météo-France and other experts in the field.

Transforming T&D for a net-zero future

Digital increases the consumption of IT, but also revolutionizes operational models, providing opportunities to rethink and redesign business models to be more respectful to the environment.

Realizing the power of energy-related data requires evolving beyond company “data siloes” and interacting with data from other ecosystem players – enabling innovative, multi-sided business services and new stakeholders to enter the picture.

Transmission and distribution solutions

Grid management

Modernize and optimize utility operations to guarantee grid stability and reliability, safety and quality.

Intelligent asset management

Develop digital strategies for asset investment planning, predictive maintenance and optimization of workforce operations.

Grid edge

Enable new business and operational models including aggregation, storage, micro-grids, V2G, e-mobility and multi-energy dashboards.

Energy market management

Create a faster, more dynamic and efficient energy trading environment with a solution that closely links power generators, traders and consumer producers.






Why Atos for your digital journey?

Atos helps energy and utility (E&U) companies implement a more carbon-neutral, digital-first approach to operations. For over 40 years, we’ve served E&U clients, whose businesses span the globe and the energy value chain.


years of serving E&U clients


E&U clients across the globe


energy industry specialists

Our portfolio of vertical solutions enables our E&U industry specialists to help clients deliver innovative services, increase customer engagement and new revenue streams, automate essential business processes and harness real-time intelligence to drive business decisions.

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Although currently responsible for over 70% of carbon emissions, energy and utility companies must become our sustainability champions. Learn how Atos helps you to achieve your net-zero ambitions.

Ibrahim Cobanoglu

Solution Manager,
Atos Worldgrid

Tomorrow’s platform-based ecosystems


Platform-based ecosystems are predicted to account for 30% of all global revenues by 2025. Learn how traditional silos are breaking down and how collaboration between different utilities will be crucial to future success.

Jorge Gonzalez Hernando

Jorge González Hernando

Head of Solutions,
Atos Worldgrid

Redefining enterprise purpose


Atos Scientific Community Member, Celestino Güemes, explains the role of the new generation of smart grids in the energy & utilities transformation, and shares insights into the emerging technologies to embrace.

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