Smart power generation

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Smart power generation

Power generators are facing no shortage of challenges, from aging assets and tools to the need to improve the reliability and cost-effectiveness of renewables from sources such as solar, wind and hydro energy. Data and digital platforms can play a key role immediately.

Atos brings over 40 years of experience in the energy industry. We’re helping power producers maximize output from aging assets and avoid unplanned outages. With connected intelligence we are increasing plant energy efficiency for safer, more efficient operations. To improve the availability, reliability and affordability of renewable energy assets we’re supporting our clients with more accurate forecasting tools, proactive monitoring and predictive analytics.

At Atos, we understand your challenges and we have the expertise, experience and capabilities to help you address them – digitally transforming your planning, operations and maintenance for a secure, profitable and low-carbon future.

Renewable energy use is up to a record 28%, but it needs to reach 86% by 2050.

Electricity Market Report

Relies upon secure Atos wind farm communications

Orsted, a leader in offshore wind, is ranked the most sustainable company in the world. Karsten Hvalkof Andersen, Director of SCADA Offshore Engineering, explains how to maintain busines continuity and worker safety while navigating the security challenges associated with mission-critical communication systems.

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Balancing the energy mix

The variability of renewables has a direct financial impact along the whole value chain. Machine learning helps us combine historical data with current measurements to accurately predict and balance power generation.

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Digital twin: taking E&U maintenance to the next level

Discover how to leverage digital twins, high-quality data and machine learning to move away from schedule-based maintenance toward condition-based maintenance for less downtime, more efficiency and reduced operating costs.

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Smart power solutions

Greenfield plant build accelerator

Streamlining lengthy planning and building processes for new plants with improved collaboration across the value chain and digital tools to test, process and analyze data efficiently to meet growing demand.

Smart operations and maintenance

Extending asset lifetimes, reducing downtime and ensuring safety with data-driven solutions for condition-based monitoring and maintenance, digital control room operations and process automation.

Smart energy transition

Managing intermittent renewable energy supply with predictive analytics and AI-enabled solutions that improve renewable energy forecasting, asset availability and real-time monitoring.

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Creating renewable energy for a
sustainable future

Renom client story

Renom, a renewable energy leader in India, needed a centralized, data-driven way to ensure consistent performance across its wind farms. Learn how Atos helped to increase turbine availability and reduce maintenance costs.

Jins Tom Arambankudy

Global Solution Manager, Power Generation

Secure communications for wind farms


Extreme environments require extremely reliable communication solutions. Discover how converged communications and resource management deliver safety and efficiency.

Paul Da Cruz

Global Head of Consulting & Marketing Energy & Utilities

Saving the planet by digitalizing the energy
value chain


Climate change and population growth are two of the biggest threats to the sustainability of the planet. See how digitalization is bringing together and optimizing the energy value chain.

Why Atos for your digital journey?

Atos helps energy & utility (E&U) companies implement a more carbon-neutral, digital-first approach to operations. For over 40 years, we’ve served our E&U clients, whose businesses span the globe and the energy value chain.


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E&U clients
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Our portfolio of vertical solutions enables our E&U industry specialists to deliver innovative services, increase customer engagement and new revenue streams, automate essential business processes, and harness real-time intelligence to drive business decisions.

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