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Every smart utility company must be data-driven – and that demands agile, industrial-scale analytics.

For today’s utility companies, every activity is data-driven – and that data is increasingly linked to real-time operation.

Whether seeking to balance local and centralized production across smart grids or to develop compelling personalized incentive packages for business and domestic customers, data-driven business services are critical.

Utilities have always been in the lead with metrics.  They were, after all, the first industry to build a business model on domestic metering.

In a newly hyper-connected world, it’s time for utilities to take the lead again – and that demands accelerated innovation in analytics.

With Atos Codex, we provide a fast-track to effective and differentiating analytics for utilities.

Combining dedicated utility use cases with data science expertise, Atos brings the value of IoT, cognitive and advanced analytics to activities ranging from fraud detection and enhanced predictive maintenance to social media analysis and customer retention.

77% of utilities are considering (56%) or are already using (21%) data and analytics to support the development of new smart business models.

* Source: a Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper commissioned by Atos

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Data as a differentiator for utilities

Whether considering optimized maintenance planning or more compelling engagement with customers, data – and data analytics – now becomes pivotal for any utility seeking to achieve sustainable market differentiation.

Get a taste for cognitive and data analytics for utilities in this short video from Atos Codex.

How can Atos Codex enable insight-driven utilities?

With Atos Codex, utility companies can transform data into insights and business value.

As a key pillar of Atos’ Digital Transformation Factory, Atos Codex provides a comprehensive methodology, a growing portfolio of business use-cases, advanced design labs, and an open industrial platform factory to deliver your data strategy.

What our clients say about us


Madrileña Red de Gas

“Gas fraud is not straightforward, and until now detection has often depended more on luck than science. Our new analytics tools have changed the rules in our favor.  It gets even better:  with every round of analytics, these cognitive tools get smarter meaning that intelligence and success improve continuously.”

Glen Lancastle, CIO and COO, Madrileña Red De Gas

View the Madrileña Red De Gas Case Study here

Power generation – Data-analytics for hydropower

Optimizing the performance of hydro-electric assets by analyzing data from plant sensors, meteorological and forecast streams.
By applying a combination of operational and commercial analytics, hydropower companies are able to increase efficiency and profitability while enhancing their role as the leading contributor in a complex mix of renewables.

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