Atos Codex for Telco

Analytics will now underpin the success of all new customer service and operational advance in telecommunications.

Data analytics now impacts every area of business in telecommunications.  The quality of analytics will determine both differentiation and success.

Atos combines deep sector knowledge with industrial-strength analytics to offer the support our telecommunications clients need in the new world of data-driven business.

You need to anticipate new service demand from business and consumer clients, and only analytics can deliver the substantiated insight you need to drive product and service development.

In operations, only accurate and timely analytics can ensure that networks are managed to deliver exceptional and affordable performance at all times.

And in developing new alliances to create new propositions, your growing data assets become a powerful incentive for partners to engage with you.

Telco data storage >60% CAGR

Atos Codex for Telecommunications – T-Mobile Austria

What is the relation between your phone bill and big data?

This is a success story about Atos Codex and T-Mobile Austria. With Atos Codex, Atos data scientists built a powerful solution that incorporates demographic, geographic and financial attributes, advanced statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms.

This helps to identify fraudulent customers early on, protecting T-Mobile Austria from potential revenue losses.

Why choose Atos for real-time analytics?

With the development of Atos Codex, we demonstrate an unambiguous strategic commitment to delivering value through analytics.

For our telecommunications clients, that value is evident in practical use cases which include advanced network monitoring, asset management, client profiling and social network analysis.

Advice and Intelligence

Our telco data scientists will help you create a holistic approach to analytics, breaking down the barrier between commercial and operational activity.

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Analytics as a service

As owners of extensive high-performance computing, we offer analytics-as-a-service, giving maximum agility with zero capital investment.

Use Cases

The Atos approach is practical. Our telco use cases accelerate practical application, promote creativity and share best practice.

Trust and compliance

Trust and Compliance

All data-driven opportunity operates in sensitive territory.  Our experience in security and compliance lets you exploit new data initiatives with confidence.

For any successful telco, analytics and agility are inseparable

When two thirds of the world population own smartphones and the world of communication is transformed by mobility and the internet-of-things, data-driven opportunity for telcos is everywhere.

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Atos Codex for Telco: breaking down the barriers

Telcos love technology. It’s not surprising. Look at the biggest social and business changes the world has experienced in recent years, and communications technology is never far away.

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