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Analytics becomes key to success for media companies, enabling creative and profitable responses to audience choice while maximizing content monetization

Sustainable success for every media company now depends on the ability to know and act on the tastes and preferences of individual customers in real-time.  You need to maximize content value by effectively managing the related metadata.

In media, this is where intelligent data analytics comes to life.

Atos combines deep experience of the broadcast, publishing and entertainment industries with outstanding data analytics capabilities.

Our Atos Codex analytics portfolio is enriched with sector-specific use cases, with media especially well-represented.

Gain real-time insight into audience behavior over every device and channel. Use this differentiating intelligence to form effective and profitable strategy and partnerships.

Consolidate content metadata in a valuable data lake and leverage powerful processing and search tools for rapid and flexible content use and reuse.

Engage with our media specialists to fast-track the new analytics approaches which underpin your future success.

40% of real time data is coming from mobile devices

Why choose Atos for media analytics?

As a media analytics partner, Atos will help you radically boost insight, intelligence and audience intimacy.

We will support you across all media channels and audience behaviors, from traditional broadcast through to social media and user-generated content.

Behavioral Intelligence

Atos media analytics deliver actionable intelligence derived from real-time and historic data.

As-a-service provisioning

We are fully resourced with high-performance computing services, so that you make no capital investments.

Fast-track Adoption

The Atos Codex analytics suite is built for rapid adoption and experiment.

Adaptive innovation

Our analytics services anticipate every change in media technology and market trend.

What our clients say about us


A detailed picture of customer segments and purchasing behavior

“Through Atos, we will be able to provide our customers with an innovative, flexible, responsive and easy-to-use service, which will clearly differentiate us in the UK marketplace and will help us to increase admissions and win new customers.”

Justin Skinner, Head of Marketing, Cineworld Cinemas Ltd.

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This white paper gives you the essential checklist for a winning analytics strategy.

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