Content digitization

Digitization & Migration of tape archives

Migrating tape archives into the digital future

Television archives are an important part of our society’s collective memory and contain unique testimonies of world history. But outdated storage media, such as videotapes, are subject to constant decay.

Atos is one of the world’s leading service providers in content digitization services. Our customers benefit from our end-to-end approach. Our Competence Center specialists in Vienna, together with our partner NOA, support our customers throughout the entire project, from consulting and project management to quality control and assurance of digitized content.

Atos digitizes 600,000 equaling to


shelves of Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) archive

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Why choose Atos Content Digitization?

Ensure quality and accessibility of content while reducing costs

Awards cup


Digitization ensures quality and preserves content for the future


Digitized archives improve accessibility. Speed up editorial work

Consumer experience

Consumers benefit from simplified access to content

Cost savings

Reduced costs for storage and media content production processes

Steps for content digitization

Logistics for content digitization


In order not to disrupt the daily workflow, a well-thought-out logistics concept is essential.
Check-out: Atos ensures an optimized mix of content to create a balanced load. A special process ensures the completeness of tapes.
For transport (acc. IASA TC05), the tapes are professionally packed & protected.
Check-in: By using Barcodes, Atos trigger metadata transfer & register tapes

Technical Realization

Technical Realization

Atos uses technology from our partner NOA, like NOA Frame Lector™, NOA VTRi™, to deliver optimal results. Through a powerful 2-step cleaning process, the source material is optimally prepared for digitization. Our specialists detect transfer issues and can minimize them within the ingest process.

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

In addition to the technical quality assurance, Atos has the know-how to identify digital and analog errors in image and sound in a highly specialized process with the help of the products of its partner, JOANNEUM. This process also includes detailed documentation and categorization of the errors found, which can be transferred in the customer’s Media Asset Management (MAM), including corresponding time codes.

final control

Final Control

Atos specialists perform a final manual check in the customer’s MAM of all delivered content in terms of existing and generated metadata (name, length, audio, and video format).

This ensures that consumers ultimately enjoy the best possible quality.

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