Broadcast Network Control System +

Comprehensive control and monitoring for media networks

Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS+) for Media


Broadcasters are dealing with a perfect storm of market and technology-driven changes: the move to demand-led consumption, the proliferation of platforms and sources, fragmented audience tastes, managing ownership and rights for different uses, and increasingly complex advertising requirements. There’s also the need to create open environments in which systems and components from multiple vendors can interact with complete smoothness, at the highest speed to deliver excellent content where, when and how it is needed. The Atos Broadcast Network Control System+ (BNCS+) gives broadcasters new levels of agility and speed, combined with intuitive touch screens and dashboard-based interfaces. BNCS+ is a proven way to orchestrate digital transformation for Media. Watch this video to learn more:

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Why choose Atos BNCS+?

Different, better, faster: cutting cost and improve quality


Dynamically allocate production resources remotely

Ease of use

Automatic modules for simple, trouble-free use

Cost reduction

Better ways of working without any cost penalty

Resilience by design

Meet the always-on requirements of the Digital Age


BNCS software license

BNCS+ Software License

The service is made up of 3 components:

  • BNCS drivers, the core BNCS Software which vary according to each system in number, complexity and price.
  • BNCS panels, which represent the control interface (software only i.e. customer provides screens)
  • BNCS automatics, which are a coded set of routines and business logic unique to each installation.

BNCS+ Support and Maintenance

BNCS+ Support and Maintenance

  • This is the provision of support for bugs, queries, updates and upgrades associated with releases within versions.
  • The BNCS+ Support and Maintenance is mandatory for any BNCS+ projects as it includes the subscription to third party software in BNCS+.

BNCS+ Professional Services

BNCS+ Professional Services

The BNCS+ Professional Services is the provision of development, deployment and commissioning of BNCS+ software applications.

Consult and Design Control Workflow

Consult and Design Control Workflow

This is the provision of consultancy services to define the size, scale and parameters of the BNCS+ system, and to design the associated workflows.

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The Atos Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS+) integrates and orchestrates both physical and virtual resources and workflows, providing precise, intuitive management control within media hybrid infrastructures.

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With packed programming and all the intense pressures of mixed-format live television, ITV Daytime relies on BNCS+ for its on-air transmissions to millions of viewers every day.

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