Epidemics and Outbreak Management Solutions

A powerful response to the threat posed by communicable diseases old and new

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Threats posed by communicable diseases have never been greater. In our age of easy global travel, epidemics spread quickly, especially within dense urban populations. City health authorities need the tools to act as fast as the disease spreads in order to reduce risks and quell the fears of citizens.

Our new epidemic and outbreak management solution provides health managers and professionals with a powerful and flexible response to real or potential epidemics of every kind, from flu and measles to Ebola or SARS.

The Atos Epidemic and Outbreak Management solution tracks and traces incident reports in real-time, analyzes patterns, and predicts the risk of the disease spreading. Up to date information and insights help you coordinate an immediate and targeted, collaborative response, and manage critical counter measures such as vaccination programs.

More than 50 % of the global population currently lives in urban area, with that proportion projected to reach 2/3 by 2050 according to the UN.

A powerful response to the threat posed by communicable diseases old and new

Based on Microsoft’s proven xRM technology, our solutions enables those responding to outbreaks to access the one thing that can outpace an epidemic: data.

By enabling you to track and trace incident reports in real time, analyze patterns and predict the risk of spread, you will have the insight needed to coordinate an immediate and targeted response.

Operational excellence

Technology that can be integrated into existing systems.

Trust and compliance

Highly secure data transmission and storage.

Business reinvention

Business reinvention

A step-by-step consulting approach moving at a pace that’s right for our clients.

Citizen experience

Improved communication with Citizens to ensure that they adopt the right behavior in case of threats.

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A powerful response to the threat posed by communicable diseases old and new.

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