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Data-driven business goes into overdrive

Right across the life sciences sector, the need to turn data to benefit is reshaping behavior:  personalized drugs in pharma; custom crop-management in agriculture; sampling massive data sets in bio-tech. The ability to work collaboratively, creatively and responsibly with this digital shockwave will set the tone in life sciences for years to come.

Life science essentials: collaborative partnership and digital transformation


Life science companies grow as the world around them shrinks. In pharmaceuticals, for example, data modelling and analysis which used to take years can now be completed in seconds while collaboration across scientific communities grows ever stronger.

Whether we’re thinking about personal health, about the food we eat or the way we protect the environment, we are all directly affected by the work of the world’s life science companies.

As we come to recognize the inherent value of our personal data, we will also come to appreciate the need to share it responsibly for both our personal wellbeing and for the common good.

These shifts create new relationships between people and life-science companies and this digital transformation drives the emergence of new business models.

As a partner in digital transformation for life sciences, Atos will support you in the pursuit of new data-driven business models and the pursuit of deeper and more rewarding customer relationships.


80% of consumer wearables measure health-related KPIs.

Customer transformation challenges

Look at digital transformation in life sciences from four perspectives …

Customer experience

For pharmaceuticals, how do you go beyond a world of one size fits all medication to one in which drugs become increasingly personalized?

Operational excellence

Life science companies must maximize efficiency while meeting stringent compliance conditions.  How do you achieve this balance across the supply chain?

Business reinvention

Where will digital transformation open new avenues for mutually profitable partnership, with healthcare agencies or insurance companies, for example?

Trust and compliance

How do you protect your own differentiating intellectual property while establishing a responsible collaboration environment with partners and customers?

What our partners say about us

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Siemens and Atos expand their strategic alliance

“We are very happy with the development of the Alliance over the past five years. The Alliance has driven additional joint order intake for both companies, it has sparked many new innovations and it has contributed to improved shareholder returns. I am also pleased that Atos is a key ecosystem partner for our MindSphere industrial cloud platform.”

Roland Busch, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and member of the Board of Atos SE.

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The Atos digital cycle of life of a product

Ever wondered how a product lifecycle evolves in the fully digital world?

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