Operational Excellence in Insurance

Digital process is not just about doing the old things faster or cheaper– it’s about agile, scalable and sustainable operations.

Insurance companies are adopting technological solutions to automate and increase the accuracy of the underwriting process, support variable pricing, help maximize the efficacy of scarce underwriting resources and increase direct sales. But is this enough?

Operational excellence behind the scenes makes an essential contribution to the quality of customer experience. You cannot have one without the other.

Of course it goes further. Fall behind in the quality of operations, and the costs will soon be seen on the bottom line.

It’s time to ask how to eliminate dependence on all low-value, high-volume manual processes. This isn’t just about liberating staff to do real business – it’s about reducing error and the risks that go with it.

Operational excellence

By digitizing manual processes and paper documents, insurers can increase efficiency and agility while reducing cost by up to 40%

Operational Excellence in Insurance

Digital technologies now drive operational excellence across the insurance industry, making insurers more focused and responsive while containing risk and cost.

There is no questioning the digital contribution to operational excellence – so long as the change involved doesn’t itself raise risk and discontinuity and brings in more agility. Atos starts with five focus areas.

The digital workplace

As an independently acknowledged leader in workplace design and management, we will give your workforce the tools they need to outperform.

Legacy application modernization

Bringing your legacy applications into the new world of cloud and mobility. Reduce their scope, modernize it, change the platform they operate on….


The datacenter becomes the engine room for digital insurance, and hybrid cloud the only viable approach – transform and outsource with Atos.

Application Transformation & management

Not only do you need to manage complex application landscapes – you need unprecedented agility for new product development.

Customer Service Automation

Get closer to customers while freeing-up resources and reducing the cost to serve across the insurance lifecycle with self-care services built on analytics, AI and robotics.

Mainframe to x86

Shift from legacy systems to open apps to increase IT agility, reduce operational costs, and adapt to rising customer expectations with ROI delivered in under 18 months.

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