Digital Vision: Digital Insurance

Safer Insurance

Safer Insurance

A fresh look at the role of digital in underpinning trust and resilience across the insurance value chain

Up to 20%*

Reduction in claim pay-outs by using new technology and data capabilities to fine tune risk segmentation & pricing.

Digital insurance brings new ways of analyzing and assessing risk.

For the first time insurers can monitor events in real-time, offering a route to reducing both the frequency of claims and the risk of claim inflation. Through resources like ‘Federated Learning’ tools, insurers can effectively scrutinize huge amounts of data to reduce risk.

However, increased digitization also means that insurers face new risks from cybercrime, requiring the industry to place renewed emphasis on operational resilience testing and cooperation if it is to successfully confront these.

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Carol Houle, Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance, Atos