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Discover the value within your data and find alternative ways to compete in a rapidly changing insurance industry

There is a seismic shift underway in the insurance market. Our digital era has created new challenges for life and pensions (L&P) and property and casualty (P&C) insurers alike. Customers are demanding personalized experiences. New players are entering the market armed with disruptive products and services. At the same time, intensifying consumer protection legislation and cyber threats require a different approach to compliance. With the emphasis firmly on what you do with data, how can you use it to survive these challenges and thrive in the new world of insurance?

With Atos Codex insight-driven outcomes you gain the ability to store, predict, analyze and act on data right across your business – from broker management to cybersecurity to the connected car. Armed with instant insights, contextual marketing and automated processes, you can deliver the personalized experiences your customers expect while meeting insurance market challenges head-on.

Overall auto insurance premiums are expected to reduce by a quarter by 2025.

Why choose Atos Codex for insight-driven Insurance?

Atos Codex is a foundation of the Atos Digital Transformation Factory – our digital enterprise accelerator. By turning data into business insights it opens up new routes to value for insurers that otherwise would be inaccessible. Using advanced analytics, cognitive, and IoT, Atos Codex will drive new operational efficiencies and better customer experiences right across your insurance operations.

Customer experience

Fight fraud and reduce risk at every level

Take insights from dedicated fraud and risk management processes to proactively detect financial crime and turn risk data into a vital decision-making tool.

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Enhance every interaction

Increase the value of each broker relationship and customer engagement using Broker and Customer Analytics and Digital Marketing, while redefining your high street network with with NextGen Branch.

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Streamline, automate and digitalize processes

Use Core Process Digitalization to reduce manual effort and integrated Omni-Channel Customer Management to stay consistent across all touchpoints.

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Stay cybersecure and protect your data

Meet the growing threat of cybercrime with predictive cybersecurity as well as guarding vital information assets and sensitive customer details with intelligent data protection.

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Put connectivity at the heart of new business models

Incorporate IoT, AI and connected car technologies to gain the accurate, real-world information to personalize premiums and launch the products that lead to business reinvention.

Rewarding good driving behavior with lower premiums

The connected car offers insurers a richer data platform to model driving patterns and redefine insurance products. Using contextual analytics, it is possible to create personalized premiums that reward good driving behavior.

Atos worked with the insurance division of one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers to maintain its heritage of innovation by introducing Pay How You Drive.

Built on the Atos Codex platform, the company’s connected car offering gives it the ability to sense good driving based on information such as road type and speed limits. By getting to know its customers better, it can now accurately rate driver behavior and reward them with premiums that are considerably lower than its rivals.

Anticipated reduction in insurance costs for drivers.

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